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Howdy folks, I'm on day 6 of whole 30! I usually dont last past day one on anything I undertake food wise. I have a pretty terrible relationship food and am a binge and purge gal. This whole week I have not had the urge to do either. I have followed the plan to the letter. I usually pound tums after each meal or snack but I haven't had to eat one since I started the whole 30. I know I know it says not to weigh yourself but I just couldn't help myself this morning ... I haven't lost anything...maybe it's my body adjusting ....but on the other hand i feel bloody great so I'm gonna use that as my motivation to keep going. And I've made my partner hide the scales till it's over!!

Thanks for listening to my lil moan :-)

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You need to re-focus your expectations of Whole 30 from weight-loss to repairing your relationship with food - being healthy mentally and physically may result in weight-loss, but if it doesn't (and it may not, I think I lost less than 1kg) you've gained a tonne of great stuff anyway.

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Stress itself can hinder you from losing weight.  Your terrible relationship with food may be feeding that stress.  Try some techiniques that could relax you: read a book, take a bath, take an afternoon nap, meditate or do yoga even.


I also feel you with the scale bit though.  I broke down and weighed myself around day 6 or 7, and because I had lost significantly more than I anticipated, I became slightly obsessed with the number and weighed myself everyday after that.  The stress of not losing in and of itself stopped me from losing anything at all.  I've also asked my partner to hide the scale for my last 11 days! :P


Good luck!

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We aren't supossed to weigh ourselves :)  However, some of us do (me included.)  I think I gained weight and felt  bloated until day 10 or so.  I believe my body hadn't switched over to fat burning and was storing the fat I was eating.  I think because I was weighing myself, it made me  doubt the program.  Had I not been doing it with my husband, I might have quit well before my 30 days were up.  So I would try to ditch the scale if possible.  It almost ruined me.


Once my body adapted to not getting the 'carbage' that I was living on, it did start to burn fat.  That bloated, tight-clothes feeling went away and I started to lean out.  I'm glad I stuck to the program because I feel light years healthier now!


Hang in there!

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I just had to get weighed at the doctors office and I was very disappointed that I have lost nothing. Might have even gained a little. I am on day 8 or 9 and I need to lose a lot.


Hang in there, and avoid all scales for the rest of your Whole30.  Truly: it's that important to stick with the no scale rule.  :)


If you want to check whether you're on the right track, post 2-3 days worth of your food log, including daily water consumption, exercise routine and nightly hours of sleep on the Troubleshooting section. Folks here can then give you feedback on possible tweaks. 

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