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I am on Day #25.  I do not have a big sweet tooth, and although I snack on baked goods or other such treats when they are at meetings, social events, or at the office, I do not purchase them for home, and don't  crave them.  My sugar dragon is alcohol, especially wine.  The main foods I miss and crave are cheese, chips and salsa, french fries, coffee with steamed milk, cheeseburgers. I don't have weight to loose, or problematic ailments or allergies.  I just want to sleep better, have more constant energy and perform better at work and when I run.  


I have really wanted a drink most of my Whole30.....my triggers for this are ease in social situations, relaxing when I get home from work, and helping me get relaxed enough to sleep.  I love drinking wine when I cook and pairing wine with food.  


I am in the middle of my highest mileage week ever, and some of the coldest weather we have had here.  I finished an 8 mile run and wanted to stay and socialize with the group, and it was Tijuana Flats, so not a large menu. They did have a salad, but I had one for lunch and for dinner last night. I ate my post workout 1/2 sweet potato, but had no readily available protein.   I had corn chips and guac............it tasted delicious.........I washed it down with 2 beers, which also tasted wonderful.  I felt so horribly guilty, but enjoyed the time with friends.  I came home and had a burger patty with spinach and tomato.  


I'm not sure what to do now?


I'm going to finish out the next 5 days, and plan to stay clean until my 100 miler 3/28, but maybe not quite as strict. 


I am so disappointed in  myself, and concerned that I could not make it 30 days without an alcoholic drink.  


I plan to try another Whole30 after my 100 miler in March.  


I have learned so much this month.  I have tried so many new foods, cooked more than usual, really enjoyed so many real and balance meals.  I feel great after some effort, and I'm working on fueling my long runs better.I continue to look at food as fuel more often, when it is used for my workouts and races, but I also try to make some good tasting things for a special meal.   I hope I get my GI issues figured out for the upper miles of my run.


I still have a lot of work to do, especially figuring out how to enjoy a special meal without wine. I just feel wine is part of food and enjoying food.  


I regret that I didn't make it, but have no regrets that I have undertaken this search for better health.  


We will see what happens.  This is not the end of my Whole9 lifestyle.



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I firmly believe that beating yourself up over food/drink consumed is doing you more harm than drinking that beer (unless you have a diagnosis which you don't I assume). We are into improving eating habits (it's a process not an instant fix!) vs guilt tripping over food choices. Whole30 is not a contest, it's a self experiment. You learn a lot about your behavior/eating patterns/energy management etc. You also learn about the areas you think need some work. You seem to found something you really want to focus on in the future. 25 days is solid, stop stressing out. You did your best, you got some data, then you made a choice to eat something that is not on a program. So basically, the only thing you have "robbed yourself of" (I hope you are not thinking in such dramatic terms) is a check mark in front of "I did a whole30". You still got health benefits, you got a ton of information to reflect upon and you can complete a whole30 any time you choose to. Breath in, breath out, decide what you will be best for yourself and do it. 

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If I were you I would be more worried that I can't go a month without alcohol, or the craving of it, than I would completing a nutritional reset.  "Ease in social situations," "relaxing," helping you relax "enough for sleep" are what jumped off the page to me, not anything to do with your Whole30 plan.


I say that in the most benign way possible as just something to think about.



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I admire your motivation to run 8 miles... How do you motivate yourself? Why do you run so much? You said you got no weight to lose, so I dare asking, are you running away from something?

In my book, anybody who finds the motivation to train and run like you do can finish a whole 30. Maybe you can use the same strategy than you do for running.

Get back on the horse, and try again!... We are here to help

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I agree with Hutlifr and have no doubts that you can do this Regina! Try again after the 100 miler when your willpower won't be split between the training and the nutritional challenge. I speak from experience!


My weekend long runs (up to only 40 miles right now) are going great, and sometimes when I'm out there I wonder if you're running too! Hope your training and racing goes great. Please let me know how the race goes!


And Hutlifr -- why do we run so much?! There's a joke in running that if you have to ask, you'll never understand  ;)  Most of us aren't running from anything, we are running for it. The journey, the finish line, the social aspect, the challenge, the personal thrill of accomplishing something you've never done before. 

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