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Lunch (mayo related) Crisis

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Hi All,

This is my first post, and my 2nd day on Whole30.  Let me give a tad bit of background info.  I am a weird eater.  For example, I have never had a shrimp in my life.  Not because I don't like the taste (remember, I've never tried it), not because I haven't been offered $100 to "JUST EAT IT," but more so because that one time when I took a bite of fried shrimp and saw the exposed end (meaning I have shrimp in my mouth) I physically couldn't chew.  I ended up filling my mouth with saliva until it reached the point that I gagged it out.  I am weird. 


So this story only bring me to my point.  Homemade mayo.  I CANNOT get over the fact that I have raw egg in my mouth, thus leading to gagging on the food.  I tried using it in ranch, in chicken salad, etc.  I cannot do it.  I even thought of giving up on the whole 30 because of it.  My only uses for it would be to bind egg, chicken, or tuna salad together.  So here I am at work, with nothing for lunch because I don't have anything to bring.  I was banking on the salads I mentioned above on a bed of lettuce.  Help!  What can I do?!  I scour Instagram and see beautiful meals, but that is not reasonable for me.  I rarely cook (up until Sunday) and it is only for myself.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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Mayo isn't all there is in life (although I would be very sad if I couldn't eat it).  The Whole30 is about ALL the delicious food....not just the mayo.


If you're looking for a fat to add to your meals or to change up flavours, here's a couple ideas.  Tessemae dressings mixed into canned salmon/tuna is great!  Obv also as salad dressing. 


My new favourite thing right now is Alton Brown's Tapenade recipe (google: Alton Brown Tapenade). I've been tossing hot cooked veggies in it (roasted brussel sprouts) and putting it on scotch eggs and eating it with a spoon! It's a big flavour profile but seems to go with so much!


Branch out past the mayo, my friend!  Don't quit!

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Is mayo the only thing causing you a problem right now? There's no reason at all that you have to have it. Make a salad out of just plain tuna, whatever vegetables you have and dress it with olive oil and vinegar. Top a burger with (compliant) salsa or a relish or something. There are tons of other dip/sauce options available. A lot of people love mayo and it's easy to make, so it's a popular option, but it's by far not the only option.

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Thank you both for your advice.  Yes I would would to get Tessemae, however something I forgot to mention is I live on Oahu, so my options are extremely limited.  Tessemae is not available in our Whole foods, and shipping rates to get it here are over $100. :(  I will keep searching though!


I guess I misrepresented my question.  I am looking for things to replace my lunch while I am at work.  Since I was banking on tuna salad, egg salad, and chicken salad, salads - I am now at a loss for what to do.   Perhaps once I am in further, I will have leftover meats to bring.  Maybe that's all that needs to happen.

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All problems, solved right here  :)


Very simple answer - just cook the eggs.

I know people plenty of people who cook their mayo.

Here are some recipes for cooked mayo - you could adapt the W30 version to these

(obvi you would leave out sugar):





If cooking the eggs doesn't take your fancy, I do the Auto Immune Protocol - no eggs, so I make eggless mayo all the time. 


Have a look at the thread below for easy and great  egg-free mayo recipes and other great condiments. 

I use the mayo recipes found on there for everything - chicken, tuna salad, etc etc. 


You can also use regular compliant homemade dressings on your salads of course. 




As for other lunches - cook up some meats in your slow cooker, or oven and bring them for lunch with some roasted or cooked veggies, or a salad. 

See Nom Nom Paleo's blog or The Clothes Make the Girl for some great ideas. 

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Eggless mayo, mashed avocado, mustard, or some other compliant sauce would all work for binding. There are plenty of other things to bring for lunch and you'll have to get used to cooking on the W30! I made chili the other night and it has lasted me a long time and was awesome for lunch today at work. Do you have a microwave at work? 

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