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Can I have these foods/ spices


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I have read through some of these forums gone through the list of dos and donts and found a web site that is supposidly whole30 approved called http://www.thefoodee.com/tag/whole30/. So I choose some meals I like and it gives me a list of what food to buy at the store and there are some items I am just not sure about. In general all spices. Didnt see anything in there about spices. As for the detailed list as this should be the last time I ask any of this so any yes answer or not but do it this way answers would be very helpful.

  1. coconut flower (which i didnt think was approved)
  2. Mayo
  3. cinnanom
  4. Powders (garlic, onion, ginger ect.)

Thanks for taking the time to help me out


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I think I know the answers to your list, but hopefully a moderator will correct me if I get it wrong. :) Coconut flour-yes if you are using it properly. As in not using it to make pancakes or a cake or some other paleoized something. I have not used it, but I think you can to crisp up a fish fillet for example. Mayo-yes, if you make your own or have a source that makes it with approved ingredients. It's super easy to make and delicious. Cinnamon or any other spice-yes as long as there isn't anything added to it like sugar or cornstarch. I picked up a spice mix and looked at the ingredients and it contained both. Back on the shelf it went. :)

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1. Coconut flour is okay to use, but it depends on what it's being used for. If it's being used to bake brownies or cookies or something, then that's not okay. But if it's just being used to thicken up something that's not a traditional "treat", then that's fine.

2. Mayo is okay if the ingredients are okay. I can pretty much guarantee that you won't find mayo in the store that's Whole30 compliant. Make your own!

3. Cinnamon is fine.

4. Powdered forms of approved foods are fine.

In general, all spices are fine, as long as they don't have unapproved ingredients in them. Just no sweeteners (sugar, honey, agave, syrup, etc.).

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31 minutes ago, davehaster said:


Could I use Coriander on the behalf of garlic? Does it taste nice or weird????

Hey Dave - This post is five years old and I'm not sure of your question.  You're replying to a post where the member was asking about the compliance of the listed items. Whether you can sub garlic for coriander is dependant on the recipe and your personal taste.

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