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Can I have costco rotisserie chicken, spam and turkey?


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I am new to whole 30. I just ordered the book on Friday, it'll get here on Tuesday or Wednesday and I want to get start on Monday. I've read through the list of "can I have____" but I still have a list of foods that I want to ask specifically. I'll put the link of the food that I listed below so you know exactly what I'm asking.


1)costco rotisserie chicken

2) Spam http://www2.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?prodid=11228902&whse=BD_827&topnav=bd

3) turkey - http://www2.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?prodid=11196432&whse=BD_115&topnav=bd (it has like 2g of sugar in the nutrition fact so is this a completely NO? If so, what brand can I replace it with?)

4) Sushi, I work at a sushi restaurant so when Im on break can I order sashimi and eat it w/wasabi & soy sauce? Obviously no rice, but we had a roll that we wrapped it with cucumber if that's okay?

5) Fruits, I only see "some fruits" but I'm not sure what can I have exactly? I'll list a few of my favorite fruits? Strawberry, banana, apple, orange, watermelon, grape (green or purple), honeydew, cantaloupe

6) What kind of oil can I have? Please give me a brand or link?

7) what kind of salad dressing can I have? Brand or link please?

8) Can I have soy sauce? If not, gluten free soy sauce then?

9) what can I eat if i'm having a sweet tooth?

10) Cant have any gum at all? Gum actually help suppress my appetite though

11) turkey bacon? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Oscar-Mayer-Lower-Sodium-Turkey-Bacon-with-Sea-Salt-11.5-oz/20897720


Sorry for this long list of questions, and I apologize if someone asked this already. I'll probably know more when I get my book but I want to get start on Monday so I'll do my grocery shopping today (Sunday) to get started on these basic ingredients and foods.


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the whole30 asks you to read the labels on packaged food and figure this out for yourself--not to be mean, but for two other important reasons: that way you can learn to do it on your own, and, manufactures and brands change ingredients lists over time and sometimes from one region to the next....so...after this please try to to give it a go and come back to ask if you tried and couldn't figure it out on your own.


Looking at the ingredients in "SPAM classic" I see sugar, so that would not be permitted.


The turkey breast has both corn starch and carrageenan, so also not ok on the whole30.


You can have sashimi and cucumber but soy sauce has soy, so that is not permitted.


Pretty much any fruit is ok, but best result come from following the meal template and limiting fruit to one or two servings with meals per day, no snacking.


There are several but here is a start (see above re: specific brands): Coconut oil or ghee for high heat cooking, olive, macadamia nut or avocado oil for cold preparations


make your own salad dressing. Certain varieties of Tessamaes are compliant.


no soy sauce. no gluten free soy sauce (this still has soy, just not wheat). Some people use coconut aminos as a sub. Braggs aminos have soy, so those do not work as a substitution.


eat meat, vegetables and good fats always, and especially when craving sweets.


no gum. all gum is sweetened, and chewing gum causes the body to produce digestive enzymes when not actually digesting.


no. that turkey bacon is not permitted. It contains sugar, dextrose (also a form of sugar) and soy.



You would probably benefit a lot from reading the materials on the whole30 website. Start here: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/



good luck!

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Thank you so much for replying everyone!! I wont get my book until Tuesday or Wednesday, is there anything I can get from my local grocery store to get started? What do you guy use to cook your meals? I used soy sauce and siracha on pretty much all my food, since I cant have those anymore, what can I replace it with? Salt taste too plain for me ):

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The things that you can get from your local grocery store includes unprocessed animal protein (chicken, beef, pork, turkey, fish), all fresh veggies except corn or beans and all good fats, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil etc (read the ingredients of any packaged item including oils).

The number of spices that you can use beyond soy sauce and sriracha are immense. Seriously. Branch out and go check out the spice section of your grocery store. As always, read your labels to ensure no noncompliant ingredients are in your spices but otherwise, go nuts.

Some recipes that you might like to try that include different ethnic flavours without being too difficult can be found at The Clothes Make The Girl. You could also probably benefit from purchasing the Well Fed or Well Fed 2 cookbooks by tthe same person.

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