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I can relate re PC to Mac! I use PC at work and Mac at home. Love my Mac, but it took some getting used to. I still sometimes forget, and wonder why a 3-finger swipe doesn't work on my laptop PC! Keep up the great work on the nutrition side...

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DAY 9 Log (Oct 29)

D - Scotch fillet steak / 2 fried eggs / 3 chipolatas / bacon / pumpkin & sweet potato fries / black tea

PB at Crossfit - 80kg Backsquat. Feel tired but somehow I feel stronger. Nice feeling!

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DAY 10 Log (Oct 30)

B - 3 poached eggs / bacon / mushrooms / black coffee

S - Banana / 2x carrots / black coffee

L - Spinach salad with beetroot, mushrooms, capsicum, cucumber, red onion, eggs x2 / black coffee

S - dried pawpaw spears, cashews, macadamias


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DAY 10 Log (Oct 30)

D - 2 pieces of grilled Atlantic Salmon / steamed broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, pumpkin / black tea x2

Learnt some new skills at Crossfit tonight. Even progressed a bit on the old ring dips and am close to being able to do them without a band for assistance. Did some good old Kettlebell swings at 24kg too. Just a nice little round number of 50! Getting strong!


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DAY 11 Log (Oct 31)

Oooh, now I have to try and remember....

B - 3 poached eggs / mushrooms / 3 chipolatas / black coffee

S - Banana / 2x carrots / ABC paste with 3 dates (in the pm) / black coffee x2

L - Left over steamed pumpkin, sweet potato, brocoli, cauliflower / chicken breast

S - Cashews / Macadamias

D - Ginger stirfry with combination meat / 4 fresh spring rolls

Had a tough time at Crossfit last night. Didn't feel at all strong, and was lacking in cardio endurance for some reason... well, probably more energy levels than anything. On reflection, it wasn't the workout that was hard (well, it was - 60 Burpee Box Jumps at 24" with 20 Mountain Climbers every minute on minute) - it was my lack of water during the day and perhaps the schedule of my eating. Dehydrated and hungry does not equal good sporting performance.

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DAY 12 Log (Nov 1)

B - 2 poached eggs / 2 chipolatas / black coffee

S - 2x carrots / macadamia nuts / 2x black coffees

L - Spinach salad with chicken and mushrooms, carrot, capsicum, cucumber, beetroot, cherry tomatoes

S - Banana / cashews

D - Vegetables and scotch fillet steak

Hoping for a better effort at training tonight. Don't feel quite as tired tonight, but I am getting hungry so I will head off early and get a healthy snack on the way. Keen to get home and sleep sleep sleep!

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DAY 13 Log (Nov 2)

Well well well, Day 13! Didn't you just go and sneak up on me! I am finding my 'third time lucky' attempt at the Whole30 a little easier, and so the arrival of Day 13 has come as a small shock! I have been obviously logging here everyday, but once I log the day, that's the last I really think about it. I think Whole30 eating has become a little habitual - and so I don't seem to be counting the days as much as I did in my last 2 attempts. This is a positive sign - surely! Come on Holly, you've got this!

B - 3 poached eggs / bacon / mushrooms / black coffee / black tea

S - Long black coffee / nut slice (vegan) - Friday morning tea date with my partner at Fresh Cafe!

L - Left over steamed broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato / black tea

S - 3x carrots

D - TBA (something light I think - perhaps stirfried veggies)

Tonight's Crossfit sesh calls for Pull Ups... oh no! I am right smack in the middle of progressions on this exercise. I can do a kipping swing, I have progressed through the 4 stages of bands to assist, and now my coach has declared "Holly. No more bands to assist! It's time to get that pull up without any help!"

So apparently I am ready to do that - strength and technique wise, but mentally I'm not!!

Well, tonight's the night! Stay tuned for results! Hmmmmm.

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News Flash!!

Tonight I officially ditched the band assisted pull ups and I did my first UNASSISTED PULL UP! In fact, I did a whole workout of them! I know this forum is about the Whole30... but I have been working so hard, and tonight's reward was pull ups. I'm stoked!!

S - banana / macadamia nuts

D - Breakfast for Dinner! 3 fried eggs / 3 chipolatas / bacon / mushrooms / sweet potato / black tea

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DAY 14 Log (Nov 3)

B - 2 boiled eggs / black tea (before 9am Crossfit Open Box session)

2nd B - 2 fried eggs / bacon / sausage / mushrooms / tomato / long black coffee

S/L - Pear / 3x strawberries / Banana / carrot / macadamia nuts (not all at once!)


I am terrible for snacking on the weekend. My partner is at work, and I am bumming around and I keep going to the fridge! Hmmm - best have something substantial to eat. But what? Hmmmm

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D - Scotch fillet steak / steamed brocoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potato / black tea


B - 2 poached eggs / mushrooms / bacon / black coffee

S - (not all at once....) carrot / banana / handful cashews, almonds, walnuts / long black

L - Homemade frittata (sweet potato, mushrooms, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, tomato) - just chucked all the stuff in I could find! / small spinach, red onion, capsicum, tomato salad / black tea / pear

S - Handful of cashews, almonds, walnuts

D - Piece of homemade frittata left over from lunch

I'm pretty stoked that it's the half way point. It came about quickly. I can definitely say I feel better on this attempt at the Whole30 and I am very sure I will finish it. I sneakily jumped on the scales today (naughty me, I know!) and I was.... under 70kg for the first time since I can remember! Wowee that was a lovely little surprise!

Then, I was in town today looking for some bushwalking shorts for a trip I am going on next month AND... I got a size 10! I was a 14 a few months ago (Australian sizes here!) Double surprise! I feel bloody great about that - and it was the bit of motivation I needed to continue the second half of this journey!! Boom!

Off to do some internet research on foods I can take on my 6 day bush walk in December - away from all things man-made! Any paleo bush walkers/hikers out there????

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DAY 16 Log (Nov 5)

B - 2 poached eggs / bacon / sweet potato / black coffee

S - Banana / Long black / nut & seed slice (home made)

L - Chicken and pesto salad (at a cafe - had loads of other yummy, and hopefully compliant, stuff) / orange, apple, pineapple, ginger fresh juice / long black

S - nut & seed slice / black tea

D - Steak, bacon, sausage, egg, tomato, onion / steamed vegetables / soda water with lemon

S - Black tea / carrot

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DAY 17 Log (Nov 6)

B - Scramble of grated sweet potato, red onion, bacon and 3 eggs / long black

S - Banana / Pear / handful almonds, cashews, walnuts / black coffee

L - Left over frittata / boiled egg / spoonful of ABC paste / black coffee

S - Boiled egg


Not feeling very motivated with the eating today or yesterday. I am not eating enough and I'm tired. Plod along... Almost there!

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Hey you! Looks like things are just peachy in your neck of the woods. Glad to see things are going well and you've passed the half way point. Good for you! And, ROCK ON with your unassisted pull up!!! I've been doing CrossFit (and loving it) for a couple of weeks now and I long for the day, should it ever come, that I am able to do an unassisted pull up. YOU GO, GIRL!

Last weekend was the first time I went off the wagon -- and I went off big time. Wine, beer, bread, pasta, cheese, chocolate, potatoes -- just to name a few. I actually didn't experience too many negative side effects, apart from my energy level being low. I got back on W30 style this week, but loosely (had a little milk in my coffee the other day, saw sugar was an ingredient in something I ate on the go, and had a tiny piece of very dark chocolate). I imagine I will stick as close to W30 as possible during the week and loosen up a bit on the weekends. My friends and I are already planning our next official W30 for February.

Ironically, I have been sleeping like a baby! Not sure if I told you, but I slept like crap most of the time during my W30. Not sure what was up with that, but I am very happy to report that my sleep has since improved.

Anyway -- just wanted to drop in and say hello and WELL DONE on your progress!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Jenn, it's amazingly lovely to hear from you! Despite me never having met you in my life - you sound like someone I would hang around with and it's great to have had your support during this time. I am going really well on this third attempt. I haven't found it too difficult and it hasn't been an obsession for me like it was the 2 other times. I have just been ticking things over, and eating well.

Training is going really well. I have a lot of new found strength and have been getting PB's all during this week. I even deadlifted 110kg on Thursday night!! Not bad for a chick! Pull ups are still hard but I am progressing every time. Hope you are still getting to Crossfit and that you are enjoying it.

I wouldn't worry about falling off the wagon. We are only human - and it's perfectly ok to succumb to the temptations of yummy food. I got given heaps of boxes of chocolates from students last week (as it was their last week before exams) and they all said 'Once you are off you're diet you can have a couple of sneaky chocolates' - Hmmmm, maybe I do talk about food a lot if my students even mention that! Looking forward to sampling a few after the 19th of this month!

Thanks again for the message. Interesting to hear that your sleep has improved? Maybe it's because you are giving yourself a break from thinking about staying on the Whole30 and you are a bit more relaxed in your mind! Look forward to hearing how you go on your next attempt :-)


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Ok.... I have been a bit slack with the tracking of food (I have been writing it down but haven't entered it here. So here it is, in one big fell swoop!)

DAY 17 Log (Nov 6)

D - Salmon fish cakes / salad of spinach, cucumber, capsicum, carrot / black tea

DAY 18 Log (Nov 7)

B - 2 poached eggs / bacon / black coffee

S - Nuts / dried pawpaw / dried apricots / banana

L - 2 boiled egg

D - Steak / prawns / salad / 2 soda waters with lemon wedge

S - Black tea

DAY 19 Log (Nov 8)

B - Sweet potato scramble with bacon / red / onion / eggs / black coffee

S - 2 boiled eggs

L - Chicken quiche / green salad / long black

D - Tofu / tempura vegetables / chicken / seaweed salad / 2x soda water (Bento Japanese restaurant)

DAY 20 Log (Nov 9)

B - 2 boiled eggs / bacon / black coffee

2nd B - Sweet potato hash / mushrooms / 2 poached eggs / long black

S - Cashews / Dried apricots / black coffee

D - Chicken / Spinach salad / Potato / black tea

DAY 21 Log (Nov 10)

B - 2 boiled eggs / banana / black coffee

Went to Crossfit for 3 hours (7am - 10am)!! So had a second breakfast (can you blame me? I was friggin hungry!)

2nd B - 2 fried eggs / bacon / 2 sausages / mushrooms / tomato / long black

S - Cashews

L - Beef burger (no bread, silly!) / bacon / egg / lettuce, tomato, gherkin, beetroot, carrot / latte

S - Banana with ABC paste / black tea

D - Chicken / salad of spinach, carrot, mushrooms, beetroot, tomato / steamed sweet potato

I have officially gotten further than in any other attempt at the Whole30! Yay, me!

Only 9 short days to go and I can say I have completed my first Whole30. I am quite chuffed with my perseverance and my ability to just 'give it one more go'!

I feel great. Strong. Fit. Healthy. Happy.

Whole30 and I am 30 (I think this is a MAGIC number for me.....!)

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DAY 22 Log (Nov 11)

B - banana / black coffee

2nd B - 2 fried eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, advocado / orange, pineapple, carrot, ginger juice

S - black coffee / handful of macadamia nuts / banana in ABC paste

D - 3 lamb chops / roasted sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, brocoli, cauliflower / soda water with lemon and lime

Bit 'snacky' tonight. Had another banana, and a few carrots. Was SO close to having a big bit of chocolate. Something in me said "No way sister! You are on Day friggin 22! How dare you even think that thought!" So I successfully knocked that craving for six. Sneaky little bugger!

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DAY 23 Log (Nov 12)

B - Sweet potato scramble with red onion, bacon, eggs / 2x black coffee

S - Boiled egg / banana

L - Left over roasted sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, onion, cauliflower / boiled egg / black coffee

S - Dried pawpaw pieces, slithered almonds, cashews


Trained at noon today, instead of the normal night session - due to a change in work structure. I didn't think I went all that great at training at that time of the day, and am keen to go back for more tonight. But I don't really know if that's classed as over training or not... Interesting thought...

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DAY 23 Log (Nov 12)

D - Steak / salad of spinach, red onion, carrot, capsicum, beetroot, egg

DAY 24 Log (Nov 13)

B - Scrambled eggs / advocado / black coffee

S - Banana / cashews, pawpaw, alomonds / black coffee

2nd B/L - 2 poached eggs / bacon / sausage / mushrooms / tomato / hash brown / long black

D - Steak / eggs / potato

DAY 25 Log (Nov 14) - so far...

B - 2 poached eggs / mushrooms / tomato / spinach / black coffee

S - Cashews, almonds, dried pawpaw / long black

L - Chicken / Salad of spinach, mushroom, carrot, capsicum, red onion, tomato

S - 2 boiled eggs


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Note: I haven't been especially hungry between meals this week. Which is a mini breakthrough. I have just been sticking mostly with the meals and having few, if any, snacks. I have been drinking a bit of coffee. But I am loving it black! And I figure, I don't smoke or drink alcohol - so I'm allowed one vice. That's what I reckon anyway - many might disagree!

I have also been doing double to triple Crossfit workouts this week so far. I feel amazing! Strong and fit. I just feel like my body can handle a little extra, so I'm giving it a chance to work a little harder. This is the last day of that though - I think a week of it might be slighly daft!

Not long to go now... I might just keep on going after the 30 (once I sample a little chocolate!)

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DAY 25 Log (Nov 15)

D - Didn't really have a chance for dinner, so snacked on 2 boiled eggs / some roasted turkey / banana / black tea

Also, started a barista course last night and had to sample a few drinks I made (which had milk, and a hot chocolate which had sugar) Only had a tiny sip of each - glad for that, as I reckon a full hot chocolate would have extended my stomach out of this world, afer being dairy free for almost a month!!

I am loving learning the art of coffee making - and didn't realise how much love went into a well made long black (my drink of choice!!)

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DAY 26 Log (Nov 15)

B - 2 boiled eggs / black coffee

S - Raw cashews / boiled egg / black coffee

L - Spinach salad with beetroot, mushrooms, carrot, capsicum, tomoto / chicken / egg

S - Banana / ??

D - ??

Coffee course again tonight. Being busy mades it difficult to make good food choices. But I would rather starve then to cave in now with 4 friggin days to go!!!! I wish where I lived was a bit better in terms of food options! Blah!

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