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Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14


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(here Is my first post - that I could not post this morning from work  <_< )


Good morning all !    Please share the recipe for the sw potato slider - that sounds yummy.


All is going good on my end - having fridge issues - waiting on my landlord to do something about it.  It froze my veggies - so now I have to shop again.  Not happy about throwing money out the window. So I am out of veggies.  I did stop and get a yellow squash a zucchini and some asparagus that I grilled and that got me through yesterday, and leftovers for lunch today.


I don't know about you all - but I am feeling so good !  I am so happy I stumbled across this program.


Saturday is our yearly trip to Door County - wine and friends - what could be better ? !!!    I am only slightly apprehensive.. slightly -  but I have to go on living - right ? !     I will make good choices - and cross my fingers that they have oil/balsamic vinegar available for dressing (cuz I really do like it)


I got a flu shot this morning - I have not had any reactions to the flu shot in years...  so I am hoping that this year is the same.  I have been hearing that people are getting sick after getting it.   I don't want to be sick for this weekend !


I still haven't really adventured in unknown 'waters' of different types of drinks - other than having some coconut water w/ pineapple juice  or mango juice.  But I noticed it has a lot of sodium.   so I am not drinking it very often.   I also tried a sparkling water w/ orange "natural" flavors.  How ever - with reading natural flavors might not mean good for you.  So was leary of that as well.


I have noticed that there is less hair loss after showering ...  which is nice !  Haven't really notice 'glowing skin' but then again - I'm always lookin at this skin - so looks the same to me  :)   I am losing some of the nasty belly fat - which is nice. I have a few shirts that are at the bottom of the drawer that I am now able to pull out and where because I am way more comfortable in my skin.   another NSV.   One of my goals this year was to be happy in my skin.  and I am getting there.


No exercise last night - and it was cold out so me and grandson did not go out-  Mr didn't have a nap so he was CRANKY  so we had some cuddle time - a little tent making and then dinner and to bed.   Then I cleaned up the tent mess, dishes and dealt with their puppy.  -  I forgot how much work a puppy was.  He also ended up being put to bed early - he needed a time out !


DAWN -  cyber hugs - Good luck and come on when you need some support !! 

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Hello all,  Dawn really sorry to hear about all that's going on.  I was wondering about you since I hadn't seen a post for a while and was a little worried. You are our rah rah girl, always there for us. I hope you feel better and wake up with a fighting attitude and tons of energy to tackle what's ahead.  You can do it.


I came home and made more sweet potato sliders.  I seem to not be able to get enough of these.  I hope to try a couple of new things this weekend.  My meal experiments have turned out well.


Tina - I don't have the recipe you are talking about but I made a bbq pork dish in the crock pot.  I used boneless country pork ribs, garlic, onions, pineapple and some juice and my homemade ketchup.  I used some dry seasonings - cumin, cajun, salt.....It was very good.


Well off to get ready for tomorrow.

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Tina, here is the sweet potato recipe or more like instructions on what I did.


Found the largest potatoes I could and sliced them about 1/4 inch thick.  brushed both sides with a little coconut oil and sprinkled them with cajun seasoning, cumin and salt.  cooked them until they started to brown (flipping like pancakes) on both sides.  put them on a chopping board and matched them up in pairs trying to get tops and bottoms to match.


Prior to that made a slaw with shredded cabbage, pineapple and some juice, green onion, homemade mayo, seasonings and cilantro.


Had left over bbq pork but I also did them another time with sausage. 


Fried off a couple slices of bacon and crumbled.


To assemble I put mayo on the bottom slice, topped with bbq meat or sausage, next slaw then crumbled bacon and put potato slice on top. 


Hope that I made it understandable.  Let me know if you like them

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Good morning everyone

Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed it. I've just been so stressed this last week. Now the next 4 are going to be really stressful too. I just hope this house sells fast.

I woke up this morning to a slight headache again and stomach issues after breakfast. I just wish all these side effects would be over already. I will be doing a lot of crockpot meals this week. With working on the old house I won't have time to really cook.

Well I'm off to relax before I start busting my butt on Monday. Our last camp out this weekend with our son and his girlfriend. Off to catch some fish this morning.

Talk to ya'll later

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Hello Day 18


I wish everyone well.


Dawn, sorry to hear about your house problems. I’m sure it will all work out in the end. You’ll get all the work done and learn to cook in the most efficient way possible. Please remember that the cravings are due to stress and will not solve the problems. You’ve shown over the last 48 days that you are stronger than your cravings.

This recipe from Nom Nom Paleo’s cookbook is just awesome.






The toughest battles go to the toughest warriors. You will do this.


Tina, I hope your fridge issues have been resolved. How did you manage without the fridge?


Did you have any reactions to the flu shot? I hope not if you’re going away for the weekend. I hope you have great time in Door Country.

It’s great that you’re still about to see the differences in your body and its having a positive effect on your self-image. If we keep this up we can only keep getting better.


Lisa, the sliders sound great. I picked up some extra sweet potato this week and will give them a try. The BBQ pork will get done in the slow cooker tomorrow. Hope your kitchen experiments go well this weekend.


I’m going to try the salmon cakes and sweet potato soup from Well Fed 2 this weekend to change things up a little. My wife is making cupcakes just now for a birthday party tomorrow. They smell good but I’m not even thinking about eating them. It’s just not something I do anymore.


Hope you all have a great weekend.


We Can Do This!



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Hi everyone,  well today was another busy day in the kitchen.  I started off making, once again another batch of the sliders.  Next came a spaghetti squash casserole, then my version of a gumbo and lastly a pot of chili.  That will keep us going for a few days.  I love cooking so it was nice to be home and productive. 


Last night was the first time since before Labor Day that I ate out.  Hubby wanted to go and I was hesitant but gave him my conditions and we agreed.  We went to Texas Road house and I got a 6 oz sirloin, a plain baked sweet potato and a house salad(dressing from home) leaving out the cheese and croutons.  I made sure that there was no butter, sugar or soy involved with the cooking and I have to say it was wonderful.  Just going out to eat was so enjoyable because I had not been in so long.  It was a double good experience because I pulled out about 5 pairs of jeans that I haven't had on in 2 years.  They all fit.  A couple were still to tight but I wore a pair and just felt so good.  It had been a while since I got dress to go out and actually felt good about myself.  I got on the scale this morning because I just had to see what happened and I was exactly the same.  That made everything even better. 


Don't know what I be doing tomorrow.  Might cook again and have the kids over or might just clean house and do yard work. 


David - let me know how the salmon cake came out.  I've never made those before. 


Hope everyone had a good Saturday. 

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Good evening everybody

Hope everyone had a great day. Mine was pretty good. Ate good all day and had a pretty good attitude to. We go home tomorrow and back to working on moving.

David. Thanks for the recipe. I will give it a try. I do a lot of chicken in the crockpot.

Kate, where are you? How are you doing?

Lisa sound like you had a productive day today. The Texas Roadhouse was where I was planning on going to dinner for my birthday this week. Now I don't know where I'm going. Inlaws are taking me out instead of hubby. Not many restaurants to choose from where they live. I'll do my best though.

Tina. How's it going?

Well I'm off to go sit by the fire. Talk to everyone tomorrow.

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Hey everyone

Just wondering where everyone is today. I'm back home now. That was my last camping trip for the year. It was a cool weekend. Water was pretty cold already and it was windy today. Caught 2 fish to add to the freezer.

Now time to concentrate on selling my old house. I decided not to stress on it just yet. If it doesn't sell in 3 weeks then I'll start stressing.

Talked to Whitney today. She decided that doing the whole30 isn't going to work for her. Just to much going on. She is going to try just going Paleo for now. She's been checking out Paleo recipes on Pinterest. I hope it works for her.

Hope everyone had a great day today.

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Hello Day 20


Sorry I didn’t get on yesterday. The day ran away from me. I managed most of my cookout, just need to get the salmon cakes and the coleslaw made tonight. It seems to be a regular occurrence that I forget to eat lunch on Sundays. I spend most of my time cooking and doing work around the house and its mid afternoon before I know it. I end up skipping lunch and having a slightly larger dinner.


I’m feeling good this morning after having completed my workout and meditation at home before heading to work.


Lisa, it sounds like you had a great time eating out. It’s great to be able to find restaurants that can cater to our needs. Well don’t on the Bring Your Own Dressing. I still feel I’m being challenged a lot of the time when I’m offered non compliant things (most of which are so processed they can’t be called food) and I say I don’t eat them. I’ve going out this weekend and we may be going for food so I’ll see what develops from that.


Congratulations on the Clothing NSV. It’s great when you can fit into clothes that didn’t fit before. I spent some time yesterday trying on smaller clothes and like dhow they felt. Some still require a little shrinking into but I ca feel the belt getting pulled tighter each time I put it on.


I didn’t get to make the salmon cakes yesterday but I’ll do it tonight and let you know how they went.


Dawn, I hope you like the recipe. The gravy it produces is fantastic and I thought it may give you a new recipe. I don’t know if you have the nom nom paleo cookbook, it has some great recipes in it although not as whole 30 focussed as the well fed books.


Sounds like you had a nice time by the lake and had a successful fish too. Glad you have decided not to stress about the house sale. I hope it goes well for you.


Hope everyone has a great day.


We can do this!



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Hi everyone,  Hope you are all doing good.  Yesterday I didn't cook, had quite a bit of stuff from Saturday.  Dawn, I was thinking about you. Hubby with fishing with 2 friends.  They caught 27 trout, 8 redfish and 2 sheepshead.  Needless to say Sunday we had fish.  We grilled it with the scales on.  Experimented with salad dressing, ending up liking one I mixed - home made mayo with balsamic vinegar and some fruit juice 


I worked around the house all day and organized the office.  I tell you it was a job, took me about 5 hours of non stop going at it.  It was bad but thank goodness it is done. Now I need to see that it stays under control.


David - how are you sleeping?  I was wondering have you always lived in Scotland?  I bet it is beautiful there. 


Tina - How are you doing, are you still feeling good,  I am. Still having lots of energy and I just seem like I am moving through my day more aggressively.


Had a big salad tonight so now I am going to clean the kitchen and relax.  Good night to all.

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Saturday was the wine and cheese weekend.  I had a total of 1 glass of wine -if that much.  The samples they give you are 2 sips at the most, and I had split some of my choices with a friend. I only tried the ones I knew I would like.  I ate a good breakfast before we left and didn't get hungry until 2ish. We then went for lunch at a place that served organic beef... (bonus) it was chilly out and we had to eat outside - The food was good I had a burger w/ lettuce and then ordered a side salad.  The salad came dressed, but with a vinegar of sorts. So I'm am sure it had sugar in it.  Dinner was Chinese bbq pork.    (from well fed - put I put it in the crockpot)
Sunday was cutting and stacking wood for my parents.  Good M1 before leaving.  Mom made her sloppy joes (homemade) which I know had some sugar in it (not much - but had sugar) and some potatoe salad (again sugar) and fresh veggies.   Tonight is going to be a sw potato and white potato hash with eggs I think - or more of the bbq pork.
I didn't feel anything from the wine  - but that really was a 'small' test.  I bought some Lovely onion/garlic gouda.  Just waiting for it to be a special occasion. Did not have some last night - even though I was extremely tempted.
Mom made her delicious apple sour cream coffee cake.   I would love to have a bite - but after these 2 days I am going to save it and have a bite on Wed.


  I have been having some pretty bad leg cramps lately.  More than ever before.  I had compartment release on my left leg almost 6 yrs ago.  The cramps started right after that. Extremely painful. So bad that they turned my foot out !   over the years they lessened -slightly.
I asked my surgeon and he couldn't explain it.     I have tried bananas, and recently coconut water.  I can not figure what what is causing them. Wake me up in the middle of the night.   I do have some homeopathic oils that I use - it does help loosen the muscles a little quicker.
I was hoping - eating better would help - but honestly it has seemed to get much worse.

I looked at the forum for medical conditions - and found a post about leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.  Says to take magnesium and drink spring water, or mineral water.  Also Epsom salt baths are good too.  I will most definitely try this.


DAY 40 !

M1  eggs w/ fried white potato & sw potato, onions and red pepper

M2  left over Chinese BBQ and sw potato

M3  taco salad


I really don't feel any side affect of the sugar I had over the weekend.  However - it was what it was - and I am not going out of my way to include extra sugar.

I didn't get sick from the flu shot - thank goodness !!   I am feeling good, and want to continue eating healthy.  I got some new recipes - making a sw potato bake w/ pork, onions, peppers.  I baked a spaghetti squash, for making a spaghetti/pork 'frittata' tomorrow  Made more breakfast meatballs.  No deviations from the recipe (except omitting bacon/maple syrup) this time.  Last time added gr turkey.  That dried them out too much.

My fridge is in limbo - haven't heard from the maintenance man - which it typical ~ never know when he comes and goes. Which I have said Numerous Times (to mgmt.) for him to leave a note, work order or something, so I know he was there.


Glad to hear that everyone is hanging in there !  What day is everyone on ?   Time is flying - and I am not sure where you are all at.

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Hello Day 21


I hope you all had a great day.


My wife was busy cake decorating when I got home so didn’t get as much time in the kitchen as I’d like. Luckily for me I had BBQ pork in the fridge which could be reheated and I made some baked potato chips to go with it.


While the potatoes were on I did the prep for the salmon cakes. They turned out great. They have a very savoury taste, which is why I think well fed advises some sauces as accompaniments. I didn’t have time to make one so I opted for hot sauce. They tasted great.


Felt a little bloated yesterday, had an unusual feeling in my stomach. I think it may have been down to dehydration as the more water I drank the better I felt.


Lisa, I tend to do a household blitz every now and again too. It feels great when you knuckle down and plough through all the hard boring jobs and see how far you’ve come when you finish. I’m going to attempt that today in the office. Lots of work piling up I need to purge from my desk.


I’ve always lived in Scotland, just outside Glasgow. Scotland is beautiful, there is a lot to see and do. I intend to get more into nature but for the moment I don’t get to enjoy the outdoors as much as I like.


I found my wife in the next village, so I didn’t have to move far…


I’m sleeping better than but still not as well as I’d like. I’m making progress and will keep at it.


I don’t eat salads often as it doesn’t keep for long in the fridge. When I do have a salad I make a dressing with 1 Tbsp Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp Fish Sauce and a Tsp of minced garlic.


Tina, it sounds like you enjoyed yourself without having a major blowout. Well Done.

You seem to very methodical and restrained with your reintroductions, I applaud your willpower.


I’ve been meaning to try Epsom salts for some time. I hear they are very relaxing. I hope you get some relief soon. This may be a silly question but what is restless leg syndrome? I tend to bounce my leg and don’t realise I’m doing it. Its normally my wife who tells me I’m ding it. I’m doing it now.


I hope your fridge get repaired soon.


Hope everyone has a great day.


We Can Do This!



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Hi Everyone,


It's been longer than I would have liked since my last 'login'.  I guess maybe that's not such a bad thing considering I believe in the Whole9 reduction in technology :)  I have still been logging my food entries religiously.  Today is my day 44 and I'm feeling quite well.  I will admit this week, against better judgment, I allowed myself to buy some dried mangoes.  Trader Joes sells a variety that is simply dried mango - no sugar or sulfur dioxide added.   But I realize it's still a lot of sugar packed into these leathery 'treats'.  I had bought them early on in my W30 and knew they were not a good decision.  Well, this 'test' was no different.  I bought the bag on Sunday and it was gone by Monday night.  It technically serves 4.5 but I ate it in two sittings - yikes.  My feeling last night while I finished the bag was 'let me just get rid of these now because they're such a weakness'.  May as well get it over and done with right?  I can make excuses and say they didn't bother my stomach.  But I knew immediately this morning that they affected my sleep and energy.  I woke up in sort of a 'sugar hangover'.  My energy is okay now but my brain is still playing catch up.  So note to self for future shopping - skip the dried fruit aisle at Trader Joes.  I'm much better at managing fresh fruits in my diet.  I can have just one clementime after a meal and leave it at that.  Controlling my consumption of 'packaged' items is still a challenge for me.  I think the reason I want to 'eat it all' was just that pure mindless comfort that you get when you binge.  I wasn't stressed and my last meal had enough fat and protein to satisfy me.  Plus I had made the purchase in advance - it was a premeditated event :)  


I am happy to continue my journey and learn more into the next 20 days.  My MIL will be visiting soon so that means more family get togethers coming up.  I am pretty good at planning ahead at this point but I'll need to make certain I have lots of protein on hand to grab and go.  I don't feel the same need to excuse my eating that I did initially and being the 'outcast' who brings her food isn't my issue; it's theirs.  So I will bundle up containers of prepared meals and bring them along on the weekends.  Take-out is still sort of my enemy.  Not because I can't work with it...I've ordered a few green salads with grilled chicken and olive oil when necessary.  I just prefer to eat food I've prepared because it tastes better and is more satisfying.  I never was much of a 'take-out' or restaurant goer so working that into my lifestyle isn't a goal of mine.  What's more important to me long term is creating ways to maintain and manage the lifestyle I have now.  Not necessarily a strict W30 but not the 'on again; off again' wagon I've been traveling in the paleo world.  Finding that everyday balance is key to my success.  Not too much time or stress spent mapping out my meals but still enough mindfulness that I don't revert back to the bad weekends that stretch into the week of 'anything goes'.  If they happen they happen.  But I want to reduce those unhealthy decisions to smaller number so I don't extend one bad choice into a week-long series of one after another.  Guilt isn't the issue for me.  It's more of just the roller coaster release of letting go and forgetting about planning and rules and grocery lists and time spent in the kitchen.  It's the release that spirals me out of control.  That coupled with the "I've already eaten a few bad things so screw it" mentality.  Staying accountable and in touch is my focus!!


Just a few comments re: the most recent posts - Natural Calm is a great magnesium supplement.  I use it to keep things moving but it can help with muscle cramps as well.  Dosage is somewhat personal - I found that one 1/2 teaspoon just before bed works best for me.  It's good to start off with 1/4 teaspoon but for me breaking up my doses (morning/noon/night) thru out the day upset my stomach.  I notice a big difference when I don't take it but too much (for me, 1 tsp) isn't a good thing either.  It helps improve your sleep as well.  Just give it time.  Epsom salt baths are a great way to relax and detox as well.  Helps with constipation and relieves inflammation in the body like sore muscles.  Restless Leg Syndrome might be what you're experiencing if you feel the urge to constantly move it.  "RLS is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations.  RLS sensations range from pain or an aching in the muscles, to "an itch you can't scratch", an unpleasant "tickle that won't stop", or even a "crawling" feeling. The sensations typically begin or intensify during quiet wakefulness, such as when relaxing, reading, studying, or trying to sleep.[4] Additionally, most individuals with RLS suffer from periodic limb movement disorder (limbs jerking during sleep), which is an objective physiologic marker of the disorder and is associated with sleep disruption.[5] It can be caused by low iron levels.[6]" - WIKIPEDIA.ORG


Good luck to everyone as their week unfolds.  All the best!!

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Day 21 here on round 2

Hi everyone. Sorry I didnt post last night. I feel asleep watching TV. I worked all day packing and sorting the old house. Got several boxes packed up. Cleaned out 3 rooms. Now 3 to go. Then to clean. Will have it done tomorrow.

I have to go to my inlaws today. They live an hour away. Going out to dinner. They picked a steakhouse to go to. I should be ok for the most part. They have chicken and seafood too.

Well I will try to check in later tonight to see how everyone is doing. Hope everyone has a great day.

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Hi peeps ~ have been having a 'minor' headache since Sunday -  I think it is time to go back to my back snapper, (hehe chiro)  I can feel the tension in my neck and shoulders and my hip is slipping again.   So I don't think it is food related at all -  one of the perils of being a cube rat.  


The sw potato/sausage casserole was DELISH !  had it for lunch today. My meat balls turned out perfect this time.   I need to have breakfast stuff on hand for my dear daughter - and these are perfect.


no clue what I am making for dinner !  Prior w30 - it would be pizza night.  I do have a cauliflower crust recipe - but going to stay away from it for now.


I do not have any meals in the freezer - which is something I want to get going.   So I guess tonight will be the spaghetti squash and sausage frittata.


Will check back later to see how everyone is doing

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Hey everyone

Had a great dinner at the steak house. Had a prime rib and potato and big salad. It was great. Got myself a hand carved wooden bear that stands almost 3 feet tall. He's so cute. Will put him outside my front door.

Will talk to everyone tomorrow. Have a great night.

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Hey Day 22


I was exhausted last night so went to bed a lot earlier than normal and feeling really good this morning. Ordered some Epsom salts so will try to get a good soak a few times a week.


Kate, I’ve found dried fruits can be a food with no brakes for me too. The packets contain 4-5 portions but the entire packet can disappear in no time. I find it best to avoid them. Regardless of the portion size indicated I think there is always a drive to finish the packet. This becomes a problem when chip packets are the size f potato sacks and ice cream comes by the gallon. I wonder how many people are able to stick to the portion sizes?


Glad you could join us in the thread. You are doing great to be at day 44 already and look to be heading towards a Whole 60. How did you first 30 days go? What victories have you achieved so far and what are you looking forward too?


I have a similar problem with stress and cravings which I’m still working to overcome. I was an all or nothing person before the whole 30. I was either strict or not and I feel I was adding stress to my life by trying to make things so complex or perfect. I loved the talk Mellissa gave at Paleo fx which talked abut stress and cravings and a lot of it rung true for me. When I took some time to reduce stress, through nutrition, exercise and “better” sleep I made a big improvement.


I do think the meal planning for me has made life easier. A little time spent planning meals means I have a store of prepared food ready for me to take to work and when I get home at the end of the day. In the past when I didn’t have food readily available I tended to make bad food choices.


Thanks for the info on the RLS and magnesium. I have some natural calm at home but didn’t get into the habit of taking it daily. I’ll work on that.


Dawn, let’s say you were prioritising sleep and it sounds like you had a hard day of packing. With your hard work in the home, both you and Lisa are making me feel guilty. I need to d a big clean too I think. With Christmas coming up and my daughter’s birthday next month, we’ll have a new influx of stuff and need to create room for it.


Kids get so much stuff these days.


Your meal at the steak house sounds great. It was a good venue choice for the Whole 30. I’m going out with friends on Friday and luckily the menu has a steak option.


The bear sounds awesome.


Tina, I’m sure you’ll have a cracking time at the chiropractor. I feel great a couple of days after an adjustment. Glad you enjoyed the Breakfast bake, I’ll need to give the sweet potato recipe another try soon. They make breakfast time so much simpler.


Challenge to all. Is there a whole 30 recipe/ meal that you would be able to make a night out of? Rather than Pizza night, could it be Chilli night or BBQ pork night?


What would be your go to meal? My treat meal would involve steak and homemade chips (or fries). I call them chips because they’re thick cut to get that awesome crisp outside fluffy inside texture.


Wishing you all a great day.


We can Do This!



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Morning everyone,  Feeling so good today. For the past 2 days our weather has been beautiful, usually it is so hot, humid and muggy here.  It makes doing everything you do so much nicer.  Well my daughters finished their first whole 30,  notice I said first.  They both are going to do it again.  One lost 11 and the other 10.7.  When I got to my daughters house this morning she had a gift bag and a card sitting in the kitchen.  She bought me a beautiful coffee mug and wrote me a beautiful card.  She just wanted to thank me for all of the help, she never thought she could do it.  My favorite line was - "You inspire me with the way you take food seriously for your quality of life rather than just a means of indulgence."


It makes me feel so good to see them getting a positive attitude and hope for themselves.  It is heart breaking to see some one you love be down on themselves.  I am so glad we decided to give this challenge a try.  I am doing very good, this mornings weigh in was 124.1.  This had been very uplifting for me.


David, Kate - you all are so right about the food/portion thing.  For quite a while now I have been measuring (weighing) my portions.  It started when I was doing weight watchers.  I'll never forget the first time I measured a portion of breakfast cereal.  I was shocked, I was having about 3 times as much as I should have had.  It was an eye opener.  Now I only measure things like nut or things that I know I could easily get carried away with.  A little here, a little there, next thing you know half the bag is gone. 


I need to get back to the grocery and in the kitchen again.  Getting close to running out of my foods that I stocked up on for lunches and dinners. 


Dawn - it sounds like you are on a roll with your house chores.  I hope it all works out - it will be so nice to get it behind you and then you can relax and enjoy your accomplishments.


Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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The packets contain 4-5 portions but the entire packet can disappear in no time. I find it best to avoid them. Regardless of the portion size indicated I think there is always a drive to finish the packet. This becomes a problem when chip packets are the size f potato sacks and ice cream comes by the gallon. I wonder how many people are able to stick to the portion sizes?


Portion sizes are more about what number the producer is aiming for to be displayed on the label. So in the ice cream example, even if 90% of people eat 1.25 cups in a bowl, they're going to list a portion as 1/2 cup because otherwise the calories in a portion would be a higher number than the consumers want to face.


What would be your go to meal? My treat meal would involve steak and homemade chips (or fries). I call them chips because they’re thick cut to get that awesome crisp outside fluffy inside texture.

Treat meal meaning non-W30 compliant? Asking because wouldn't homemade chips be 'paleo-fying' and non-compliant?

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David - I just check WebMD on magnesium...  it states that studies are inconclusive for restless leg syndrome and leg cramps  <_<   some tests show that some people w/ rls, had high levels of magnesium while others did not.   and leg cramps - helped some - had no effect on others.   I think I will still try it - or do a lot of research on what foods contain magnesium.   Leafy greens are suppose to have it.



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Hello Day 23


My muscles feeling really sore after a great Kendo session last night and I’m looking forward to a soak in an Epsom salts bath when I get home.


Lisa, your daughters have done very well and a big part of that is the example you set and the inspiration you provided them. Enjoy the gifts. You could chalk them up as another NSV. In the longer term, having the support of your family will only help you and your daughter’s moves to healthier lives.


What a difference some nicer weather can make and well done on the scale victory too.


Kirkor, well done for exerting some strong self control and battling the internal resistance that has beaten so many in the past.


On the French fries, according to the Can I Have guide, homemade baked fries are allowed.


French Fries: Not if they’re commercially prepared or deep-fried

Ordering fries with your (no bun, no cheese) burger and green salad really misses the point of the Whole30. Fries are the epitome of “food with no brakes,” and anything deep-fried in vegetable oil is be default unhealthy. Make your own potatoes at home using coconut oil, duck fat, or ghee, and baking or roasting them in the oven instead of deep-frying them; or order them baked or mashed (no cheese, sour cream, or butter!) if dining out.


Welcome to the thread too.


Tina, thanks for the info. I’ll try it and see how it goes.


Hope you all have a great day.


We Can Do This!



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Oh MY... I just ate the 2 bites I made my daughter save for me, of my moms cake.  It was DE-LISH.   Very sweet though.....  I don't think I could have eaten more than the 2 bites I had.  So just like Melissa suggests - eat enough to satisfy.. enjoy it and then stop !

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David -  I have no idea what my go to meal would be -  actually - like you probably steak or a burger.  Will have to re-think what a go to meal would be.

How is your sleeping ?


I hope that all is good with everyone.


I got mcDonalds for my daughter and I used to LOVE their fries.  so I was starving while I was driving home, and the fries were SCREAMING at me to eat them, just one - it wouldn't hurt- just one.  Almost did - almost - they smelled so goooood.  The only reason I didn't was because of the pants I was wearing. Last week they fit just fine - this week they are loose.  My stomach could want those fries - but my brain overcame it !  Came home made a burger w/ onions/mushrooms and cauliflower.  I had more meat than veggies tonight.. but that is all I had ...


I still have not done any deliberate exercising.... Must change that.

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Hello Day 24


Hope you all had a great day.


Friday already, how did that happen?


I enjoyed a soak in some Epsom salts last night before bed, so much so that my wife thought I’d fell asleep in the bath. I had a really good sleep last night too.


I’m still trying to find a good sleeping position, still waking up on my belly in the mornings. I’ll keep working on that one, hopefully before any back pain arrives.


I’m going for dinner tonight with some friends. I checked ahead and I’ll be able to get a steak, all sauces are optional extras, so should be able to eat well without going off plan. What has concerned me a little is there were a number of poor reviews on trip advisor in the past few months I hope it is a nice meal.


It’s meal plan and shopping day today. Going to try and find some new vegetable centred recipes as I need to vary the vegetables I’m eating.


Tina. Well done for resisting the MacDonald’s temptation. I don’t know if I could have stopped with just one. I’m sure your loose pants will be happy you chose not to indulge.


How are you all doing?


I hope you have a great weekend.


We Can Do This!



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