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Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14


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Hey everyone

How's the weekend going? My neighbor kid and I got our cookies baked and iced for my son. Even washed the car in between batches. I think we're ready for tomorrow. Gonna be a long drive but I'll survive. She is so excited to be going to see my son. He's like a big brother to her. Her dads been my neighbor since he was in high school. Then after his parents passed away he moved his family into the house. So we've known her since she was a baby.

Not eating that great today. Need to go to the store for some things. Only have a few veggies in the house and some roast beef and hamburger patties. Wanting to make a creamy chicken soup that I saw a recipe for but now I can't find the recipe. Oh well I'll come up with something. I did find a cabbage soup in the freezer today. Will fix that Monday.

Well off to get dinner cooked for us girls so we can get up early. Talk to everyone later.

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morning all !


Dawn I hope you visit went well.  I'm sure your son enjoys your visits greatly !   I must ask - cabbage soup ?  how do you make that ?


This weekend was a disappointment - didnt' go get the Christmas tree as both of my kids were crabby and it was pretty warm (40's) so it would have been pretty muddy - and so I cancelled.  The whole point was to do something fun with the family and I was not about to go out, with 2 crabby kids, and a tired grandson.  No fun for me.


Yesterday I didn't eat the best...  ok - ate terrible for dinner.  Had bbq wings and French fries from the local bar,  and ranch dressing.... BUT  M1 was a big salad w/ 3 fried eggs. I am going to try to be compliant for this week - then I can eat my caramel brownies for my birthday (along with any meal off roading) and enjoy all of it.


baked 2 acorn squashes and a butternut squash.  I am going to make the salmon patties with the butternut squash, instead of sweet potatoes and see how they turn out.  I am actually going to make 2 batches, one w/ sw potato and then freeze some, because Brooke likes the sw potato version and we don't want to mess with what the kid likes !!!


I made the meatballs but they were pretty dry - so I have some sauces from well fed 2 that I want to try instead of just dipping in the mayo. She makes her meatballs w/ baking soda and cream of tartar, which she says helps tenderize the meat.  I didn't have any baking soda - which was extremely odd  cuz I use it for everything.    so this batch was made without those items.     I will let you know how it turns out in the future !


We will see how I do the rest of the week.- need to make some breakfast things - it is too hard to be trying to figure it out in the morning while on the fly.


Ok  will check in later

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Hello Everyone


How are you all doing?


Apologies for being quiet over the weekend. Picked up the flu and having a bit of pain in my neck, back and shoulders. Should get better as the week goes on and I have Chiro on Thursday to get adjusted.


I did a bit of reflecting over the weekend too. More on the reasons why I keep turning back to junk food. It was clear that I wouldn’t find the answer easily and I needed to work through all the crap I’ve been ignoring, or numbing with food for years.


I think the January whole 30 will be just the beginning.


I’m grateful to have gotten to know you all over the past few months and you’ve helped me a great deal. I now need to start helping myself again.


Lisa, Dawn you have both shown a great deal of strength to be so supportive of your kids over the past year.


Lisa, Christmas Eve will be a big day for you, possibly bigger than Christmas day as it will mark a major achievement for your daughter.


Dawn, all you can do is keep going. You can do this.


I’m with Tina, you’ve got me interested in cabbage soup.


I’ve been having soup for breakfast lately. I’mm currently working through a batch of Lebanese Sweet Potato soup from Well Fed 2. I made some meatballs to bump up the protein in the meal too. It’s a great way to heat up on a cold morning.


Cooked another pot of stoves last night and have them with me for lunch today.


I like the moisture and texture of the burgers/sausages/meatballs from Well Fed 2. The cream of tartar and baking soda really make a difference. I especially like the lamb donner and the pork chorizo options. The meatballs in the Italian meat sauce recipe are also awesome.


Hope you all have a great day.


We Can Do This!



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David - Lebanese Sw  potato soup - How did I miss that ??  I love that book - thanks for the confirmation on the baking soda/cream tartar trick!  I have been relaying on meatballs and patties as my go to.   so much easier to do.  


so I can see how easy it would be to slip back to old ways -yesterday I wanted to eat onion dip - and have orange juice and drink some almond milk..and sausages, and hot chocolate .... and my brain was telling me "seriously - one little bit - really couldn't hurt - just go for it !! "      I think we all have our past issues -  and if our brain uses those issue against us, it is hard to not backslide.


So we all must stop beating ourselves up for the little slips here and there - we all know that to feel better - we go back to eating better !  and stop that train of destruction !!!


Check in later

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How are you all doing today?


Had trouble sleeping last night. Gave up at 3am and came downstairs. With the cold and my back playing up I couldn’t get to sleep.


Cant wait for chiro tomorrow.


Dawn, The cabbage soup recipe sounds great. I’ll need to give it a try.


Tina, The Lebanese soup is great for this time of year. The cloves and allspice in the spice mix give it a really Christmassy feel. Just finished a bowl for breakfast, awesome.


How are everyone’s Christmas preparations coming along?


Our offices pretty much close over the holidays so looking forward to finishing Friday for 2 weeks. Will be great to spend some real time with my family.


Wishing you all a great day.


We Can Do This



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Hey everyone

Sitting here waiting for friend so we can go finish our Christmas shopping. Had a busy day today wrapping presents and putting them under tree. Trying to get everything done by tomorrow night so Friday I can get laundry and packing done then load the car for our trip to Colorado. We leave Saturday as soon as hubby get home from work, about noon. We'll get to my daughters about midnight.

On the cabbage soup. I forgot to add tomato juice to the list of ingredients. I just add the ingredients to how I want it to taste. You can add other spices too. Or different veggies.

Eating hasn't been that good today. Just not feeling like cooking or eating. I'm heating up some soup right now. It's cold out, rainy and windy. It's snowing in the mountains where hubby is hunting. It hardly ever snows here at the house. Should have a white Christmas in Colorado though.

Well it sounds like my soup is boiling so I'll sign off for now. Check back in later.

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Hi all !   Dawn - I hope CO is beautiful !!  Nothing like a white Christmas.


Went to Yoga last night - oh man - killer !   we did some poses that really triggered Charlie horses - in both calves.  I tried and immediately stopped...   instructor was like - "if your getting cramps that means you need to work that area more "   Sorry but my cramps get so painful they make me cry - so I'm not going to cause cramps on purpose !!   I talked to her after class, explained that I had surgery,  asked if she could give me some suggestions for stretching....   and go figure - had a bad cramp last night.  Darn


  I almost ate some pizza after yoga - but I stood strong and made a sw potato bowl and felt good that I didn't cave. (I wasn't relishing the thought that I would have to actually cook !)


I desperately need to go grocery shopping - getting down to bare bones !  

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Morning all

Trying to type with long nails is crazy hard. I keep hitting the wrong letters. Thank God for spell check.

We got to daughters house about 10pm last night. No snow yet. Maybe tomorrow they say. Drive was long and boring but uneventful. She already has things lined up for us to do. Facials and wedding dress fitting today and maybe some shopping if time permits.

Tina...step away from the pizza!!! Yoga...good! Pizza....bad!

Well I'm off of the whole30 while I'm here. Wish me luck. Will restart as soon as I get home on the 31st. That will give me a month to loose some more weight before the wedding. I bought a new scale a couple of days ago and my old one WAS broke. I'm 5lbs heavier. Ugh. It was nice while it lasted. We are gonna do some walking while I'm here so not all is lost. Missing my bed and treadmill already. We're on a blow up mattress. Lol.

I'll check in later to see how everyone is doing. Until then have a great day.

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Good morning everyone !!  Dawn - I'm sorry I have forgotten when the wedding is ?  must be soon if you have the nails done and a facial and dress fitting ? !!  Busy busy busy !!


So I made myself my brownies - very disappointed,   I like ooey gooey fudgy brownies.  So I tried a new recipe - not a good idea if you have been anticipating a treat for a whole month !   These turned out more like cake brownies... so very sad.  Still tasted good (made w/ choc chips instead of cocoa)  had chips and nuts and a caramel topping.   SO   I am going to make myself another batch.  and they will get eaten up on New Years eve.


I also made apple pie moonshine - keeping 1 bottle and giving away the other 8 as Christmas gifts.  I of course had to try some of it - was pretty tasty.  I only had about 1/2 c. and didn't notice any ill effects.


Dave - Hope all is going well on your end.  Lisa you as well !


will pop on later again

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Tina..wedding is February 7,2015. Just getting new makeup since I don't usually wear any. And a jumpstart on the nails for a Christmas party.

Snow is expected here tonight. It's starting to get pretty cold here. In the high 20's low 30's right now. It's just starting with flurries right now.

Out shopping so check in later

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hey guys,  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just been having so much going on.  My grandson is off of school so that routine is completely changed and to make it worse my son-in-law is working from home.  Trying to keep the kids quiet so daddy can work is quite interesting. 


Sticking to the plan is getting harder.  Lots of gatherings with party foods around every corner.  I have maintained my weight pretty much but I can tell it would be so easy to just let go.  Trying hard not to do that.  I will actually be glad with Jan. 2 gets here.  The new year has always been a good time for me.  I usually gather my thoughts and review my goals.  It feels like a refreshing time and I'm looking forward to it.


Well kids are needing me but I'll check back soon.

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Hey everyone.

Just thought I would check in. Waiting for daughter to get dressed. We're heading out to get our eyebrows done. Lol. Guess she thinks I need mine done. Then off to finish shopping. Got 2 more gifts to get. Got the big family gathering at her inlaws tomorrow night. It's a big family. We feel a little out of place but we were invited so we must go.

So much for the snow yesterday. It didn't stick around long but the cold and wind sure has. 30mph winds today. Makes for a cold day.

Well off to get stuff done. Check in later.

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Merry Christmas everyone

Hope you all have a great day with your family.

We just got back from a nice dinner with my daughters to be grandparents-inlaws. Had a great time. Now waiting for them to come home so we can finish the presents under the tree for tomorrow morning. Granddaughter is super excited. Gonna have 10 people here for dinner tomorrow and 2 are vegans. Gonna be fun feeding them. We're doing some things for them but I hear their bring food too.

Can't wait to watch the little one open presents in the morning. That's the best part.

Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Merry Christmas

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Good morning everyone !  I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and post Christmas.   I managed to eat ok - however for both my birthday and Christmas Eve, I ate something that did not sit well at all.   I have a feeling it was dairy.  BUT I can't be certain,  I had a salad and I know that sometimes the salads affect me if they use that veggie wash on it.    Other than that - things have gone good.  I ate 2 pieces - yes  2 pieces of mom's pecan pie and 1 sugar cookie.


Last night I did go out and bought some brownies - ate 1  and had some almond milk to go with it.  So got a good dose of sugar  !  I guess I feel like better eat all that stuff now - cuz it will be back to the grind at the 1st of the Year !!


My physical went well - according to the doc's scale I am down 23lbs since end of Aug.  She was pretty impressed, I said I was eating healthier.  


At my mom's for Christmas I was talking to my niece about whole 30,  very generally, and had stated that with eating so well I had lost 20+lbs and her husband (who is a very nice guy) says " man you must have been just eating junk before that ! "   I didn't bother to go into more details (they both are VERY overweight - and at that moment - not open to conversation about healthy eating)


I only had 1/2 glass of wine on Christmas but also had a little bit of Apple Pie (drink).  Yesterday had a headache on and off, probably from all the sugar and the booze.


Today I'm at work - so it will be easy for food choices - cuz I only brought good stuff !! LOL


will check in later

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Hi peeps  ~ me again.  


Man, I'm looking forward to starting this - I have to stop eating the brownies, ice cream !!!


ok  but my fridge and budget aren't ready - so I have to get on that !  I hope everyone has had or is having a WONDERFUL holiday !

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Hey everyone.

Sitting here freezing to death. It's in the negatives here and still snowing. Not doing so good on eating this week. Can't wait to get home and get back on plan. Went out to dinner tonight and I feel really bloated. Think it was the dairy. Not looking forward to weighing in when I get home.

Hope everyone is doing good. It sure is quite this week.

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Hi everyone !   David - are you alive ?? Lisa ??    Dawn it is now cold here too, back to below zero with the wind chill.     I hate the chilly winds !


I'm trying to eat clean - but have been 'cheating'....   a piece of chocolate last night and Cheetos while I was making dinner.   So I MUST get back to being better prepared.   At least when my new hours start next week,... I won't be snacking while making dinner cuz my butt will be in my chair at work.  Which is sad that I will be eating my main meals at work.  Please cross your fingers for me that I get the claims position and I can go back to a normal life.


more later

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Hey everyone,  yes Tina, I am alive.  I am so crazy busy.  This week my grandbabies (I watch Mon-Fri) are in Houston so I am trying to do all those things I never get to do.  Heavy duty cleaning, cleaning out closets, freezers......  I really want to be on top of everything for the new years.  I doing ok with the food thing.  I could be doing better but I weighed this morning and haven't done too much damage.  I am sooooo looking forward to Jan 2 to get back to treating my body better.  Even though I haven't been terrible, I can feel the difference.  I feel more sluggish, a little bloated and just scattered.  I do much better following a routine.


Thursday my family is coming to our house and we are going to have a fish fry.  I'll have some cabbage and black eye peas along with the other stuff.  After that it's back to my sweet potatoe sliders, salmon salad and clean food.  I will be trying to get back to posting on a regular basis.  I hope everyone has a great new year and I'll looking forward to catching up with ya'll.

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The high today is 1 and the low is -20. Right now it's 0 degrees. Not use to these temps. At home it's 47 degrees right now.

So where is David and Lisa? Are you two still alive? Come out and let us know how you are.

We head home tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to the drive. To much snow on the roads. But it's gotta be done.

Will check back in later.

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hi everyone !  Happy New Years Eve !  Dawn safe travels !  it is extremely cold here again - and I will be staying in for New year's eve.  My daughter is having a friend over for games and movies.  So our evening should be kinda quiet.  I foresee that I will be in bed at a decent time this year !!


David - hope you are well and that we will be hearing from you on 1/1/15....


Lisa glad to hear that you are ok and everything is going well.


check in later

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Hi Everyone !!!  


David - I hope that you are all right ?!  


I plan on weighing myself when I get to work tomorrow and again on Monday- will take some measurements again.. haven't taken those since Nov.


Made the Asian meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo with some slight modifications - I didn't have fish sauce so used Coconut aminos and used gr pork instead of gr beef.  and also used mashed sw potatoes.  Definitely will make a double batch of those and freeze some.  Even Brooke gave the thumbs up !

Also made the sw potato soup (only made a 1/2 batch)  I may have to add some more potatoes to it... the spices were pretty strong for the little bit that I made.


Last night my daughter had a friend over - so we had a bunch of snacks - ate Terribly !   chips/dip chips/salsa, chocolate chip cookies, pizza... and my stomach made it VERY Clear that was a Bad bad idea.


I ate ok today - not nearly enough veggies,  Ok  the veggies were almost non existent.


Tomorrow will be much better... but I still have to get buy some more fresh veggies.


Dawn I hope that you arrived home safe.


Lisa - hope all is well with you



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Hi guys,  Happy New Year.  Well tomorrow is it.  I am doing the challenge 100% and the morning can't come soon enough.  Today was not good, I just let loose with the eating.  I did really bad and the worse part was it was just because.  I actually got up and made a bowl of pasta with parm cheese and 1/2 & 1/2 for breakfast.   Actually I'm kind of glad I did it because I feel really disgusting, bloated, achy and just miserable.  I makes me realize how great I feel when I eat right.  Anyway, ready to get going in the morning and I'm hoping for good results.


Tina, your meal sounds really good.  I found 2 sites today that seem really good and informative.  one is the nourishing home and the other one is www.whole30recipeexchange.blogspot.com   I want to try some new recipes and copies quite a few from these websites.


Well I hope everyone had a great day and I wish you all the best for the new year.  Looking forward to hearing about everyone's journey. 

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