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tulipgirl6's feb2015 post whole30


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FBG 105


M1: big bowl of kale 1/2 tomato homemade "ranch" dressing 4 eggs [FETA CHEESE] [1 cup whole milk latte] 1 date, 8 cashews


My FBG does not seem to reflect what I'm eating.  I am going to try to check it every morning, and at night occasionally.  My Dr. asked me to see if it trends upwards at the end of the day.  The thing is I need to lose more weight for it to come down but can't get past the -60 pound mark!

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I have not seen or followed threads where everyone keeps telling you to have starchy carbs.  But I can tell you that if anyone here is not feeling well, or is complaining of being low on energy, that is the recommendation that is going to be given.  Have you complained of these things?  Is this how you are feeling?


No one here is telling me to eat starchy carbs, because I feel GREAT without them.  If I were asking questions like "Why am I not feeling well?" or "Why is my energy low?" or "Why am I tired all the time?"  -- that is the answer I would probably get:  Eat more carbs.


You have to decide if you want to be a fat burner or a sugar burner.  What do you want your main source of energy to be?  No one can make that decision for you.  I won't give any further advice until I know what path you are choosing to go down.  Because it is a choice, and it is one that has to be made consciously.  

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That is a great question!  I'm not sure which I want to be.  At this exact point I want to lose 20 pounds, sorry to say that is one of my main goals.  I want to reduce more inches around my stomach.  I also want to feel great, and not sure which foods will offer that to me.  


And you are right, it was a response to not feeling great, that I was told to eat starchy carbs, but maybe I don't eat them, because they don't make me feel great?  


Which is more efficient?  fat burner or sugar burner?  I want to feel what it's like to be in ketosis at some point.  I am so curious.  I didn't think you can do it in a healthy way, but I am seeing that it is possible.  


I will do more reading.

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The number one mistake that people make when eating low-carb is not eating enough fat to make up for it.  Fact.


Low-carb + low-fat is not a recipe for having amazing amounts of energy.  Or very much energy at all.


Are you still not feeling well?  


What stands out to me so far is that milk, dates, and cashews are not going to do anything good for your blood sugar regulation.  

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In order to lose your 20 lbs you need to eat enough so you don't starve your body. From what I see, you are counting cashews, dates, and God knows what else. I personally find that to be the wrong approach. Just follow the template, and eat the stuff you can't live without if you have to. It took me some time to trust myself with this program, and my doctor is happy with the -50 lbs on the scale, I am thrilled living without any aches.

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M2:  kale / broccoli slaw, ranch dressing, 1 TSP parmesan cheese, 1 small beet, ground fish, 1/2 tomato


feeling better;  I think I was extra anxious the other week.  I'm pretty sure I'm eating enough, because I'm not hungry.  


what's wrong with cashews?  I switched to cashews this month because they are on melissa's preferred list of nuts along with macadamias and hazelnuts.  


as for the milk:  I am in a controlled environment today so thought I'd try a cup; it's a real rarity for me but did not actually seem to bother me.....


Anyway, as much as I hated logging my foods previously, it's very tedious to count macros and calories, this is the amount of info that will be useful to me if I want to come back to it later.  It's funny if I put down tomatoes ppl will come down on me and say tomatoes are high in sugar.... but I'm pretty sure 1/2 tomato is OK..... back later; thanks everyone!

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what's wrong with cashews?


Cashews have the highest carb content of any of the nuts and seeds (next to chestnuts), yet they have the least fiber.  What that means, is that of ALL the nuts and seeds there are to choose from -- cashews have the MOST potential to raise your blood sugar.




They are also notorious for being contaminated with mold in their cracks.  Just a little added bonus.   ;)

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Which is more efficient?  fat burner or sugar burner?

Which of these two scenarios do you prefer?


1)  Your car runs out of gas and you pull off to the side of the road.  You now have to figure out a way to get some gas so that you can keep going.


2)  Your car runs out of gas and you don't have to pull off to the side of the road, because you have another fuel tank and it automatically switches over for you.


Why do people get shaky and need to eat something right now...  When they have plenty of fat in reserve?  I mean, that is WHY we store fat.  For future use.  


A ketogenic way of eating simply means that your body is easily able to use fat for fuel.  Whether that is fat from your diet, or fat from your fat cells.

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Tulip - do you eat meat?   Is fish something new you've added.   Canned fish can be a struggle.   


That leaves nuts and tomatoes.     


 As a prediabetic, you must know that eventually the pancreas won't handle these kinds of snacks for meals.


 If we eat snacks instead of meals, we may win the weight battle but lose the war.


Eggs are not enough for protein.  Nuts are not protein.  They're only fats and there are better ones to be had than nuts. 

It would be great if you could try to get your hands on some fish that is not canned.   You could survive nicely on fish but it would have to be at least twice aday.    I don't know when you've had meats on your menu but it would be healing if you would have a grilled steak, burger, chop, roast beef dinner.  


 There are ways to work around food aversions and deeply felt principles.    When we dial food down too tightly the body goes into survival mode.


When the body goes into survival mode, more weight will not come off.   The body's  #1 concern is preserving the heart muscle so that it will continue beating.

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FBG:  115 / 109 / 106 / and I didn't do a reading today.


on cashews:  page 175 of the book lists CASHEWS as one of 3 best choices of nuts; next time I'm chatting with Melissa I'll ask her why she didn't mention all the problems with cashews;


re: eggs:  there's a demo on how many eggs = a protein choice and it says 4!  what's wrong with eggs anyway? I eat them in the morning because I enjoy them.


I don't know why you're assuming that I'm not eating any meat but am eating a big bowl of nuts.  I put down the # of them because it's a little annoying to have people assume stuff, but then I get random assumptions anyway.  


4 hazelnuts with my lunch is not the equivalent of eating nuts for lunch.  And  I am not sure what's wrong with tomatoes but not potatoes.  Or where this idea of only eating canned fish is coming from? Where do you even see canned fish over here?  And what magical nuts are we talking about that are good?


The only thing I do not eat is PORK.  I'm sure we can survive without it.  And I said I prefer my veggies raw and crunchy instead of cooked and mushy. 


Dates, cashews, tomatoes, and also potato chips don't spike my blood sugar.  I've tested it!


I assure you I am not eating too little.  I would be hungry with a small plate of food and I'm not hungry and I have a big plate full of food.


Enough with my ranting and venting.

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