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Nicole's 2nd W30 Starts NOW


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Start of Day 3. Will comment later, but I've got some work stress over the next two days. I see a pattern developing with my exercise habits that I don't like (failed to get up for crossfit M-W, just like last week - will reverse the trend tomorrow!)


Yesterday's log:


M1: chicken apple sausage, butternut squash, coffee (sort of bulletproof - blended with 1 tsp of coconut oil and 1 tsp cocoa. Yum!), 2000 mg fish oil

M2: chicken soup, roasted zucchini, bubbie's kraut, coffee, 2000 mg fish oil

M3: burger, leftover roasted zucchini, chamomile tea


Today's meal plan:


M1: creamy spinach with eggs (a recipe from MDA - was pretty good), coffee blend, 2000 mg fish oil

M2: chicken soup, kale salad, bubbie's kraut, coffee, 2000 mg fish oil

M3: leftover burger, not sure what i'll do for veggie yet


ugh. procrastinating going to work.

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I'm officially closing this thread as it does not appear that a 2nd whole 30 is in my future. 


Today, I found myself face down in a pile of donuts.


Ok, it was just one donut, but then there was a bunch of other stuff too. It was a full on binge. I don't feel good right now, and I'm really worried about how this is going to carry me into tomorrow. Will I feel ok to get to crossfit (I haven't been all week)? Will I be able to fit comfortably in my suit tomorrow for my job interview?


I don't even know why this has happened. For weeks, I trucked along not even craving anything, very happy with my meals. With all of my latest readings on MDA, Robb Wolf, etc, I felt armed that this time was going to be different than my last few attempts at a 2nd W30 - that I know exactly how gluten/sugar/etc. is killing me, and could avoid junk food like the plague.


At this point, if I start over again tomorrow, it will only be 28 days by my birthday. If I can even do it. My confidence is shot. Why am I struggling in the first place? Is it because of pressure at work? The promotion interviews I have coming up? Adding long runs back in to my training? I have two social events over the next month that would be major hurdles.

I don't know.


Here's the deal though. Exactly one month ago, I had a different plan - one that had me focusing on a small, easy goal that I could achieve every day for 30 days. Then - once that goal was complete - I could ride that momentum on focusing on a bigger, more challenging goal for another 30 days. A whole 30 wasn't in the cards when I set that plan. That came up a week later on July 2nd in response to a particularly nasty binge.


Anyway - today I completed that original, small goal. It was to give myself 25 minutes every day to perform guided visualization regarding healthy eating. I guess it didn't work from stopping me from binge eating, but still... I did it. Every single day since June 23.


Maybe it's time to dust off that original plan from one month ago and 'ride the momentum' from completing one thirty day challenge into another. I am not required to drink or eat cake on my birthday - in fact, I could do it (if I want) two or three days later when my W30 is over. That would be better anyway because it would be on the weekend! :D


Alright, so scrap my original thought. It's not over, but I really need a solid plan. Here's what I have in mind:

- Back on a strict W30 schedule. No more purchasing nuts or dried fruit.
- Really load up on the veggies. Purchase a lot more zucchini beyond what's given at the farm share (since I was just telling myself yesterday that I loved my roasted zucchini more than candy).
- Up at 5am. Everyday, even when not crossfitting. No excuses.

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All the stress you are under can definitely be affecting your ability to stay the course. If you don't mind I have some thoughts that might help you...take them or leave them...they are just my thoughts.


Thought #1 - I really think you need to eat more. Especially on the days you do crossfit.


Thought #2 - With all the stress in your life you might want to let go of the strict crossfit/wake up at 5am goal. It might be more healing to focus on your food and your sleep and reducing your stress for the time being. I know that I'm most prone to binging and sugar when I don't get enough sleep. If you want to keep your 5am no excuses goal than you should aim to have a matching 9pm no excuses bedtime goal as well.


Thought #3 - Take some time to write down all the non food related things that make you feel happy/calm. Post this list in your kitchen and anywhere else you fight the sugar/food war so you can see it when you want to stress eat. When you feel like eating for reasons other than hunger pick something off that list and do it.


I'm cheering for you! You can do this!

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Thank you for the support! Today, I start fresh. I was easy on myself yesterday because of the two interviews I had lined up. I'm not through the process yet, as I have one more interview next Thursday, but I think the hardest part is over. Plus, with the weekend ahead of me, I already feel a little more relaxed. It's a good day to get back on the wagon.


I really do want to make morning exercise a habit, so I'm loathe to give up the 5am goal. But I think I can pair it with a sleep by 9:30 goal (9:00 is tough as that's when my husband typically gets home from his night classes and I'd like to see him for a little while before bedtime). 7.5 hours, completely dark room.. should be ok, right?


Let's see... things that make me feel calm that aren't eating:

  • walk the dog
  • read
  • massage (guess that's hard to do on a whim)
  • guided visualization
  • tea
  • writing/journaling

I guess this is a good start. I'll add more later, but for now - got this list in the kitchen.


Here's what's going well so far today - got up for crossfit, did a mile run right after, came home and chopped/prepped veggies from the CSA, have some veggie broth cooking away using all of the stems and other nonedible parts, and enjoyed a cup of semi-bulletproof coffee (I just blend mine with 1 tsp of coconut oil and a little cocoa powder). Logging in for work now.


Not going well - Poor food choices yesterday left me not feeling great this morning. Not hungry - even though I know I should have eaten after my workout. I'll eat when I'm hungry, but looking forward to normalizing out a bit. Will check in later after I figure out meals for the day.

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Yesterday's restart went well, even though I was a little light on food (recovering from poor eating on Thursday - just wasn't hungry).


M1: semi-bulletproof coffee (i know, this won't be a habit)

M2: homemade chicken soup, hard boiled egg, bubbie's kraut, coffee

M3: burger, kohlrabi salad, 3 dried figs, peppermint tea.


Was awake with some energy this morning - up at about 5:45, emptied the dishwasher, walked the dog, caught up on email. crossfit class doesn't start until 9am on the weekend, so just having an easy morning today. I'm disappointed because my weekend plans seem to be falling apart. I was supposed to go to a show tonight - just a production put on by the college my brother-in-law works at, but it turns out he couldn't get us tickets as it was sold out. I had also found a 5k happening tomorrow that I wanted to do with a friend, but she bailed. So... besides some yardwork today and a massage tomorrow afternoon, not sure what to do with myself.


I checked out the Paleo Diet for Athletes at the library to see if that could help me with a plan for long run days, as it seems that I fall apart around those days. It's not quite as an enjoyable read as ISWF or The Paleo Solution. I don't find it quite as compelling, but at I at least have a resource available to read as I continue trying to get this W30 complete.




4pm update


I feel like there isn't enough coffee in the world. I have now had way too much semi-bulletproof coffee today, but not feeling awake.


Between crossfit and yardwork, I'm pretty wiped. Probably a good thing that there's no show tonight - I might have fallen asleep. I have also eaten 3 meals already:


M1 (6:30am): Paleo spinach and artichoke dip (it's made with almonds - I know, an odd choice, but for whatever reason, that sounded like a good breakfast to me), semi-bulletproof coffee cup 1, 2000 mg fish oil

M2 (10am - after crossfit): 2.5 eggs, kale/sensopai, semi-bulletproof coffee cup 2, 2000 mg fish oil

M3 (2pm): chicken soup, roasted zucchini, 1250 mg fish oil, semi-bulletproof coffee cup 3


So... not sure if I'm done for the day?


On days where I wake up well before working out (weekends), I typically eat around the workout instead of adding in a PWO. During the week, when I'm up and out the door by 5:30, I've been skipping a PWO after reading Robb Wolf's book. I don't think this is working for me. I'm going to try adding hard boiled eggs back in to see if it makes a difference.


I did finish the Paleo Diet for Athletes - did not touch on why I'm struggling, but I did read some more conflicting advice:


  • Fermented foods: Cordain says to avoid these and vinegars as part of a paleo diet. Yet everywhere else, I hear it's beneficial to have these for the healthy gut bacteria.
  • PWO: Cordain only recommends eating something 10 minutes before working out (well, he says a full 2 hours before to have 200-300 calories per hour you will be working out - but that's would mean i'd have to wake up at 3am!). He also says that 10 minute window should be pure carb. I'll see how I do with my hard boiled eggs, and save my starchy carb for post-work out meal.
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Day 3. 10% done!


I actually made it through the rest of the day yesterday - no hunger, despite eating my M3 at 2pm. However, I started to get a headache late in the evening. Went to bed, but woke up at 5:30 this morning with the same headache.


I know. Starchy carbs are needed. But I didn't have any in the house, and I really wanted to get my long run in. I took an aleve and ate 1 egg as a PWO (almost barely qualified as it was really exactly 75 mins later when I finally got out to do my run).


However, the run was a lot better than long runs I've had over the last two weeks. I think having the PWO makes a difference, so I won't be experimenting with fasted workouts anymore. When I say it was a better run, though, I still found my pace to be a bit slower than I'd like it to be.


Got a massage today and went to Trader Joe's (stocked up on sweet potatoes!) - with being out and about, I knew it was going to be a while before I could get lunch so I had an extra egg at breakfast today. It worked (well, also had a snack of hazelnuts from trader joe's, but I didn't binge. Maybe there are some nuts that are binge-able for me and others are ok?)


Just winding down the weekend now - not looking forward to another stressful week at work :(


PWO: Egg
M1: 3 eggs, kale/sensopai, semi-bulletproof coffee, 2000 mg fish oil
Snack: Hazelnuts
M2: burger, roasted zucchini, 2500 mg fish oil
M3: Curried zucchini boats

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Another day 4. I've lost count of the number of "Day 4's" I've had in 2014.


Had a food related dream (chocolate!) and was relieved to wake up and realize I don't have to start over my W30 yet again. Food dreams didn't come until some time in the 3rd week during my first W30, and and on day 8 earlier this month, so now I know the timeline no longer applies for me. Will just make observations as I continue down this path.


Also - did NOT make it to crossfit this morning. My headache continued (3 days in a row!) and my abs were sore. We did a ton of sit-ups at crossfit on Saturday, so I'm guessing it was just a case of DOMS. Anyway, I don't feel bad about skipping out - but my headache is finally gone (thank you, sweet potato I had at breakfast) so no excuses for tomorrow!


I'm wondering if it's possible that some nuts are not binge-triggers for me. Am I "sensitive" to almonds, cashews, and pecans - but walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias are ok? I found a packet of walnut butter at wegmans today, so I tried it - and instantly craved more. And then I realized that the packet also contained cashew butter, so it wasn't a very good test. I might try to make my own walnut butter in my Blendtec to see how that goes.


M1: chicken apple sausage, sweet potato w/ coconut oil, semi-bulletproof coffee, 2000 mg fish oil

M2: Leftover curried zucchini boats, roasted zucchini, bubbie's kraut, coffee

snack: walnut butter

M3: Chicken soup, paleo chai tea latte (made with eggs), 2000 mg fish oil


The paleo chai was a bit much. Feeling *almost* uncomfortably full.

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I have a few blogs I go to daily to stay motivated. Mark's Daily Apple is one of them, and I decided to write him a note last week about my struggles.


Yesterday was so busy, I didn't have time to read, so I went in today to catch up - and, lo and behold, I "made" yesterday's edition of "Dear Mark!"




Figures it would be the one day I didn't check it! He suggests that I should look to the 80/20 rule. Wow, what a relief to have someone else tell me I don't have to be perfect! Mind you, I'm not quitting the Whole 30 - I'm still going to get to August 25th, so help me. But I think it's a good strategy for me to apply once my W30 is complete.


So today - oddly - I woke up with a minor headache again. And my abs still hurt. So... no crossfit. I also have that heavy, tired feeling behind my eyes, like I could sleep all day. Dark circles under my eyes too, and beyond my abs, my body overall feels a bit sore. What's that all about?

I'm just having an off day overall, and didn't really stick to the meal template at all:

M1 (630am): 2.5 eggs w/ sensopai/kale and coconut oil, semi-bulletproof coffee, 2000 mg fish oil
M2 (930am): chicken apple sausage, hard boiled egg, coffee, kraut, 2000 mg fish oil
Snack (11am) Roasted Brussels sprouts
Snack (2:30pm) Semi-bulletproof coffee (would prefer not to make 3 coffees in one day)
M3 (yet to happen): fig stew, tea


Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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To think where I might have been had it not been for those stupid pickles.


The last 48 hours hasn't been pretty. Confession - failed again. I won't get into details or excuses. Just something at work where I didn't plan thoughtfully enough about how I would stay on the Whole 30.


Also, my pattern of not getting up for crossfit until the end of the week seems to be continuing. The alarm goes off and there's some compelling reason for me not to go. (I have a headache. I didn't sleep very well last night.) Well, I know how to beat headaches (add carbs) and the reason I didn't sleep well last night was because of a binge at work. All things under my control.


Last night, I went to bed not sure really how to proceed today. Can I realistically still complete a whole 30? This will take me exactly to the day I leave for Florida at the end of the month to visit family. Plus, it's well beyond my birthday. But I feel like it's worth it for me to just do this now - that it needs to be done now so I can break free from my issues with food for good. This was easier for me to do when I was accountable to my husband back in January. Didn't realize what a difference it makes having him on board.


I woke up today and - after missing crossfit yet again - decided to re-commit. The day continued to be craptacular, particularly as I had my final round of interviews for the promotion. As I sat down for my interview, I was told that I was not a fit for the role. All of the preparation and work I had done, and the two rounds of interviews I went through? Big waste of everybody's time.


Three weeks ago, I met with the individual I interviewed with today to discuss the position and if I even had a shot. Why didn't she tell me then exactly what she told me today and save everybody the time and the trouble?


I considered food as a source of comfort after this meeting, but I didn't give in. Had this happened in June, the outcomewould have been a bit different (hello, donuts!)


And then what did I do? I went to crossfit tonight since I missed out this morning. I will still be going tomorrow morning to get myself back on the schedule I want to be on, but I needed to turn the day around in my favor.


So it's Day 1 for the umpteenth time. Would certainly benefit from improved mood right about now - hope I don't have to wait too long for that phase to kick in.


M1: coffee. Was too full for anything else from yesterday's binge.
M2: Fig stew, roasted Brussels sprouts, kraut, more coffee
PWO: hardboiled egg
M3: 3 eggs with spinach, chamomile tea, 2500 mg fish oil

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That sucks about the job, hope you put your frustration in to your CF workout :)

I tried SO many times to lose weight (pre-paleo) before finally something clicked & I succeeded, it just takes 1 time to make it THE time ya know?



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I love that! For me, it might be more like "Fall down 14 times" and now I'm on 15.


I didn't get up for crossfit this morning.


I DID get up for running :)


When my alarm went off, I was ready to go, but noticed a bit of a twinge in my upper quad. Lots of squats last night, and more squatting in the WOD today (Wall balls) - so I made a decision to do my long run today to work different parts of the body. 7 miles - not particularly fast, but I was happy with it.


It was easier to get up today because I am taking a paid vacation day to see a friend who I don't get to see very often since she moved. She's back in town so it will be nice to play hooky. I changed up my guided visualization strategy last night, too, in order to help get me back on track with workouts.




I had been using the 'eat healthy' version of this app for the last month, and found it worked very well in the beginning - but maybe struggling because it's no longer a new approach. So we'll see how this one goes. Will check in later, but already feeling much better today than I was yesterday.

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  • 7 months later...

Reviving my old "2nd Whole 30" thread as I'm getting ready to start up again tomorrow! I have a wedding to attend tonight, but then no real major social obligations for a while - there will be some challenges coming up at work, but nothing I can't handle. Although I had been realistic with myself that the fall and most of winter would not work for me to attempt a whole 30 again, I feel strong because of other mini-challenges I've met - no gluten-containing products for two months, no sugary convenience store hot chocolates for one month, etc.


Although I will confess I had a bit of a bender last night - I think I was thinking it was one last hurrah before I start up tomorrow. I don't like that way of thinking - I don't want to go into this thinking of it as deprivation. I seemed to do fine with my other mini-challenges because my thought process was always that it wasn't like I couldn't have those items ever again - it's just that I was trying to get to a point where I didn't necessarily want to!


Looking forward to Day 1 tomorrow.

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You can do it! Have fun at the wedding. I had an event the night before I started on the 1st. I completely enjoyed every bite and every sip of wine that evening knowing it would be at least a month until I tasted them again. More for some things because gluten treats are definitely not my norm! I thought it might wreck my day one but it really didn't impact it much at all. Good for you for weeding out some of the non compliant foods to get ready, hoping day 1 is great for you!

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It was not a typical Sunday for me:


  • Definitely overdid it at the wedding last night. The food was just too good. So I woke up not hungry for breakfast and didn't get hungry until dinner, so it wasn't too difficult to stay compliant today.
  • Didn't get home until really late last night - and then lost an hour today! I hate "springing forward" - pretty much felt exhausted all day today.
  • Made it to the gym eventually. I usually get up early for a bodyworks class, then stay for yoga, but I didn't feel like rolling out of bed until much later. Plus I still felt bloated from all the food I ate last night. Eeked out an elliptical workout early afternoon.

Hit the grocery store after the gym and then did my weekly cook-up which included Joulwan's chocolate chili, curried beef over zucchini noodles (this was my dinner when I was finally hungry), and some mashed carrot to have with my chicken-apple sausages at breakfast.


So day 1 is coming to a close and I'm feeling off, but hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

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Two days down already? Awesome.


This morning was difficult - first time I have set my alarm clock in quite some time, as I wanted to be sure I didn't oversleep due to DST. I definitely needed it - woke up not feeling hungry again this morning, but managed to get breakfast in. Stayed focused and productive at work, then made it to a bootcamp class tonight. One thing I have noticed in the past is that I have a much more difficult time finishing bootcamp class when I've had dairy during the day - my stomach starts to bother me about halfway through, so happy to report no issues today.


Tomorrow will be my first challenge - there's a big meeting happening on Wednesday and all of the attendees are flying in tomorrow. I'm expected to attend dinner with them tomorrow night, especially since I skipped the last one. Unfortunately, it's at an Italian restaurant - I think my options are going to be quite limited. My plan is to go and if the menu doesn't offer any W30 options, then I'll excuse myself early.


M1: Coffee, sausage, mashed carrot

M2: Tuna, spinach salad, kraut, coffee

M3: curried beef

PWO: tea, apple

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Day 3 - 10% of the way done. So far, seems effortless. I'll have to look over my last few logs - did I feel this way after three days each time? For some reason, I remember it being more difficult.


Still struggling with the DST change - I hate having to rely on an alarm clock. It's going to be even worse tomorrow as I have to be at work an hour earlier for the business meeting I mentioned in my last post.


Speaking of, the Italian restaurant I mentioned earlier was extremely accommodating. I found their menu online and saw they had a grilled salmon with green beans and potatoes - so I called in advance and they said they could do everything made to order. No butter, no flour, no problem. (Plug - http://www.ilcastellos.com/dinner/- they did a fantastic job meeting my requirements!)


When I arrived for the dinner, wine was flowing and there were all sorts of goodies on the table - calamari, eggplant, and mozzarella caprese. I've been so focused on eliminating gluten as of late that I almost forgot and took a slice of the caprese... and then I remembered no cheese! When the waiter noticed I wasn't eating anything, they asked if there was something special they could make me (I said no, the salad and the salmon would be fine) - they also noticed I wasn't drinking and offered soda, juice, etc. I did have black coffee at the end of the meal, and skipped the dessert of course.


I had no anxiety while I was there whatsoever - didn't feel like I was missing out on the bread or appetizers. Didn't really care I wasn't having tiramisu. Most of all, had no trouble waving it off with my peers. So I'm claiming a big victory - and hope I can continue staying this strong! Tomorrow will be another test, although not as high pressure - lunch will be served at our business meeting, but I'm also bringing lunch just in case there are no options for me.


M1: sausage, mashed carrot, coffee

M2: chili, spinach salad, kraut

M3: salad with balsamic, salmon, potatoes, green beans, coffee

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Today was not a very good day.


Whole 30-wise, it was fine - thank goodness I planned to bring my own lunch as what was provided at the meeting today didn't offer me any options except for salad (but the dressings were not compliant) and fruit. I took some of the fruit and coffee and was grateful for it. Especially the coffee - I didn't sleep very well last night (not sure if due to the change in diet or nerves about the meeting today), and then had to get up extra early to make the meeting on time.


Anyway, so work sucked for lack of a nicer word to use. By the end of the day, I was so drained that I scrapped my plans to go to the gym. Thinking tomorrow will be better - I will be working from home and I get to control my menu a bit better. There's a bootcamp class at my LA Fitness I like to go to on Thursdays, so I don't think I'll have trouble getting my workout in. 


One thing I'm a little sad about is that my local Roadrunner Sports is having a St. Patty's Day party. I always love attending social events at the store - I like the people, I like that sometimes I win cool prizes, and I like the free booze and cookies. But I'm skipping this one in favor of gym time - too many temptations here.


M1: sausage, mashed carrot, coffee

M2: tuna, spinach salad with balsamic, kraut, 2 slices pineapple & 2 slices honeydew, coffee

M3: tuna, spinach salad with balsamic (don't judge, it's easy and I like it), apple, tea

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Day 5 complete. Definitely a better day than yesterday - had it's ups and downs. One thing I'm finding is I'm having difficulty sleeping through the night (I know from my last few attempts that this can be solved with starchy carbs, just haven't made it to the grocery store yet). That combined with losing an hour this week has left me feeling pretty drained, so it was amazing I still made it to bootcamp tonight (talk about willpower!) I definitely feel better about my days when I can work from home, but it's back into the office tomorrow. Hoping to get a 4 mile run completed tomorrow after work.


Not much else to report. Happy tomorrow is Friday.


M1: 2.5 eggs scrambled with spinach, coconut oil, BP coffee

M2: chili, apple, coffee

M3: tuna, spinach with balsamic, apple, almond milk

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Finally slept through the night - I chalk it up to exhaustion. I'm having some stomach pain - not nausea, more like a crampiness - which I think I remember from the last few attempts - gotta look back through my logs, but I think the solution was drinking more water.


Anyway, because my stomach was bothering me, I struggled with running tonight. I opted for 45 minutes on the elliptical instead. Tomorrow I've got a bodyworks class on the agenda. Gotta catch up on some work, do my weekly cookup, and also have to do some projects around the house. It's not shaping up to be a very exciting weekend. Maybe I'll try to catch a movie or something... I just feel like I have to give myself SOMETHING to look forward to.


M1: 2.5 eggs scrambled with spinach, coconut oil, BP coffee

M2: tuna, spinach with balsamic, kraut, coffee

M3: chili, almond milk

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One week complete! Had my first weird food dream - I was upset about something and wanted a Frappucino. Funny, I haven't had a frappucino in a long time - I'm usually a hot beverage drinker. Once again, I was relieved when I woke up and realized I had not gone off the wagon.


HUNGRY. Felt a bit moody today, and also struggled with Bodyworks. Just did not have the energy to get through the workout. I then spent a majority of the day cleaning and purging the house of clutter (preparing for selling the house and moving this year). Tomorrow, I have a run and yoga on the agenda.Then I'll be catching up on work for most of the day. Not one of my more fun weekends, sadly. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about food. A glass of wine would be nice too. Going to enjoy a nice redbox movie with my DH now.


M1: sausage, mashed cauliflower, bp coffee, 2nd cup of black coffee

M2: Chicken and broccoli stir fry, apple

M3: Chicken and broccoli stir fry, almond milk

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Day 8 - Might be a TMI moment, but had another irritable morning and started to connect the dots that maybe I'm in "Kill all the things" mode... and then I realized it's that TOM for me. Apologies to my DH, who has had to put up with my doubly moody self.


I also am really hoping extra energy kicks in soon, particularly in regards to my workout. I mentioned yesterday's bodyworks class was tough, and today's run/yoga felt much the same. My legs felt so heavy during my run, like I was running through mud. Tomorrow night I have a bootcamp class, Tuesday night will attempt running again, and Wednesday night - I get to relax!


I'm also procrastinating the work I need to catch up on. Do I really have to do it today? On the one hand, it would be nice to have it off my mind... on the other hand, I'd really rather just relax so that I can be my best tomorrow when I'm back in the office. I don't know... if I've got nothing better to do, I should just do it, right?


M1: sausage, mashed cauliflower w/ ghee, BP coffee

M2: chicken and broccoli stir fry, apple, BP coffee.. 2nd BP coffee 30 mins later because I felt like I just needed more.

M3 (planned): tuna, spinach with balsamic, tea

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Day 9. Didn't sleep very well again last night, but couldn't tell if it was diet-related or my husband... I think he was tossing and turning a bit too. It was a particularly long, stressful day at work. I managed to stay focused in all of the meetings I had and was super productive. Since I didn't really get all the work done I wanted to over the weekend, I stayed late to catch up - then went straight to my bootcamp class. I only lasted 30 mins at bootcamp, and had pretty good reasons to leave - my shoulder was bothering me (I think I did something to it in yoga yesterday) and I had to get home for my dog (husband would usually take care of this for me so that I can go right to the gym after work, but he was unable to today). Still, I can't help but feel a little bit guilty as if I shirked my workout. I really like the bootcamp class, but it only happens on Mondays and Thursdays and I may not be able to get to this Thursday's class, so that's probably why it's bothering me that I left early.


Running tomorrow night - we'll see how it goes. I get the feeling I probably need to add more food to my day.


M1: sausage, mashed cauliflower w/ ghee, BP coffee

M2: chili, spinach with balsamic, apple sauce, coffee

M3: tuna, spinach with balsamic

PWO: tea, coconut oil


I know, weird to eat coconut oil, but it helped stave off a craving. I started thinking about convenience store hot chocolate, which is a weakness of mine. These thoughts of 'less healthy' food options cross my mind, but I find it easier for me to tell myself I don't really want that unhealthy stuff. Of course, then my mind wanders to things that are on the compliant list but trigger foods for me to have around - namely sunbutter and nut butters.


Hoping I sleep well tonight.

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