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Mini-meal Ideas


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On Day5 with my significant other and things are going pretty well. However, my boyfriend is a perpetual snacker (and I'm a sympathetic one when around him, lol). He's stayed compliant and has been trying his best to stay within the spirit of the no snacking, but he still is somewhat convinced it is not possible to survive on three meals alone. So I have been reading old forum posts to figure out how to help him get there. I've figured out that:

(A) He should probably be eating more of everything at each meal. An adjustment, but should be quite doable.

(B) His work schedule would actually warrant a mini-meal.

I am racking my brain trying to think up "mini-meals" that he could pack for work (where he does at least have the benefit of a fridge and toaster oven). I'm not great with the meal structuring yet, but all the great meal planning resources out there make it fun to try new "dinner" ideas, and getting out of the "breakfast" box (because I thoroughly enjoyed my celery soup and green beans with my eggs the past couple of days). Yet a lot of those same resources just say things like "raw veggies" or "nuts" for snacks. We've been making do that way, but I would like to move to following the template.

I found a couple ideas searching here, but mostly just the suggestion of "mini-meal including protein, fat, and veggies"....I want the actual recipes! Ok, maybe not a recipe per se, but how you actually all combine ingredients into appetizing dedicated "mini-meals"....or perhaps how you re-purpose your other foods into mini-meals (ie. the one idea I have now is sending a complete soup as the mini-meal on days when lunch is something different).

Excited to hear what all you creative folks do :)

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Oh, I'm not sure I would be considered creative, but here goes!


cooked chicken thigh with handful olives

meatballs with half avocado

leftover steak with homemade mayo

hard boiled egg and baked sweet potato

canned sardines with hot sauce and an apple

small container of chicken salad (diced chicken breast, celery, grated carrot, homemade mayo)


Basically he can eat anything that is a protein and a fat or a protein and a carb.  Technically he can also eat a carb and a fat but that is less desirable in the scheme of things.  If you can do protein and fat, that's really your best bet for satiation between meals.


And yes, if he is finding he has to snack between meals that are 4-5 hours apart, he needs to eat more at those meals.  Longer-hour durations would mean a mini meal is completely justified.  


Make sure you've seen our meal template (linked in my signature below) and that when serving/feeding your hubby, that he is using his hand/palm/thumb for measurement.  :)

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Ladyshanny, thanks so much for the ideas.

I love the meatballs idea - as you can use as many as needed to make up either the mini or full meal size. I was planning to make some up soon for "emergency protein". Maybe I could also do some "sliders" up some day, and then if we want them for a main meal, we just eat multiples. Fun.

Also, great point about using his hand for measuring. He's not that much bigger than me but his hands are! I've seen the template but I'm still getting the hang of actually getting it all on the plate. Before this I cooked ok, but my "plate balance" was terrible, lol. So this is an improvement. I probably need to get a little more used to the fact it's so much more protein than I ever used before.

Minimalist - I think he would be able to eat bigger meals, especially as he gets more used to the program. But first we have to make them.....as I said above, I think we are going through an adjustment to so much meat. Not that we don't like it or understand the reasoning - just that it's a bit shocking to see that much meat on a plate, when my whole life I've been pretty skimpy with it. Until we get it all smoothed out, I would like to aim for the mini-meals rather than "snacks" to help the transition.

Tom - Good to know that 4 is "allowed" as some days it might suit him, and even me, better. Does it matter if you go back and forth between 3 and 4, or is it best to pick what works best most of the time and stick to it?

Anyway, thanks for your help. We're so happy we're doing this and loving our food so far, but there is lot room for fine tuning over the next 25 days :)

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Yes, Kirkor, we most certainly can. I know I generally do better on 3 proper meals a day, so I am glad this program is "enforcing" it. I think by the time we get through this, he'll be a believer too.

Progress already, he was on early shift today and made his own breakfast while I laid in bed :P. Sounded totally to template (eggs and pork belly wrapped in lettuce, celery soup, and a few olives) and huge! He said he was super full driving to work, but he did get 5 hours of satiety out of that.

I need to think of the dish that will make him (and me, for that matter) fall in love with (or at least, put a postive first impression on) my new homemade mayo. We weren't big mayo eaters before (I used plain yogurt if I really needed a mayo like substance). Maybe I'll try coleslaw....it was one of my childhood favorites, and he seems obsessed with my (cooked) cabbage dishes.

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