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Gained Weight on Whole30?


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So I just completed my Whole30 yesterday.  I woke up this morning and go to weigh myself (for the first time in 30 days) and take my measurements....and.....I gained 9LBS? Yes, I know that weight loss is not the take away from this program.  I did lose inches (like 1 or 1/2 of one here and there).  No, I did not cheat one bit.  I was super compliant the entire 30 days.  While doing Whole 30 I also partly incorporated the I Quit Sugar Program (because of my massive sugar addiction) and cut out all fruits as well these past 30 days.  I feel amazing and I actually am extending my Whole 30 to Whole 60, but I am just wondering... 9LBS in 30 days? Has anyone else had this happen? I've searched all day and can't find any information so any help on this topic would be appreciated!

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Guest Andria

Unfortunately, it is pretty unlikely to have gained much more than a couple pounds of muscle in one month and that would be with heavy lifting and dependent on whether you are male or female (women gain maybe half as much muscle as men with similar training).  The GOOD news, however, is that it would also be unlikely for you to have gained 9 lbs of fat (fat gain being much easier than muscle gain) in one month.  There is a lot more to the human body than fat and muscle! You probably increased bone and organ density, especially if you were coming from a very nutrient poor diet.  Also, your hydration levels may increased.  This is why the scale weight is very deceptive.  Good for you for taking measurements; that is what you want to use to gauge your progress - in addition, of course, to the health benefits you received. ;)

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