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Today I re-started with Whole 30,  after 2 weeks of staying on the program and then kind of blowing it over a weekend. But it is what it is. And there's no other way but to face it, suck it up and start all over again. 


From my first Whole 30, I've had vacations and normal life with all its normal challenges in between each cycle. I've mostly tried to eat clean in between each round, but haven't been perfect. I've gained some weight on less than conscientious holidays, lost it, got back into the healthier routine, been on track most days and less than perfect on others. Some days I can confidently look a  chocolate croissant in the eye and say with conviction, "no thanks", then there will be a day when I'm not so sure ( around my period!). The first Whole 30 went well ; Cycle 2 ended after 2 weeks of feeling sleepy and weird and had to be re-started; Cycle 3 was  good  but was strictly speaking a Whole 28 and  and now Cycle 4 ended over a weekend with half a non-compliant pizza ,and wine. I'm still mulling over the emotional triggers that led to that.


But such is life. And this is a  lifestyle change after all, a decision on how to feed yourself forever for the rest of your days so it will always be a work in progress. I have yet to say I've fully tamed the sugar dragon. So I keep at it until one day I know I've licked it for good.  


There are things I do know for sure though, after 4 cycles and now re-starting.  

-I feel better when I eat this way; not only am I more energetic but mentally more effective.

-There is a sense that I am in charge of my life and food is not in charge of me.

-I know it isn't a "diet" really, but I get the best results after I complete a cycle, and I am closer to my end of the year weight goal ( 15 lbs away now).  

-When I am conscious about the quality of my food in between cycles, I feel like I'm being good to myself.  And  finally,

-I figure, now matter how much hard work it takes to reach one's goal, you're still pretty much ahead of the game than if you just decided to  stay on your couch, polish off those chips and that pint of mint chocolate chip. ;)  


Here's to the re-set button, and getting there, wherever it is, and whatever those goals are. 


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This seems like the appropriate thread for me to reply.  After 18 days - went off track at a party we held at hour house last night.  It just started with a nibble of artichoke dip and went downhill from there.  The artichoke dip I found out had cheese in it.  I kind of sort of suspected it - but thought hey I have been so 'good' up until now.  But who is kidding who - last week I had a piece of cake too.  And decided not to start over but keep moving on.  But this weekend definitely went off - had cake too at end of evening.  I reverted to old ways - the sugar dragon had me.  I was sneaking into the kitchen to get bites.  I was out of control.  So this is it.  I sent the email to Whole30 to reset and start over.  My son called me on the cheese (he's 14) and said during the evening "you failed".  Crimminy teens can be mean (but it's true).  So...... I really don't feel like a failure; because for sure I have more energy, I have not had alcohol, and I am cooking very healthy meals.  It's the EVENTS the parties, the out of ordinary things that have thrown me off.

So I RESOLVE again to start and STAY focused.

I have not been on forums during the 18 days because I thought it would be a waste of my time and wasn't sure how quickly people responded.  But I think it will be a good outreach for me.


That said - here we go again.  And I am glad I 'fessed up' and am back on track.  The GOOD NEWS is after 18 days with very few slip ups I have:

- More energy (more energy really then I know what to do with!)

- better sleeping

- more calm

- not as much racing mind or anxiousness/worry

- feel more in control of food choices

- learning so much about good food


There is absolutely NOTHING BAD I have experienced on this program.  Only some difficulty in restaurants and eating out at parties and events outside of where I have 'control' of food.


I appreciate any feedback back people can give.


And thank you to the person who started this thread - I hope you are continuing with success on your "re-set" journey.



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The replies on this forum are pretty quick...you won't be waiting long if you have a question or need some support!

That said, I did want to suggest that you remove the 'I was good so I deserve it' mentality. Food, whether good or bad, does not hold virtue and we as humans are not more or less virtuous because of our food choices.

Choosing to eat cake is definitely a choice but it doesn't make you 'bad' and if you hadn't eaten the cake, that doesn't make you 'good'. Choices can be described as good and bad but not the person making them...

I'm so glad you decided to restart and bring your story to this community! You should have an even better time of the beginning of your reset because the amount of misery that you endure in the first few days is in direct correlation to how bad your diet was in the days and weeks leading up to the Whole30 and since you were 18 days in... well, that's a pretty good headstart!

Here's to Day 1 again!

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Thanks SUGARCUBEOD. Thanks for reminder that food doesn't define a person good or bad. I have fallen into that thinking at times and recognize that. I see more clear how I make choices and so often every single bite is judged. I can be very judge mental about keeping track of food.

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Thanks for starting this thread. I am restarting also. I was so angry at myself for not keeping my promises that I didn't even have the heart to post. I did fine with my birthday, made it to day 20.... I have been trying to figure out what the trigger was for me to go off the rails, and after some days I've realized it.

I was keeping a food diary, and it became apparent to me that I don't tolerate tomatoes. They make my joints and head hurt. I've ignored this for a long time, but by keeping close tabs I just couldn't deny it any longer. What a total bummer. I love to cook. I have already given up eggplant and gluten a few years ago; they cause me so much pain I'll never eat them again. But tomatoes? Seriously? I haven't shared this with anyone in my life because I just don't even want to talk about it out loud. Is this an emotional attachment? Of course. Can I live without tomatoes? I guess. I mean, I just want to write curse words about it. And I cried about it.

So, I just kind of wallowed angrily for 5 days (without eating any more tomatoes). I restarted yesterday with the AIP.

But-- it is what it is, right? I'm young, 43, and I know that feeding myself right dictates what 53, 63, 73, will look like. I know that I want to use my body for as long as I'm here. I mean, it's my home. It was just a bad shock-- unexpected and undeniable. I didn't keep any kind of log of my first Whole30, just tried to get through it. And I keep thinking," Am I sick? Am I weak? Why can't I eat these foods?"  (I've actually read a great deal about why I can't eat these foods, so that's not my problem).

The positive thing I can think of to say is that at least I know other people have experienced this, at least I know a way to solve this without pharmaceuticals, at least I have resources around me. I'm not always such a baby.

So, back to the laboratory.


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I was keeping a food diary, and it became apparent to me that I don't tolerate tomatoes.


If both eggplant and tomatoes are a problem for you, you may want to do some specific reintroductions across the nightshade family (white potatoes, capsicum/peppers, paprika, chilli and sneaky goji berries which are in fact not actually berries).


I find a very high load of nightshades is too much for me, so I got rid of all my recipes with 5+ nightshades in them. Some people have more trouble with the skins in nightshades, so keep this in mind if you're doing any reintroductions. I don't have any trouble with white potato unless I eat the skins.

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