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Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14


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Hi Whitney, welcome.  I just finished my first whole 30 and decided to do it again so today is my second day 1.  During my first whole 30 (about 1/2 in) my two daughters joined me.  I kept trying to suggest that they give it a try, I didn't think I had a chance of that happening but I think they got tired of me dropping hints and they are now on day 18.  I am very excited.  Your mom is very supportive so it will be helpful to have her especially since she has some experience with this.  Good luck.  You can do this, it really isn't that hard.  My daughters feel they same.  The are 28 and 30 years old and they weren't sure they could do it but it didn't take long for them to see it is worth it. 


I am really excited and ready for this go round.  I feel overly rejuvenated and pumped up.  I am so glad that I came across this forum, having so much interaction and support really helps me out. I look so forward to checking in every day.  Today was a little crazy, I had to take my little grand daughter in for her 18 month check up so my routing was off.  I did fine, just brought snacks and things in my purse.  This purse thing has been great, carrying around my stash with me has save me countless times.  Ladies I suggest you try it, if your purse is small then get a bigger one :lol:  My little sweetie weighed in at 20lbs today.  I thought back and 4 years ago when her brother was born I was 20 lbs lighter than when I started the challenge.  I have tried and tried in those 4 years to get control of my gain but haven't been able to until now.  That right there tells me what I was doing was not the best way.  This seems to work. 


Hope everyone had a good day.  Lisa

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Good Evening everyone

I tried to post from my phone this morning but it deleted the whole thing. I was too mad to try it again. I'm home on the laptop where I can now post. Everything went great with the food planning. Took some meatballs, squash, salad, hamburgers and eggs and some fruit.

We went fishing and YES David I caught most of the fish again. I even caught 2 fish at one time on the same lure. Never heard of anyone doing that before.


Looks like everyone is having a great day today. Lets keep it up.


David, how did the chiropractor go today? Was she able to help you?


Glad you finally got on Whitney. Everyone here is so great and so supportive. Any questions, just ask. Everyone will be glad to answer you.


Can everyone give her some ideas and links to recipes to get her started. She doesn't have the book or cookbooks to rely on for info so she'll need lots from us. Thanks everyone! She's just jumping into this head first.

Everyone have a great evening and will check in tomorrow.

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Good morning to everyone!


I hope everyone had a great day yesterday.


Lisa, another little bit off, well done.


I don’t think I’d be strong enough just now to reintroduce just one thing; I commend you on your self control. In the past I’ve been a victim of the give and inch and take a mile and don’t think I could limit myself the way you are.


When sleeping on my back I twist my lower body so my pelvis tilts up on one side and rotates also. It’s frustrating because my sleep quality has drastically improved over the last 40 days but I’m waking up in pain. I may try elevating my feet with pillows in bed to recreate the couch sleeping position in bed. I’d much rather sleep on my back or side.


We’ll all be here to support you and need your help over the next few weeks too. I hope the grandkids were great fun for you too.


I have my backpack with me most times with prepared food in it too. At the end of the work day I when I’m walking home I have the jangling sounds of cutlery and containers to keep me company.


Tina, I haven’t heard of Sleep Number beds and I’ll have a look into them. Individual controls… my daughter would have a ball with that. I remember playing with my grandmothers when I was a kid. The poor woman was in bed at the time.


Whitney, welcome to the group. There are a lot of great people in the group who will both inspire and inform. If you need any help let us know. My daughter will be 4 next month and she is great fun. In the past whole 30 I found out how much she likes bacon and like to help herself to the food on my plate. I may gradually convert her to paleo through some stealth tactics.


Dawn, I hope you had a great trip. You must be building a cache of fish recipes with all the success you’re having at the lake.


The chiropractor helped a lot. I had the usual neck and pelvis adjustments and feel really good afterwards. I’m always tired afterwards so went to be early too. Here’s hoping I can improve my sleep and show an improvement in my next visit.


Resources for starting the Whole 30


Whole 30 timeline – Everyone’s experience is different but this may prepare you for what’s to come.




Here’s a list of the Whole 30 downloads that are available.



This post clarifies a lot of the “Can I have” questions.




Nom Nom Paleo’s Whole 30 roundup – 30 recipes




I check this site regularly for some inspiration, they have a specific whole 30 approved section.




Hope everyone has a great day and a lovely weekend. I’ll try to get on over the weekend to check in.


We can do this!



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Good Morning Everyone

If I don't get on now, I might not get a chance later. Sitting here having my coffee thinking of all that needs to be done before the babyshower tomorrow. about 20 people will be here. Lots of cleaning left to do and then to decorate and food to help make. Not sure how much food I need to help with though. Suppose to have some help with the cleaning today if my neighbor kid can still come over. She loves to help me do things. She's such a life saver sometimes.


David, thanks for all the links. That should really help Whitney get started. I'm gonna check on some of them myself for recipes. Trying to keep everything hubby friendly too. Makes it easier than cooking two separate meals everyday.

As far as the fishing goes, we haven't kept many fish this year. They have all been to small. We only keep the adult size fish. Let the little ones grow up. lol Fishing this year has been real bad compared to past years. I use to catch 10-15 fish a day per person but this year I'm lucky to catch 1 a day that we can keep. My freezer is getting empty of fish. But yes I do have many recipes for fish.

Hope you get the sleeping problem sorted out, Not getting enough sleep will effect your weight loss too. Don't want that.


Everyone have a great day! Stay on track! This is so worth it.

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DAY 30 !!

 I am so anxious to see how my body ends up !!  and imagine we didn't DIET  !!!   who would have thunk ....that we could do all this with just eating the way we should have been eating all along!


I am going to start incorporating some exercise.  I have a glider - however my new apt is too small to set it up. I really do want to try yoga - I have a tape but I would like to learn the moves properly before I try on my own.


I can't wait to hear how your intro's will continue.  David - I'm with you - there is so much more that can be accomplished.


I wish I had a tape measure right now (but my daughter needed it - so it is at her house ) but I must wait until tomorrow.


M1   was cauliflower rice w/ gr. beef with a  coconut gravy

M2   was a big salad, chicken, boiled egg, cukes, peppers, tomato, cauliflower, avocado w/ olive balsamic vinegar.

M3   left over Italian meatballs w/ some sauce and acorn squash


I know that I HAVE TO be better prepared, or I could see myself slipping.   I made it 30 days - I can do this !   I think I am going to get a Costco membership so that I can get organic meats/butter and other things.  The prices at my local stores are so off the mark when it comes to prices.  If I'm gonna keep us eating organic/grassfeed - then I have to get better prices.


another NSV - my rings fit again !!  and not just in the morning !  they were not tight at all - all day long   whoot whoot !


I can't wait to go the doctor when I have my yearly and tell her what I accomplished WITHOUT pills.


Hope everyone has a great weekend. and Welcome Whitney and you too Lisa !

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Good evening,  Tina - congrats!  Doesn't it feel good.  After finishing up the first whole 30 it has me all built up and so ready to do the next one.  I am more excited than ever.  Today was day 2 and 32.  Doing fine, I actually hardly ever have problems with foods.  I am addicted to pasta (really bad) and I never dreamed I could go without it but I haven't had any problems with things like that. 


Tonight I had a big salad, I think I have every veggie in it that exist.  I now have another follower, my other half has joined in.  He started today.  I never thought that I would be getting my family to join in.  It makes it easier. 


Dawn - Too bad you're not here, you could fish till you are sick of it.  I live close to New Orleans and we have everything you can imagine here to catch or hunt.  We are very lucky to have our freezers filled with fish, crabs, venison, crawfish and wild hog.  What is really nice about it is that we know exactly what is in what we eat.  No hormones or steroids......my favorite is the sausage that we have processed.  We live in a area that is like the country even though we are not far from everything.  We have 17 acres (only 3 cleared) and we have a huge garden.  I love when I get to go outside with a bucket carry in all kinds of vegetables and make meals with them.


David - I do plan on sticking with the honey, it wasn't as exciting as I thought but it does make my coffee a little more enjoyable.  I will not add in any other stuff for now mostly because of the girls.  When I do I think the next thing will be about a tbsp. of blue cheese in my salads.  I love the flavor and it makes the dressing creamy.  After that I will add my honey muffins.  They are paleo coconut flour muffins.  the only thing in them not whole 30 is honey and in the whole batch, which makes 7 there is 2 tbsp.  I haven't thought much past that but I want to stick to this most of the time.


Well time for me to relax for a bit before I turn in.  Will check in tomorrow. 

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lisa - how cool for you that you have the opportunity to live where you do !  I love the country - used to live in Maine - in the middle of absolute no where.  LOVE it !


I love coconut flour muffins too... prior to w30 also add honey or agave syrup for sweetner, didn't go through much white sugar in our house.


Enjoy your coffee and honey !

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good morning !  or rather afternoon !


the last 2 nights I have had some food dreams - again !   the night before - I was scarfing down some chips - last night I dove into chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  My thought was "I'm done - I can eat what I want "  but I was terribly disappointed in myself (in my dream).  Then I woke up - and wheewww that was a close one.


Going to take my daughters and grandson out for dinner tonight - I was contemplating on having regular salad dressing ............  I am thinking - why should I ?  I do like vinegar and oil so I should be ok with that.


It is a dreary day here today - would be nice if I had the time - to cuddle in a nice blanket and take a nap !


Later peeps

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Day 3.  It is 6 o'clock in the evening and this is the first time I've had stopped all day.  Got up about 6 and chilled until around 8 and we got ready to run some errands.  We went to Costco, Walmart and Home Depot.  It is absolutely beautiful here and I had the itch to work in the yard.  I bought a few 6 packs of pansies and a few other things to plant.  We stocked up on all the food we will need for the week and when I got home I started cooking. 


I started off with making a crock pot of bbq pork.  Used country pork ribs, onions and pineapple with lots of seasoning.  I put in some of my home made ketchup and let it go.  Next I made stuffed mushroom with sausage, sweet potato, onions, garlic and spinach then I made mashed cauliflower with garlic, green onions and chicken broth.  Everything came out delicious and it's all actually all for our family Sunday dinner.  I got another crock pot going with wild pig ribs and after that I called it quits in the kitchen.  I went out and worked in my front flower bed and now I'm done.  I feel so fully of energy I don't know what to do with myself. 


Tomorrow morning I'll work at the church nursery and I will have the rest of the day to clean, get ready for Monday and have the kids come over.  I watch Paradise, a masterpiece theater presentation so I'll have quiet time tomorrow night. 


I hope everyone had a nice day today.  Our weather has finally changed from out hot, humid days to a beautiful cool, breezy day.  That alone is enough to energize me.  I hope it last.

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Physical changes are secondary to how I feel !  I feel wonderful. !! plain and simple ~ wonderful.  I have been looking for solutions for my minor ailments - bloating, swelling, joint pain, plantar fasciitis, Charlie horses.  Without PILLS !


I have gone 30 days without using Aleve, ibuprofen, or  diclofenac.   According to It starts with Food... these can all lead to leaky gut.   I never used to go a day without some sort of pill.  I started w/ 75mg diclofenac, and then that didn't work - so that was doubled.  My migraines didn't respond to 1 or 2 aleve..  took 4.


I did have some headaches this past 30 days, but 2 Tylenol - and they were gone.  That is HUGE !!


The purpose of this is to make us aware of what goes in your mouth.  I feel so empowered to make the right choices for my body.  I know I can eat out - and make the right choices.  I do wish that olive oil and balsamic vinegar were on more menus for dressing options.


I am Thankful that I learned about all extra sugar - in EVERYTHING !   I am Thankful that not having the extra sugar - has caused my organs - to use the fat that I have reserved !  Instead of storing more !


I have lost 1" from all measured body parts !!  however my chest I lost 2"  <_<   Go Figure - the one place I wouldn't mind keeping 'fat' !

I had to go get some new pants for work - and actually fit into 1 size smaller than I did 30 days ago.

I will weigh myself tomorrow morning.  I will post tomorrow  !! :D

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Hi everyone,  My Sunday dinner was delicious and I was shocked, one of my girls is kind of picky about eating and she thought it was great.  I had some extra time today and I decided to try to make some sweet potato sliders.  Oh my - they were delicious.  I looked at some recipes but I am one of those people that can't follow a recipe.  After looking at about 3 or 4 different ones I went in the kitchen and came up with my own.  I can't wait to make another batch of these and next time I am making twice as many or more. 


My girls are soooo excited.  One of them showed me her belt buckle today, it's been 21 days and she has gone down 2 holes.  The other one said before she could barely button her jeans.  Now not only can she button them easily, she can overlap the cloth past the button. 


Tina like you, I feel so good.  I still can't believe how much energy I have.  I didn't have any health issues and I was afraid I wouldn't see much as far as results but I just feel great.  I think just completing the challenge gave me a boost of confidence.  I don't think I am making any changes as far as getting off of eating this way any time soon. 


Hi Sheena,  glad to have you join in.  This is well worth the efforts and I look forward to hearing about your journey.


Well off to bed.  5:30 comes quickly. 

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Hello Day 13 (43)


Sorry I didn’t get on over the weekend, it got a little too busy again.


Whitney, I found this link which may be a great help. A lot of the guys in this group and the previous thread loved Well Fed 1 and 2. This is a list of the recipes from the Well Fed Author’s website. It may give you some great recipe ideas and the recipes which aren’t suitable for whole 30 are marked with an asterisk.




Dawn, I hope you’re Baby Shower went well. My wife was at one this weekend too and had a great time, she’s now planning one for her cousin too.


I bought a wedge shaped pillows for my feet and have been using it he past few nights. I’m now sleeping on my side or my back and have had a few great nights sleep. Now back pain at all. I replicated the couch sleeping position in my bed and it seems to be working for now.


Sounds like a nice, sustainable way to fish and sounds like you really enjoy it.


Keep up the great work.


Tina, congratulations on completing your Whole 30. You must feel awesome now. Great results with your measurements! The anticipation must have been killing you.


You’ve had so many victories over the past 30 days and you should be proud of them. It’s great to go beyond dieting to nourishing our bodies and seeing greater changes than just reduced waistlines and lower numbers on scales, but they’re pretty awesome too.


The food dreams act as reminder that temptation is, and always will be, there. You have to stay strong and don’t feel guilty about every thought that pops into your head. I’ve not had any food related dreams; I was talking to my wife about how I don’t remember having a dream for a long time.


It’s great that you’re feeling better without the need for pills. It’s become too easy to just pop some tablets these days however we’ve been treating the problem rather than the symptoms. A very big NSV for you.


Lisa, New Orleans sounds amazing and I’d love to visit some day. The local produce sounds amazing. All that open space must to great for getting away from the busyness of everyday life.


You’ve been an inspiration to your daughters and now your husband. Well done, the meals you’ve been preparing have clearly been too delicious to pass up.


I cooked some BBQ pork too during my Sunday cookout. I cooked up some lamb Rogan Josh from Well Fed too, I’m going to have it with some cauliflower rice tonight.

I felt a big jump in my energy levels this week too. It may have something to do with me becoming more active also.


Enjoy the abundant energy and let us know what you’re getting up to.


Sheena, welcome to the group. Do you have a planned start date? With Whitney just joining us too, we posted a bunch of links that may come in handy as you’re starting out.


We all did it, you can too. We’ll be there with you too.


Hope you all have a wonderful day.


We Can Do This!



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DDDDRRRRUUUUMMM  ROLL PLEASE ! ~  I have lost 11 lbs !!   whoot whoot.  Might just be water weight - but it is 11 lbs of water weight !   and I have been trying to accomplish losing water weight for a year  and have done it - eating healthy and without PILLS !!


I'm so stoked !   I can't wait to see what the next 30 days have in store for me !

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Yeah Tina!  so exciting.  There is no way that is water weight.  Maybe the first 3 lbs or so might be but not 11.  You did so good. Watch out if it's anything like what happened to me now there is going to be no stopping you.  I find this second go round much easier (now granted I'm only on day five).  I am much more confidant  in the kitchen and coming up will all kinds of dishes to make.  I am loving this.


David - so glad you are sleeping better.  I can't imagine not being able to sleep.  A day or two here and there is one thing but having to deal with it all the time has to take a toll on everything in life.  I think I have read that you don't dream unless you get into a deeper level of sleep.  My brother in law had surgery for sleep apnea, snoring....he had not dreamed in years and as he slept better after surgery he began to dream again.


Hope everyone has a great day.

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Hi Thanks for the welcome.  My start Date will be Oct. 31.  Reason I put it out so far is that my deer hunt started yesterday and I dont want to try to start new program while I am hunting.  Now if I get my deer then I will start earlier.  I am reading things and trying to get a handle on everything.


Tina congrats on the lose.

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Hello Day 14 (44)


How is everyone doing today?


Tina, you’re weight loss was great. It’ll make a real difference to you with all the NSVs you’ve had in the last 30 days. As Lisa says, this is just the beginning and there will be no stopping you.


Lisa, I’ll need to have a look into that. I feel like I’m sleeping a lot better than I did pre whole 30. When I do go to bed, I fall asleep quickly and I’m dead to the world until I wake up. I don’t remember dreaming however my main concern has been my sleeping position which can cause neck and back pain over time.


It’s definitely something I need to keep working on.


Sheena, The deer hunt sounds interesting, what does that involve? Will you be looking for some whole 30 recipes for deer in November?


We do have some hunter gatherers in the group. The time out in nature must be refreshing. I need to get more time out in nature. I’m currently sitting in an office on a petrochemicals complex, its 7 am and the sky is orange from the flaring currently going on. Not exactly a natural environment but it’ll have to do for now.


Hope everyone has a great day.


We Can Do This!



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Hello day 15


How is everyone doing today? I hope you had a good day yesterday and are looking forward to another great day today.


Tried the Rogan Josh I’d made last night with some cauliflower rice. It tasted nice but next time I’ll use a little less pepper initially before searing the lamb.


Has anyone stumbled across any new recipes?


We Can Do This!



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Good morning, hope everyone is doing well.  I've been trying out some new dishes and it has been a welcomed change.  I started to look at recipes and reading through them and then basically make them but with changes that I think I would prefer. 


David - Do you ever look on pinterest?  I have gotten some good ideas from there.  Last night we had sirloin kabobs with mushrooms, onions, red pepper and zucchini.  It had a marinade that it sat in for the day and then we grilled it. It was very good.  The sweet potato slider that I made were to die for and then I did a spaghetti squash casserole with onions, peppers, diced tomatoes and ground beef.  I will send you notes on how I made them if you want.


I am on day 7 and my girls are on day 24.  I think they plan to continue on but both of them want a "cheat meal" when they hit 30.  I hope they keep going. 


Hope you all have a good day. 

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Hello day 16

Hope you are all having a great day.

I took the say off work to wait in for a washing machine repair man. Feeling a bit bloated today and don't gave much of an appetite. I'll still eat to plan but smaller portions.

Lisa, I've had a look on Pinterest before but had to navigate a lot of non compliant whole 30 tagged recipes. If you could link any good boards that would be great. You and your girls are doing great, the second time round is much better I feel because you aren't going through the same adjustments.

Tina,, work firewalls can be frustrating at times. I hope you are doing well and manage to check in later.

How are the New Mexico girls getting on?

Hope you have a great day.

We Can Do This


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Hey everyone

Still here. Not doing so good. Fighting with the county government over our old house. It's a mobile home and they want it off our property in 30 days. We just started moving into our new one in June and I still have some stuff to take to the thrift store. Then I have some drywall to repair and painting to do. We still need to sell it too. Having to do all this work in such a short time gives me no time to do my cooking. I'm so stressed right now. On top of it I'm craving sugar and carbohydrates. Life just really sucks right now. Had a headache yesterday and again today. Now I have a pain in my butt. Lol.

I'll try to check in tomorrow. Wish me luck. I need it.

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