WWYD?? I Need Help - Corporate Wellness Challenge


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So my awesome company does this ever year, and every year I participate in it-- the annual W8 Challenge-- loose 8 pounds in 8 weeks and enter to win $100. 


Problem is, I will need to get weighed. The trainers at the gym are in charge of this, and I told my trainer that I would talk to the forum about this first, and then make a decision; I am thinking that if I have him weigh me and NOT tell me what it is, and I keep my eyes closed, that I can enter and NOT be breaking the rules for "no weighing" "no scales" during my Whole30- I did let him know that's one of my rules for the 30 days is to not weigh myself. So he thought it might be ok if we do it this way, but I wanted to check with you all and see what you would do....The 8 weeks will be over AFTER my whole30 is over, but i intend to continue this way of life long after my initial Whole30 is over, but I will be able to weigh myself at least! :) 


What would you do?

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