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Best 44th Birthday Present Ever!


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I'll be 44 on Sunday and I haven't felt this good in a decade!

I just ran 3 miles - the first time in a long time for that distance. No sore knees, no sore feet. I'm only 2 weeks into my Whole 30 and I can't believe how I feel. I've been really happy to have almost no cravings and I'm not hungry between meals. I'm sleeping like a baby. When I get up in the morning - I just start getting things done and then I realize I forgot to drink my coffee (which I previously had to take 30 minutes to sit and drink before I felt awake)!

Next week I'm going to check out a CrossFit in my neighborhood. I think I'm going to shoot for being in better shape in my 40s than when I was younger. (Instead of 40s, fat and flatulent it will be 40s, fit and fabulous)

Thanks Whole 30 - I feel like 44 will be my best year ever!


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thanks for the wishes. I'm one more week in and still going strong. My daughter had a birthday the same weekend as mine and I resisted both pizza AND cake, but enjoyed the laser-tag with the kids :-)

My only problem is an ankle sprain from June is acting up again and is limiting my running... will check back in with my Dr about that.

Have a great day!

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