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Elise Whole30 & dragging husband along!!


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Hi I'm Elise (From Central Coast, Australia)

Day#3 today :)

Honestly I feel great because I started living Paleo 6 weeks ago (before hearing about the Whole30) & I think I went through all the hell then.

In fact when I look back at my diary, on day 3 of living paleo I wrote:

I'm soooo tired.. I had 3 coffee's today just to make it through work.

Am I supposed to be this dizzy? I have to take a few seconds to steady myself after standing up!

Naturally my dizzy spells sent me on a google expedition for an explanation.. I added more salt & hit the water hard. (It didn't improve by the way, until Day 6)

Thankfully this Day#3 is easy.. I am however a little headachy.. not too bad.

I am having loads of fun in the kitchen!

I have dragged my husband along for the ride this time. He was having all kinds of stomach upsets & continual headaches & general sookiness so I baited him into the challenge :P

He is going through the hard/sleepy/headachy day 3 but he's optimistic. The only difficulty I can foresee is he is totally reliant on me to prepare all his meals & tell him what he can have.

So I have to prepare everything ahead of time & really plan.. No more tuna & tomato lunches if I didn't get time to pack that morning! Plus I'm trying to make really appealing food to make it as easy as possible for him. Of course I reap the benefit of this also.

I have 4 other family members doing it at the same time so I have lots of support!

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First..I love your Avitar. A horse kissing your cheek. So cute. Big horse person here.

I love that you dragged your husband along, but do you think it's time for him to maybe help out on all of this food stuff? It can be pretty overwhelming. Glad he's not opposed to it that is for sure!

Packing lunches the night before is key. AND..nothing wrong with tuna, mayo and tomato lunches..wrapped in collard green leaves or butter lettuce leaves. Homemade mayo..totally the key. See our resident Mayo Whisperer's (Johnny's) method.

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Thanks! That is my LEO. He is the love of my life!! (My husband knows his place!) hehehe

If you look closely.. he is actually licking right up the side of my face. He is very affectionate & slobbers all over you. We actually think he's got more K9 traits than horse, you can't leave your boots outside because he'll pick them up & chew on them!

i hope that after the first week he'll get the hang of it. I've given him a few things to read.. baby steps. He is a chocolate/carb/sugar addict so I'm impressed he's going strong after 3 days.

I made my first ever home made mayo on the weekend. It is AMAZING!! I never made it before because I thought home made mayo was too fattening.. Agh.. how far I have come!

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I saw the slobber to your face immediately. That's what made me like him right off the bat. :) Got my first horse in 8th grade. It was horse joy after that.

Yep..I had trouble with mayo. I had to keep fixing it with extra yolks, but now that I have it down, there's not much better. I use it a lot. I defrost shrimp..make the avocado dressing in the book and then stir it into the shrimp with avocado chunks and cherry tomato halves. I plop it into butter lettuce leaves. Heaven.

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OOH that sounds delicious. I'll add that to my long list of meals to make this month! Although I'll use prawns..lol (little aussie joke for you!)

Oh..see..I'm not one of the cool kids..I don't get that joke. :wacko: By the way, when I said chunks of avo in that recipe, I meant to say chunks of cucumbers.

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My husband is along with me, Day 27, and I am still packing his lunches, making his meals,etc. I am home full time,so it's not a huge deal. He is, however, well versed on what he would eat when he goes out for meetings,etc. He has had to really think about this, and keep himself in check. It's working, though, and he cares a lot more than I would have thought. I think he doesn't want to get home and have to tell me he blew it, after all the hard work I am doing for him :D He has had several evening meetings, luncheons,coffee meetings,etc. and has learned to make great choices. He actually had a luncheon today to go to, and so I didn't pack his lunch. He called yesterday afternoon to let me know he asked about the menu (I am still in shock over that one) and there is only a salad he'd actually eat. Turkey, stuffing, green beans,mashed potatoes,etc. (he was concerned about how the turkey would be prepared,etc) Not happening. So, I just packed his compliant lunch. He said he'd eat before the luncheon and have a salad if he was still hungry. Or at least put salad on his plate so as not to draw too much attention. Point is, he is very conscious of what he's doing. we discuss it often,and because he is with me on it, it is not a big deal. He has also prepared his own breakfast several mornings when he's had to leave really early. Knows what to do-and I do keep encouraging him and letting him know how great he is looking-WHICH HE IS !!!!

Have fun !

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Hi I'm Elise (From Central Coast, Australia)

Day#3 today :)

Honestly I feel great because I started living Paleo 6 weeks ago (before hearing about the Whole30) & I think I went through all the hell then.

In fact when I look back at my diary, on day 3 of living paleo I wrote:

I'm soooo tired.. I had 3 coffee's today just to make it through work.

Am I supposed to be this dizzy? I have to take a few seconds to steady myself after standing up!

Naturally my dizzy spells sent me on a google expedition for an explanation.. I added more salt & hit the water hard. (It didn't improve by the way, until Day 6)

Thankfully this Day#3 is easy.. I am however a little headachy.. not too bad.

I am having loads of fun in the kitchen!

I have dragged my husband along for the ride this time. He was having all kinds of stomach upsets & continual headaches & general sookiness so I baited him into the challenge :P

He is going through the hard/sleepy/headachy day 3 but he's optimistic. The only difficulty I can foresee is he is totally reliant on me to prepare all his meals & tell him what he can have.

So I have to prepare everything ahead of time & really plan.. No more tuna & tomato lunches if I didn't get time to pack that morning! Plus I'm trying to make really appealing food to make it as easy as possible for him. Of course I reap the benefit of this also.

I have 4 other family members doing it at the same time so I have lots of support!

Hi Elise!

Your post caught my eye because my husband also went along for the ride with me on our first Whole 30 last month. He's not much of a sweet tooth, but was used to relying on white rice as a filler for his meals. We live in Hawaii, too, which means he can get it um basically everywhere all the time lol.

For him, the cranky part of the Whole 30 was about a week or so in - he started freaking out about being hungry all the time. It took me a couple of days to realize it wasn't about being hungry (he was eating constantly and is pretty lean so not trying to eat less or anything), but rather the withdrawals were manifesting as super crabbiness instead of headaches or all that. Maybe he was tired, but it translated to oh-my-god-there's-nothing-to-eat...

Fast forward a month, and he's just on it. He makes his own lunch and usually breakfast and even picks up snacks for his office. And comes home to tell me how gross the fried food and pastries at work look :).

Parts of the W30 can be a tough process, but a IMO such a great one to do with your spouse... have fun trying all the new recipes!

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hahahah i spoke too soon.. poor Timmy.. I go to work at 7am & get home around 9pm & husband was already in bed!

His Day 3 was awful!! I talked to him about it this morning & he went to bed early because he was exhausted, wanted to snack and had a really bad headache. But he's still determined to stay on track. I promised him it wil get better.. I hope I'm not lying!

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So perhaps on day 3 I was a little smug at how easy it was this time.

Day 5 today. I had an incident with an uncooperative tupperware container this morning, thankfully they are reasonably indestructible..followed by several bouts of road rage on my trip to work. I definitely have a short fuse today. i am concerned for my colleagues well being :angry:

It's a strange thing because I feel fantastic otherwise.. I just am Snappy the Crocodile!

Meanwhile husband is doing really well! Perhaps I'm annoyed that he's doing so well.. but wait I want him to do well... AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :P

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WEEK ONE - Wrapped Up!

Things I've learned this week..

  • Holy Shit how good does real food taste!! I ate a date the other day & it was quite a climactic moment :P
  • I'm cutting out dried fruit (except in cooking) this week. I go looking for it in the afternoon just when I 'kinda want something' so although I've only had a little I think it might be a crutch.
  • I like boundaries. This is certainly a new discovery for a natural born rebel. I think the fact the program is so strict it makes my choices so much easier & it's liberating.
  • My husband is so much stronger & has more will power than I gave him credit for! He is doing so well, once the whole30 is over I shall eat a slice of humble pie :lol:
  • My body is happy with me & my mind is following along. I am not tempted to cheat because I love how I feel and I will protect this feeling with all my strength!
  • Happiness & Enthusiasm is addictive. My sister & her husband & my best friend & her husband started their whole30 today!

Things to work on in Week 2.

  • Going to BED! I still don't go to bed early enough.. My work day (from leaving to coming home, this includes gym) is 7am - 9pm so meal prep & other household dailys mean I don't go to bed early enough for my 8 hours.. still surviving on 6.5-7. I know I need more so this week it's my main goal.
  • Keep cooking new recipes! It's been fun for both me & my husband so expand on the usual. Even just trying different cuts of meat.
  • Surround myself with the people I know are supportive and avoid the critics! Most of my friends are wonderful. In fact i had a girls afternoon planned with my two besties & we met for coffee & shopping and I explained the program. We went to the fish market & fresh produce store went back to my GF's place & cooked an amazing paleo feast for dinner! Fresh Perch in Lemon & Herbs, Garlic Prawns, Salad & Grilled Asparagus. They all loved it & consequently started their program today.

Favourite things I cooked this week.

  • Seafood & Chicken Laksa
  • Mayo (I've never made my own before this.. it's awesome)
  • T-Bone Steak (How good is this cut!)
  • Spanish Omlette (Breakfast/sweet potato version)
  • Pork Loin Chops with Apple & Onions

Although there were a few bumps through the week, tantrums included, it was a great first week. My husband has a new sense of motivation for his whole life.. he was talking about doing a course he's always wanted to do & he's just happier in general & excited about the future.


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Um... overshare ahead.. (you have been warned).

Day 10 today. Apart from a few minor tanty's week 1 was reasonably smooth sailing for me.

Then suddenly yesterday I was ravenous.! Like I wanted to eat everything & anything times 10. I didn't of course, I did increase my meal size & had a couple of pieces of fruit and I was wondering why I was suddenly for the first time I wanted cookies & chocolate.

It was the first time I've been tested throughout this process but I made it through.

I had a really late night last night, hairdresser after work then home to cook for today.. I'm cooking for two others for this program. It's taking its toll :wacko:

This morning.. (Day 10.. a little late for KILL ALL THINGS!)

I've had so little sleep & no gym outlet in 5 days due to schedule! I'm struggling a little with all the cooking I'm doing. After a late night my alarm went off at 5 to turn off the slow cooker.. I thought I could go back to bed for ½ hour then the council pick up guys came to pick up all our rubbish.. BANG CRASH BOOM!!

So I gave up & got up to make breakfast...

Tim (husband) was hovering.. I almost ripped his head off & demanded he get out of my kitchen!! (poor darling)

Once I had the lunches packed & Tim out the door, I made my coffee & left for work. Once on the freeway I reached down for my coffee only to realise I'd left it on the bench!! Of all days :(

Then Sydney traffic!!! & when I finally arrive in the office my almond milk had frozen in the fridge overnight.. AGH! So double espresso straight up instead... followed shortly by another.

Minor things yes.. but one after the other while tired!

Then.. an explanation.

Hello ladies! now I know why I feel like a psycho biatch. Heheheheheheh

Oh just *#-@ing wonderful. This explains why I was ravenous all day yesterday. I should have known but it is 11 days early so.. yay surprise!!

Any food suggestions for relieving PMS? I don't usually get it to be honest.. But combined with my lack of sleep & not being able to soothe with chocolate, I'm not the best company today :angry:


I know I just need sleep.. Or to hide somewhere in stealth mode until it passes.. :ph34r:

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Day 12 - Challenging day today, mentally...

Cramps in feet & hands were worse in yoga last night.. I'm wondering if it's got something to do with acid because I run 2-4kms just before class, depending on what time I make it to the gym.

I think I've bitten off more than I can chew helping my friends & family through their W30's.

My sister & her husband who I am also cooking for are just about to kill each other. They are on Day 5 & 2 respectively & have mentioned divorce alot!! I'm in the middle fielding text messages about how much they don't like each other today.. heheh it is quite amusing knowing how they feel but I'm quite exhausted.. & PMSing on top!

So I just popped out in my lunch break to grab some magnesium.. it seems to be the favoured supplement. I'm hoping it will help with the muscle cramps & scary bitchitude I am sporting today! It seems worse because I am pushing all my negative feelings inward because I want to be nothing but supportive & positive for my W30ers.

So.. thank you I just needed a little vent sesh. I feel better already. ^_^

I'm looking forward to the weekend when I can sit down with my sister and plan the week ahead. Next week should be much easier for everyone!

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Week 2 – Wrapped up in a lettuce leaf!

Day 15 today. Half way along & already thinking about what to do at the end?? Some hard questions are popping into my head.. Will I really miss anything if I continued along this path? How will I integrate the things I really love into my life with minimal damage? (Red wine, cheese & pasta). Just thoughts….

Anywho.. so this week presented new obstacles and overall it was more difficult than week 1. In week 1, the withdrawals, hunger & boredom were my biggest problems along with a few physical side effects; upset tummy, hunger, cramps, lethargy etc. This week was mentally much more difficult and I'm pleased to report many of the other issues are over with.

Things I've learned this week…

1. Magnesium really is as great and necessary as everyone on here seems to think..

Well it was for me. I was having horrible cramps in my feet & hands and a little in other muscles, so I went out one lunch break and got some.

On the bottle it says it helps relax muscles & supports bone formation, migraine management & PMS (which if you keep reading.. was a life saver!) I don't know how long it takes to work and if maybe it was a coinsicendence but the 2nd night after starting I had the most wonderful nights sleep and my cramps have all but gone.

2. Results & Enthusiasm go a long way in inspiring others.

Since starting my W30, I have 4 others doing theirs and 2 ready to start Oct 1 (after the footy season finishes-smart). One other started but gave up on day 2 because he couldn't handle the withdrawal. It was too much all at once. He is a migraine sufferer and a major diet pepsi addict. So he's cutting down to two cans a day and starting to eat this way during the day and hopefully in a couple of weeks he'll be ready to try again. I am disappointed for him that he gave up so quick.. I know it hurts but it's going to hurt anyway & 2 days down is 2 days he doesn't have to do again. Oh well.. he'll be better prepared next time and this time I hope he does it because he wants it not just because his wife is and the people around him. I'm going to make him read the program and be more involved this time around.

3. I take too much responsibility for others.. but I can't help it!

I wanted my sister to do this so badly that I offered to cook her meals for her entire first week and then her husband joined.. it became far too much work for someone with very limited time. Thankfully she got through her first week with flying colours & cooked me a roast pork dinner last night J This week we will share the big meals and it will be easier for everyone. Other than just the cooking side of it I'm really invested in her doing well and I'm her support (along with my other friends & some people at work who are also dieting).. some days it can be a lot to take on. Lucky I'm a born motivator!

4. I am OVER washing dishes! & this week I'm going to larger amounts to have leftovers for breakfast.

I am really enjoying every meal; maybe because of the effort involved and making good choices, food just tastes better and the possibilites only end with your imagination. I'm still having fun in the kitchen.. Yes there is a lot of meal preparation and cooking involved in this and I swear I have never washed so many dishes in my life! Where breakfast & lunch used to be convenience, packets on the go etc.. now you have to prepare every meal.. hence the need for leftovers

Update from Husband (Tim)

ENERGY like he has never had before.

Stress at work is bouncing off him like tennis balls. Tim has always had a short fuse in frustrating circumstances. He gets easily frustrated with himself and can make a big deal out of nothing.. (I'm not saying anything he doesn't know). He is absolutely amazed at how calm he is all the time. Nothing seems to bother him. The only thing he missed is after a whole day of building fences in 30 degree heat on Sunday, when we came in he really wanted a cold beer. But he made jokes about ‘lets go crazy & have a slice of lemon in a mineral water'. Good spirits all around!

His only worry is he is going to accidentally derail and have to start again by eating the wrong oil or missing a hidden ingredient. If he does it will be my fault because I'm making all of his food!

***Too Much Information Section *** :ph34r:

1. Ladies..

For the first time on the W30, last Monday night I was ravenous & felt like I wanted to drown myself in a wine vat followed shortly thereafter by being dipped in chocolate. I just assumed it was one of those days.. until I woke up Tuesday morning in a violent mood. Poor husband copped the brunt of my ferocity.

Later that morning the explanation arrived… 11 days early! I can tell you I don't normally suffer PMS.. that nor cramps have never been an issue for me.. holy crap I was a psycho scary primal BITCH :angry: Just had to ride that storm out..

Light Bulb – I understand the cravings and necessity to eat all things in sight.

2. The Digestive Issues

Pre-paleo. I've always had digestive issues.. mostly constipation. It was ‘normal' for me to go 4-6 days without ‘removing the waste'. I had a colonoscopy about 10 years ago and diagnosed by process of elimination to have IBS. Every time I would speak to a doctor about the issue it was always you need more fiber. NO I f*cking don't! I was a very ‘healthy' (what I thought was) eater. I love my vegies, always had whole grains, I did everything they told me to do.. I'm physically active and I tried fiber supplements and laxatives and nothing really changed the outcome. I am pleased to say that is no longer a problem J

Although in week 1, I was very concerned because it pretty much went the other way & :( I was going several

times a day with lots of cramping. From day 12 (I'm day 15 now) everything seems to have righted itself and I can still go every day. Happy times. :P

Now.. after that I hope you can switch to food for:

Favourite Meals I cooked this week…

  • Grilled red capsicum & Zuchini (bell peppers for my American W30ers) Olive Oil & sea salt. Sliced up & added to salads through the week. Ooooooh delish.
  • Bubble N Squeak – Breakfast fry-up of whatever you've got lying around.. preferably not the cat.
  • Pan fried lamb loin chops – Oregano, olive oil, sea salt & lemon.
  • Then the following lunch: Rocket (Arugula) pine nuts, grilled veg & lamb salad.
  • South West Frittata (I added a layer of mashed pumpkin between the ground beef & eggs.
  • Slow Cooker Chicken (nomnompaleo) – I used fresh ginger as my main flavour
  • Sunday night Roast Pork – Mashed Cauli, Steamed Beans & Carrots, Apple & Onion topping & baked sweet potato
  • Ground Beef Fajitas – All ingredients on one hot plate.. Cooked in minutes! Served in large lettuce leaves as wraps.

Weird cravings

Last week all I wanted was a cookie. This week all I want is a damn cupcake!


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Day 16

New observation...

My skin is much drier.

I don't think this is a bad thing, I'm a bit undisciplined when it comes to moisturising now I kind of have to.. so a win..?

Most importantly though, my scalp is drier also, this is definitely a WIN! Not dry & scaly.. just not oily in between washes.


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Day.. 18 (had to think about it!! it's all so routine now)

Had great comments from the husband this morning while making breakfast he was watching the news & a McDonalds Breakfast Ad was playing..

Tim 'You know I used to love maccas for breakfast but not even the hash browns look appealing to me now'

Tim would order 2-3 hash browns with his maccas he loved them.

He is a completely different person at the moment. He is positively glowing, happy, confident, nothing phases him.. He is even enjoying exercising which he would only ever do because he 'had to'.


Breakthrough :lol:

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Week 3 – In a coconut shell

Last week was a bit long winded so I'll keep it to the point today.

Last week I certainly had magic moments but they were in between bouts of PMS and mental battles with my sugar dragon. This week was ALL about the magic J

With the exception of Day 16 – it was a strange one.. I was really emotional! I had no force field for people's comments or stinging remarks. Some friends can be very destructive especially when you are trying to change your life and particular comments from particular people can hurt.. if someone else had said it maybe it would have bounced off? I don't know why it bothers me so much.. I need to simply deflect the negative comments, some days it is just easier than others.

Long Weekend – Social? Thankfully two of our friends started their W30 a week after us & we spend Saturday at the beach with a primal picnic! It was fantastic & so easy to be out with people that understood. The public holiday Monday I spent planting a new veggie garden. In particular I wanted to plant spaghetti squash because I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Realisation – Mental Battle to the end.

My brother in law started his W30 (it lasted about 36 hours) and as soon as you told him what was for lunch or dinner he sulked and didn't want it, thinking it was crap and restrictive. The meals were amazing! And exactly what he would normally like to eat but as soon as you tell something what they ‘have to' have they don't want it. If we went to a restaurant, I guarantee he would have chosen it.

It's really only when you can't have something that you really want it..why do we do this? Our biggest challenge in this program is ourselves and that's exactly who we are doing it for!


Skinny Feet..? Weird but all my shoes feel loose this week, I even had to put party feet in my heels so they wouldn't slip off. I know I've lost weight & I guess it comes off everywhere! :wacko:

I am noticing a massive difference in my physical appearance… Finally I'm comfortable wearing shorts & skirts & just in time for summer. I seem to be firming up at a rapid rate but doing exactly the same exercise as before. I can't tell you how happy this makes me & I look forward to day 31 & taking my measurements & weight.

Keep Busy – This week it was going to the gym a little more & getting my home organised! I had extra energy to use & I needed distractions. The evening after dinner is still the time ‘I just want something'.

Butternut Squash - This is butternut pumpkin in Australia!! I felt like an idiot when I realised that. Ugh I assumed it was some kind of yellow squash that we didn't get here.

Husband – A light bulb moment when speaking to him on the phone this morning. He doesn't sniffle or clear his throat anymore! This may sound petty but it used to drive me mental! Especially on the phone, he doesn't realise how loud it is when he sniffs or coughs down the line. I used to try to train him to direct it away from the phone & I would always ask him why the hell does he have to do it so loud anyway? Now.. he doesn't ever do it! It is quite amazing it would appear he no longer has any allergies causing him to need to do it.

Very very happy customer right here. :D


My sister started hers one week after me & within days had a horrible flu, she is just not getting better! It seems to have morphed into a sinus infection & she's struggling because there is no magic when all you feel is stuffed up and exhausted.

Next - I'm already thinking about what's next? I've read the chapters on re-introduction with ISWF.. so much to think about!

Bad Habits - I'm back to my bad water drinking (lack thereof) habits. I only get thirsty during a workout.. I need to make sipping water through the day a habit but I can't seem to do it! I have a bottle right in front of me at my desk!!

Favourite Meals this week.


BACON! – Home made it was freaking delicious!

Chicken & Prawn Caesar Salad

Wagyu Beef Sausages with grilled asparagus

The Best Chicken you'll ever eat (Well Fed) - It really was delicious!

Day 23 today.. The final week.

Alot of mixed emotions about this.

Plan - Stay focussed on the day to day of W30 and not worry about what's next but start thinking about new goals.


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I liked your post so much that I tried to like it twice..FYI..when you do that, it unlikes it. :)

Love your lightbulb moments and the lightbulb moment you had about your husband was great.

The next time someone from Austrailia says "oh, we don't have butternut squash", I will know what to say. Love that.

Seriously, Wagyu beef sausages? Lucky duck!!

Your "what's next" will be what you determine and what's right for you. I did my first Whole30 Aug 1, 2011. I just finished my second yesterday. I didn't change much inbetween. I just would sometimes have something not W30. I was careful to make it special and meaningful. So, in other words, not just a piece of bread or donut. I don't even think I went off W30 once a week. I just feel too good and I don't miss the crap.

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haha thanks.. those wagyu sausages were holy shit GOOD!! lol

I'm definitely going to test the 10 day reintroduction of particular foods as suggested in ISWF.

After that, I totally agree I feel too good to ruin it.. Everything that tempts me will be asked.. Are you good enough to ruin my euphoria?

Poor little cookie doesn't stand a chance :P

I have really noticed a difference in my workouts, I definitely have more stamina and I want this to continue.

I still want a cupcake though.. don't know what it is.. but I've been dreaming about them.

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Oh dear.. LABELS!!!

I've become a quick learner in reading labels.. I can tell you I have thrown more than one tantrum in a supermarket!!

I'm on the central coast, Calga (near Peats Ridge). Rural.

Good luck next go round. Try not to buy anything ready made. Just stick with the basic meats, it will be much easier & you won't have to start again ;)

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