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I thought you'd gotten sort of quiet, friend.   :unsure:   


February, I've decided I can do without.  My nutrition has been on-track ~ still feeling good in that department...  But winter is just not kind to me overall.  I hate it.  Right now, I am in the process of learning a lot more about that than I already knew.  


I made myself get out in the snow yesterday and drive to the tanning place for a few minutes of light (which made a HUGE difference in the rest of my day) ...  Fell down on the ice / in the slushy mess of their parking lot, and busted my butt!   :lol:   Man... that sucked.  I felt so dumb... but what can you do?  I got back up and went on with my day.  haha


Here's to hoping you can pick yourself up out of the "slushy mess" soon, too!

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