Already eating Clean but want further weight/body fat loss


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I understand with the Whole30 program that weight loss isn't the key drive reason to do it (although for people who eat a Western diet, chances are they will see a weight loss).  But for people who already eat relatively clean and exercise (ie crossfit 3 times a week), have people seen any weight loss/body fat/inches lost with Whole30.  


Again, I do know there are many other benefits to doing the Whole30 but presently I want to lose those last couple of pounds/body fat. Eating healthy is great - I've done the AIP for 7 weeks last year (to support my daughter) and I felt wonderful and an added bonus of weight loss.


I'm trying to reduce body fat.  I am waiting for next week to start the Whole30 (when my husband returns from vacation so we both can start at the same time) but does anyone have any insight as to whether the Whole30 provides weight loss when already eating clean? 


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Guest WholeStanley

I think weight loss depends more on your starting weight and whether your body feels you have weight to lose

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