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Mid-Program Slump - HELP!


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Hello all-


I am on day 13 and I have hit what the Timeline has identified as the "Hardest Days" (I have been a couple days behind on the timeline for pretty much the whole program...and some of the identified physical/mental reactions have come at different times..but for the most part, spot on and helped me get through some patches that I just thought I was going cray-cray.)


I must fess up at the risk of TMI - that part of what I am feeling is definitely because my period is supposed to start today, and a lot of the fatigue, mental fog, indigestion and crabbiness are normal with the PMS and cycle.  


That being said, they are NOT KIDDING about this time frame being extremely hard! I am sick of cooking, I love veggies and I kind of want to throw them out the window, I am sick of having a couple days where I have some of that tiger blood and energy running through me only to be exhausted again the next day... (which I realize I should be THRILLED with...and I am, I just don't like when it goes away). I am so crabby towards my hubby (God bless him he gets it) and poor puppies that I am sure they don't know what the heck has happened to me. I have also started into the phase of dreaming about cheating with food...last night I am not even sure what I grabbed at ate in my dream, but I KNOW it wasn't compliant. I hid in the shower to eat it! :D LOL! Some nights I get home and I don't even want to eat, but I know if I don't, that is when the brain fog and dizziness come on. 


Any great words of wisdom? (And yes...this too shall pass..) Actually...some personal stories of what any of you W30 veterans (or peeps going through it now) dealt with would help me feel like I am not crazy. 



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You are not crazy.  Do not make any major life decisions or changes during this time. Not only is your body working through the Whole30 transition but you are also dealing with the upheaval that is your period.  Ride it out, go to bed early, make foods you know you love, even if that is a scrambled egg hash for dinner.  Honestly, you will get through this and you'll feel like a Superstar when it passes!  


Some veggie ideas that can get you through the hump: roasting (carrots, red onion, baby potato, green bean, brocoli is a nice combo), blended soups (silky gingered zucchini and golden cauli are nice options).  There's also a soup thread going on right now:  http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/30164-please-share-soup-recipes/ How about some fresh garden cukes and tomatoes? 

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OOoooooo, you can't throw your vege out the window with the bath water.  I don't know your condition coming into a Whole 30.  That has alot to do with your reactions during a Whole 30.  


I didn't read the timeline.  This is the only thing I did not read.  I did not allow my mind to work up how I was supposed to feel on any given corresponding day.  I had made up my mind what I wanted and come heck or high water....nothing was going to stand in my way.   I'm still that way today.

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Thanks Ladyshanny and MeadowLily- Don't worry...I will not give up or throw my veggies out.


To give you a better idea of where I came from, MeadowLily - coming into the program, I had already been gluten free for 3 years and dairy free for almost 1 year and had recently given up sugar about a month previously...but I consumed a lot of corn based products like tortillas and gluten free bread, tortilla chips, popcorn, and the majority of my meals were not large enough in protein (often times I small burger or 1/2 chicken breast) or veggies (which mostly consisted of spinach) and virtually no fat in meals that didn't come in accidentally via the protein I was eating because I was taught that fat is BAD! (Which I know it is not). So while I was thinking that I was eating extremely healthy but limiting my intake, I was actually probably very much leaving my body malnourished with the over abundance of grains and lack of enough whole foods. 


A typical day for my eating BEFORE W30 looked a bit like this:



  Granola bar (before sugar was cut out)





  1 cup spinach

  1 can tuna (containing soy) - not always

  1 handful almonds

  3 or 4 T processed dressing (before sugar was cut out) 

  1/2 cup salsa (replaced the dressing after sugar was cut out)

   1/2 Avocado (only sometimes)


Snacks (various times throughout the day)

   Veggie Chips or sticks

   Nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts, etc)



   Some type of protein (usually only a 4 oz serving size)

   Some type of veggie (corn, peas, etc. usually 1 cup serving at most)

   Side Spinach salad 


Snack or desert

   2 or 3T of Peanut butter melted with oatmeal mixed in (before sugar was cut out)

   Some type of fruit or chips


If you would have shown me my daily food log (which you can peruse here if you like: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/30101-my-first-whole30-program-log/)2 weeks ago and said "You will be eating this much food" I would have laughed and then probably cried at the prospect. But it really has been pretty great.


Thanks for the positive vibes! You guys are awesome! :D

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Mmmm hmmm.   That was very similar to the non-cooking Whole 30's that are going on. Bars, nuts, dried fruits, and snacks.   You can share this with others.


You are an inspiration for the positive results that come with the cooking version of a Whole 30. Kudos for changing that all up.  You'll finish strong on Day 30.

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