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Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14


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Hi all....


My weekend was busy because of working on Saturday - did clothes shopping for Brooke - and she told me at about 5 that she still had homework (yup - sunday night ) so I ran out of time to do my grocery shopping.  Again ended up on the low side for veggies.. made a fritter with sw potato, rutabaga and some leftover cooked broccoli, turned out pretty good.  Tonight I threw together a chicken stir fry, used Chinese 5 spice and coconut aminos.  Turned out very good - even Brooke approved (she even ate the chicken)

Trying really hard to not fall back to bad eating habits - just because I am not prepared.  Good thing there are frozen veggies in the house! 


I have decided no more "treats" until after Thanksgiving - because I really want Pecan pie. !!!


ok hope everyone is good!

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Hello Everyone


Sorry I’ve been absent for too long and I need to get back on the forums.


I’ve been off plan for over a week and have been a bit stressed out lately. I’m making excuses I know. I need the structure and support the Whole 30 provides so am restarting today.


This will be my day 1… again.


I let a bunch of little things get to me right around the time of my daughters birthday party. I was surrounded by birthday and lots of other junk and caved in. At one point I had rationalised that eating more sweets and candy meant less for Darcy and less sweets for a kid is better for them.


What I realised a few days ago was that although I was craving junk foods, I was getting no enjoyment from them. I was eating for the sake of eating. I need to reset.


I’ll get back on later to look at what I’ve missed and start to contribute again.


We Can Do This!



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so I had the fritters - and I think the rutabaga ruined it ....   I have liked fried rutabaga .. but the taste was a little over powering so I couldn't stomach more than 1

which is very disappointing because when I made them - they were De-lish hot out of the pan.


roast is in the crockpot - so that will be nice to go home to.  Tomorrow I do not have to babysit my little man - so that gives me some hours off work to do some serious grocery shopping.

I was going to stop at the grocery story last night on the way home - but buggers it was sooooo cold out - I didn't want to stop.  it was very windy and with the wind chill - something.   Who ever decided that the temp should be measured in Negatives - should be found and hung.   !!!  LOL


Well I will check back in later

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hey guys, today I am doing nothing but taking care of my little sweeties.  Yesterday was like the a day from hell.  I had to do some transactions with the dept. of motor vehicles and just let me say I felt like I could explode.  It was nothing buy rudeness & incompetence.  It was unbelievable that these people have jobs where they work with the public.  Anyway I'm just glad that it's done.


David, glad to see your back.  You are very supportive and encouraging, I was missing your post.  Don't get all upset about getting off track.  Let it remind you of all the little things that improved when you were on plan.  I blew it bad for my party and it took me a few days to recover but it let me see how I felt most of the time being bloated, sluggish and not regular in the bathroom area.  I made me feel happy to be back on track.


I was telling Dawn that this week Ed's cousin passed away from cancer.  She was the reason I decided to go ahead and start the challenge.  She was

52, an incredible person, full of life, a wonderful mother and wife and so much more.  I, we, all have the opportunity for another chance,  I wish so much that she could have had that.  I want to try harder to be thankful for all that I have and try to not take so much for granted. 


I appreciate ya'll being here to work on this healthier way of life.  It makes it easier when you have others along for the ride. 


Ya'll have a great day.

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Hey everyone

Guess my post didn't post last night. And it was a long one too. Oh well, Internet, what can ya do?

Anyway back on plan today. Doing better mentally. Still craving carbs and sugars so getting out of house for awhile to do some shopping. Need new PJs. Mine are too big.

David...glad your back. Like we discussed yesterday, we can do this together. We just have to set our minds in the right direction and not look back. We both screwed up...now time to move forward!! You can almost always reach me on Facebook messenger if you need a kick in the butt or just someone to talk to.

Lisa...sorry to hear about your friend.

Well off to do some shopping. Check in later.

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hi everyone !    Dawn I hope you treated your self to some nice new jammies !   


Lisa and David - I hope you both are well - come on and post and let us know what's up.....   We are here to support you.


My cubie at work got let go last night....   now I am all alone - in a sense.  She made my day much more enjoyable - so a little sad.  We have become friends and will keep in touch -  this job has become quite a bit more stressful and I will be looking to post out - but I have been told the position I want won't be posted until April-ish.  So I will have to make an effort to not let the job get to me.   So it is a good thing that I am going to start up the yoga class.


I need some suggestions for M1 - and getting enough veggies at that time.    What do you all do to get in the requirements ?


Your thoughts are helpful !  ;)

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Good Morning


I hope you are all doing well.


Did you manage to watch the Dr Oz Whole 30 episode? I think it should now be able for me to stream online and I’ll check it out this weekend.


Feeling a little more stressed than usual at the moment. Work is busy but the urgency seems to be cranked up a notch and I’m reacting to events rather than planning out my work. Either way it will be head down, ass up for me to clear this workload.


Tina, thank you for the encouragement. I’ll dust myself off and get back into it. I’ve not acquired the taste for rutabaga either, we call it turnip here and it’s a part of our national dish haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potato). I can eat it with haggis as its not as dominant but on its own i don’t like it so much.


Its great you are still trying lots of new recipes. Sorry to hear your work friend is moving on, you can hold on till you move on too. I keep in touch with some friends who left the company I work for and when we get together the  time and distance evaporates and its like we’ve never been away.


My usual M1 is the breakfast bakes but I have also done a double batch of dinner and had leftovers for M1.


Lisa, sorry to hear about your friend. Our thoughts are with you at this time. It sounds like she had a great impact on your life, the inspiration to take the first steps on your healthier journey could be the most important.


I feel your pain at the DMV, I know working with local authority staff can be hard.


Its been great to have you here on the journey too.


Dawn, thank you for giving me the proverbial kick up the backside on messenger the other night. I lost my way a little and you pulled me back onto the right path.


I hope you’re shopping trip went well. Focus on the positives, you’re having to buy smaller clothes.


Hope you all have a good day and weekend.


We Can Do This!



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Hi everyone,  Just checking in.  Hope ya'll are doing good.  Glad it's Friday but next week I'm going to be missing my little sweeties.  They will be out of town for the holiday.  I'm glad to have the time to catch up on things I never get around to but I will miss taking care of them.


Doing good on plan, not 100% but holding my own.  I try to stick to it as much as I can but I notice If I'm not careful that I pick on little things here and there to often.  My sister is doing great and I am really excited for her.  I watched the Dr Oz segment the other day.  I thought it would be a little more informative but I was glad he had it on the show. 


I am thinking I won't do to good on Thanksgiving Day.  There is no way I'm passing up my mom's pecan pies, they are the best and we only get them around the holiday season.  I did really bad the day of our party and my plan is to do much better on Thursday.


Hope everyone has a great day.

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Hey Everyone,

Went dress shopping today. I was surprised I was down a size. I use to have to wear a 18 and now in a 16. Almost got on a 14 but bought the 16. Got my dress for the wedding. The way it's designed, even if I loose a bunch of weight before the wedding it will still fit and look good. It's suppose to hang loose, but right now it's a little snug. So unless I loose over 40lbs I don't think I will have to worry about it fitting properly. The way I've been going I will hopefully loose at least another 20 by Feb.

So far we have the dresses, DJ, venue, food catered, cake, and working on the rest. So much fun, My VISA is getting abused!! lol I still need to get shoes and a dress jacket. My dress is sleeveless and this wedding is in Colorado. Expecting snow.

I got my new PJ's the other night too. Found some Vera Wang for $30. Love her stuff, just can't afford it unless it's on sale. 


David, anytime you need a swift kick in the backside, you know where to come. HERE!!! We will all give you that kick!!!


Lisa, sorry to hear about Ed's cousin. Loosing someone close can be really hard. I lost my dad 2 years ago this coming January. I saw what he went through with his weight and I don't want to be like that. His weight is what killed him. He was over 300lbs. He had a massive heart attack early one morning. It was really rough seeing him laying on the floor when I was called to the assisted living center. The fireman worked on him for over an hour, but with no luck. By the time I got there he was already gone. My husband was up in the mountains hunting so I was alone to deal with everything. It was really hard to stay strong and get everything done, but I did it. Now it's time to loose weight so I don't become like him.


Tina, Sorry to hear about your coworker. It's rough when you loose a coworker that you like. It's even rarer to find one that you like that much sometimes. It's good that you can keep in touch.

For M1's, I've been eating breakfast bakes filled with mushrooms, onions, asparagus, and anything else I can find to throw in. I also do bacon, eggs and avocado, sometimes topping the eggs with green chili enchilada sauce. I need to make some sausage balls and freeze them to have another variation of M1.


Well, time to let my spoiled dogs in the house and get ready for bed. My female is sitting at the window barking at me and has been for a few hours now. She is so spoiled. A definet mommas girl for sure. Well everyone have a great Sunday and I'll check in tomorrow.


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Morning,  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  It's wet and nasty over here so I'll probably come home after work and get a lot done around here which is good thing.  I was working on the deer meat yesterday and I have some left to clean up.  I'll probably make a stew or something with it.  Last night we went out to eat with friends and I had a steak, steamed veggies and a salad with my own dressing.  Hadn't been out in a couple of weeks so I enjoyed it,  Didn't even effect the scale when I weighed so that made it even better.


Dawn, glad things are falling into place with the wedding,  My two girls got married about 4 years apart and it was wonderful but I am very glad I won't have to plan another wedding again.  I find it very, very stressful and exhausting.  It is nice when the day finally comes and you can enjoy the event. 


David, hope your doing okay.  I was wondering about how old your daughter is, I think 4.  My grandson is 4 and I have been feeling like he is growing up so fast lately.  He seems to have gotten to the next level of understanding things.  The other day he was building blocks and his little sister (20 months) came and knocked down is project.  He got frustrated, stood up and said, NO Leah!  You don't understand, that was very important.  No long ago he would have yelled at her and just cried.  They grow up so fast, I feel like we were just at the hospital waiting for him to come.


Tina, sorry to hear about your co-worker leaving.  It is nice to have a person there to go through your day with that you enjoy being with. 


Well I need to get ready to go to church to take care of the little kids.  Ya'll have a great day.

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Good afternoon peeps !


Wow - glad this past weekend is over.  I ate terrible - ok not horrific but definitely not w30.  Ate sweet n sour meatballs, (prepackaged everything), didn't eat any veggies at M1 - had grandson so I ended up kinda eating like him !  Had scrambled eggs w/ some cheese on it, and packaged breakfast sausage,  packaged hot cocoa...     Although M3 yesterday was good - orange chicken over cauliflower rice. (it had honey in it - ) and I had a largish sip of wine...   it just didn't taste as good as I remembered it.  I found myself saying -  would the results be worth the drink.  I had decided it would not.


so these next 3 days will be all compliant so that way I can treat myself to pecan pie on thanksgiving !


I really am getting burned out on always planning - I really do get it - I'm just a procrastinator.  I think I am going to make another batch of the orange chicken and freeze that for a go to meal - it was really yummy and would be quick to have a veggie with it.


ok will check in later

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Good Morning Everyone


I hope you all had a great weekend.


I had a relatively quiet one, Kendo on Saturday and my wife spent the weekend preparing for her cousins baby shower on Sunday.


It got to spend some good quality time with my daughter. My wife fell in the car park and twisted her ankle coming home from the shower so I took the day off yesterday to tend to her and get Darcy up to Nursery.


With all the business around the house, I wasn’t able to do my usual cookout on Sunday so am flying by the seat of my pants so to speak. Back in the office today and it seems like so much work has piled up since I left on Friday. Nothing else for but head down, ass up.


I watched the Dr Oz segment online, it was only a couple of minutes long but I guess it will be great exposure for the program.


Lisa, sounds like you are both exited about and dreading this coming Thursday. I hope you can enjoy the day and the food without feeling too guilty. We don’t do thanksgiving here but for some reason the stores here are doing the black Friday sales.


My daughter was 4 this month. At some point recently she turned into a little women rather than a child. Her responses are much more like a grown up, I think she’s taking more notice of how we react as parents. She can still have a good tantrum; she’s decided recently that she doesn’t want to go to bed at her normal time any more.


Dawn, I’ll keep an eye out for the buck books email. I have bought quite a few books through and now have a backlog to read through.


Weddings can be ludicrously expensive for all involved. I hope the run up to the wedding isn’t too stressful and you can relax and enjoy yourself.


Tina, the weekend is now behind us and we can get back into it, until Thanksgiving for you guys.


Hope you have a great day


We Can Do This



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Hi everyone, I am planning on starting Saturday Nov. 29th.  I do have a question, is there anyone on here that has diabeties and if so what do you eat for your carbs?  I really need to get this weight off and my friend Dawn Cloakey has asked me to try this.  I keep putting it off for one reason or another.  I will need all kinds of help.



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Good morning everyone


How are you doing today?


Did some cooking last night so have a breakfast casserole and some smokey bacon wrapped chicken thighs from Practical Paleo.


What are you all planning for Thanksgiving?


Sheena, I do not have diabetes and would be unsure what to advise in situation.


I had a search on the forums and see that Dawn has already asked the question.


I hope you get the support you need, perhaps one of the admins would be able to help out.


Hope your day is awesome.


We Can Do This!



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Sheena ~  most definitely come on here and post - we will support you in whatever means we can !     Hang in there -  it might be hard at first - but then you will get into the swing of it.  Best advice is to be prepared... do weekend cooking - so that way you have your food ready.


if you read through our posts - you will see that at one time or another we all struggle with food boredom and not being prepared.  If you aren't prepared - it leads to bad snap decision which then leads to you feeling bad.   Just pick yourself up - and move forward.


Post and track your meals so that way you can see if you are lacking in the veggie dept or the protein or the fat area.  I found posting my meals was helpful  and I could always see right away what I was lacking


I'm going to be making the pecan pie - that I've been craving.   I used make it with 1/2 of the sugar the recipe calls for - the original recipe was way too sweet (especially if you add whipped topping  - and who wouldn't  !!! ! LOL  )  this time I think I will cut the sugar even more.


I am hoping for a quiet day at work - but probably not !


will check in later

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


I’m thankful I found you all in the past few months, you have been a great help to me in this journey and I hope I can help you guys out too.


Feeling really tired of late. Not sleeping well due to a lot on my mind and having a blocked nose which is making sleeping uncomfortable. Need to get to bed earlier but at the moment is easier said than done.


How are the Thanksgiving preparations going? I wish you all a great day.


We Can Do This



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Good Morning,  First of all I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I hope you all have a nice day no matter what you have going on.  I am thankful to have met all of you and thankful that I have a good life filled with all the things I need.  I hope we all have many, many more Thanksgivings to enjoy.


I am kind of anxious about today as far as food and eating goes.  One minute I'm thinking I should try to stay as close as I can to the plan, the next minute I'm thinking I just need to forget about all of that, do what I want and look at tomorrow as a fresh start.  I am thinking I'll wind up doing something in between.  I am looking forward to being able to put whatever I do behind me and go forward from day one.  I have been doing very well considering I haven't been 100% but I think getting back to following the rules would be good for me.


Sheena, nice to have you joining in.  I am not sure about the diabeties.  It seems that this plan is very good for that issue because everything you read talks about how much people improve in that area when the do the challenge.  I would just go to the website and read, read, and read some more.  Use the search box and look under the forum section, I would think you will find some info.  5 people in my family have completed the challenge and everyone of us have seen very good results in many areas.  I feel confidant that you will see very good results if you choose to do it.  Good Luck.


Well, David, Dawn, Tina, Sheena and all..........Again, Happy Thanksgiving.  Will check in with everyone soon.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Off visiting my son today. Doing dinner with him then with the rest of the family tomorrow. Hubby has to work today. That's the life of a fireman. Someone has to put out all those turkey fires. Lol. Might do some shopping when I get back into El Paso tonight. It could be fun. Lol. I'm up for some crazy!!

Hope everyone has a great day with their family.

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Good Morning Everyone.


Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Black Friday.


Black Friday in Scotland used to be the Friday before Christmas, when the shopping went a little crazy but we’ve adopted the post thanksgiving Black Friday now. Essentially the shops want us to start spending as soon as we get our pay at the end of November.


Lisa, I hope your food choices yesterday didn’t become too stressful and you were able to enjoy your time with your family. You can get back to Whole 30 principles today.


Dawn, I hope your visit to your sons went well and your husband wasn’t too busy and was able to enjoy some of thanksgiving with you. Wishing you a great thanksgiving, round 2 for today also.


We have St. Andrews day on Sunday, patron saint of Scotland, so I think we’ll be doing some more traditional Scottish food for dinner that day. Haggis is a favourite of mine but I’m also thinking that Stovies may be easily adaptable to whole 30 principles too. Its essentially Stew and potatoes made as a layered dish so could work well. Will let you know how it works out.


Its meal plan and shop today after the dentist so will need to get the thinking cap on for the coming week.


Hope you all have a great day.


We can do this!



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Morning all,  Well I'm back in the game.  Started yesterday and feel so good about doing this again.  Being in a routine and having a since of control of things always work well for me. (I am a control freak)


Thursday was about how I thought it would be.  I could have done much better but I also could have done much worse.  I enjoyed the day and don't regret anything.  Friday I woke up and hit the kitchen cooking and preparing for the week ahead.  I have that aggressive attitude and I'm ready to go.


I hope you all had a great day Thursday and that you got to be with family and friends.  I am quite thankful for all that I have. 

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Hey everyone

Doing ok here. Out running errands today so food is iffy. Gotta start cooking up some things ahead of time for breakfast again. Getting sick of the breakfast bakes already.

David...my husband works 24 hour shifts every other day so no, we didn't spend any time together thanksgiving. The fireman had their turkey dinner at the station. My visit with my son was good. We went to my inlaws Friday and did the turkey dinner then.

My husband leaves in 10 days to go hunting for a week. Gonna be hard just cooking for myself. Think I might just make a few soups to eat while he's gone. Should get a lot of work done though. He's not around to see me throw away stuff. Lol. Got to clean the garage.

Lisa. Glad your back in the game. Hope Thursday wasn't too bad. I ate some stuffing and a dinner roll and got bloated. I kinda figured I would. I'm gonna try the almond flour and try making my own bread. Just not sure when I want to start that.

Tina how was your pie? I bet it was good. Where have you been this week. Not hearing much from ya. Come say hi.

Sheena. How's it going so far. Have you started yet. I know you don't have all the right food but you can at least start by cutting out what you can.

Well back to my errands. I hate posting from my phone but it's all I got with me. Everyone have a great day.

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