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Started Today!


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HI Everyone,


So today I started the program and I went grocery shopping. Holy schmolies! The amount I spent was SCARY.  I'm posting things to my blog to keep accountable and I announced it on Facebook. It's real! Uffda.


Just finished breakfast and I'm SO FULL. So that's good. :) I'm frexcited and nervous. And glad to start this before January 1st so that I can get a jumpstart. Wish me luck! It's so good to meet everyone here.



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Congrats on getting started. I started the Whole 30 on June 10, 2011....and it has changed how I feel, how I look, my energy, my health and even my husband (the reluctant partaker) has enjoyed the benefits. Yep...those first few grocery bills are a little shocking...but it gets better. You were probably stocking up on staples (like good olive oil, etc); once you get past this intro time, the grocery bills get back in line especially because you learn to plan and prepare better. But give yourself a few weeks to adjust. Chances are you will do a strict Whole 30 for 30 days and then you will keep going (with maybe a special meal every once in a while). Three and a half years later, I am at a good weight (lost 45 pounds initially over 8 months, but have settled in at 35 less than when I started). I am starting a strict Whole 30 today because I wasn't disciplined over the holidays....so we are in it together over the next 30 days. Best to you...and know there is a whole community pulling for you. My motto about Paleo: Plan, prepare, and keep a Paleo snack in your purse!

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I started just one day before you, so I'd like to jump on your inspiration bandwagon if that's OK. I've been down this road before without completing the 30 days. I rationalized my way out of it because I was doing quite a bit of bike racing at the time, and had sugary 'energy' foods and drinks when racing. This time I'm not, so plan to get the full experience.

Some go-to foods for me:

-Cut up veggies all ready for a stir fry at any time. I throw in meat of any variety, or turn it into a frittata with egg.

-Desert is almost always a mushed up banana sprinkled with berries, nuts or seeds, or coconut and cocoa powder, or finely cut dried fruit.

Tricky things:

- It's easy to get in the habit of eating dried fruit and nuts by the handful in replacement of other snacks. They aren't great in large quantities, so if you're hungry have real food.

- Make sure you have enough fat. As soon as I add oils, avocado, eggs and meat, I seem to stay full and have better energy.

It takes significant time to shop and prep. Book it in your calendar like any other task and it will happen!


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Hi Ginny,


You sound like you're totally in go-mode! :)


The one thing I would mention is that because part of the Whole30 is changing your relationship with food, we discourage "dessert".  If you want to eat fruit, it should be eaten with your meal and not on its own.  The banana, coconut, cocoa powder item you note above is a pretty major sugar-bomb (and, I think, a SWYPO creation), even though it is technically approved ingredients. For best results I would recommend you eat a large enough meal with protein, fat and carbohydrates that you don't feel the physical/hunger need to add dessert.  Feeling the emotional or mental "need" is another story and one of the harder aspects of charging through the Whole30 and changing your relationship with food.


And you're totally right on the dried fruit and nuts.  Dried fruit is super easy to overeat and nuts are also food without brakes but one that can be really hard, digestively, for some people.

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