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SWYPO Questions


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So since starting this whole30 I've had some interesting discussion on what is swypo and what isnt, so I figured I'd pose the questions here and get some definitive answers. 

1. Is Lacroix considered swypo? Why or why not? 

2. Is Homemade coffee creamer w/ compliant ingredients (something with coconut creme and spices to make your coffee taste pumpkin spice like) swypo? Why or why not? 

3. What about BBQ sauce? 


My thoughts? 

1. for me lacroix is not swypo for me personally because I've been drinking it year round. I mean, is it a habit? possibly, but not one I care to break. It's delicious and I love it. But what about people who swap it for pop, is that a swypo? I lean towards no but there have been some good arguments from the other side so I'm unsure.

2. I think the creamer is swypo. Maybe if you only have it once it isn't but if it's a daily addition I think it would be. 

3. I would think that BBQ sauce isn't but I don't really have reasoning for it. Just like dairy free ranch isn't a swypo. right? 

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My thoughts:

La Croix is just carbonated water with added fruit and not SWYPO

Adding spices to your coffee is not SWYPO, adding coconut milk, or oil or ghee (or a combination of the three) is not SWYPO, but if you start adding dates for sweetness all sorts of other stuff I'd question whether you like the coffee or the hot, sweet, creamy drink and it'd be SWYPO

BBQ is not SWYPO in the same way that home-made ranch, or sunshine sauce or mayo or ketchup or any other sauce are not SWYPO (although if you're adding ketchup to every meal in the same way that some teens do then again I'd question whether or not you like the food, or just the sauce and I'd suggest you walk away from it)

Any food or drink that you're using as a crutch should probably be on your 'approach with caution' list.

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The SWYPO rule is very clear in some areas and very vague in others. The answer to your questions is probably going to be different for everyone. Someone with a killer Dr. Pepper addiction probably shouldn't just sub in LaCroix. Someone who normally doesn't drink pop regularly and who throws LaCroix into the mix for variety is probably fine. Same with BBQ Sauce. If super saucy, drippy ribs and french fries was a normal comfort food/emotional eating food, chances are you would want to lay off the bbq sauce for a while in order to break that habit/association. Someone who uses BBQ sauce to baste their chicken thighs one week and uses a lemon marinade the next week and then an everyday "house" seasoning the next is probably fine with it.

Consider your context and know that your answers may differ from someone else's. 

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