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Hangover Flu?

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So after I accidentally drank coke (I have a VERY bad habit of grabbing any cups around and just drinking it without thinking... previous items include sour milk and soapy water) I decided to reset.


Made it through day one, was very proud of myself.

Woke up last night around midnight with extreme nausea and a bad headache. Normally I would chalk it up to a migraine, but the headache just didn't feel right. It wasn't severe enough, didn't hurt in the "right way".

Anyhow, I treated it like a migraine and tried to go back to bed, however I didn't take any medication due to the nausea.

Fought the nausea for an hour or so, then decided to get in the tub and crunch on ice, which always helps get my mind off the pain and help my tummy.

Went back to bed until 4, repeated the tub and ice, went back to sleep and then woke up for work at 6:30. Didn't feel too tired, thought I could make it.

All night long I cycled between feeling like I was roasting alive to feeling like I was freezing to death.

I tried to take some excedrin, as I can't function normally on sumatriptan. The pill came back up with, no joke, a good quart of puke.

Ran to the bathroom to finish puking, but of course I'm like the world champion heavyweight puker... so it splashed everywhere, which sucked. Including all over my work clothes. 

Called in sick, went back to bed and just woke up feeling like a million bucks. No, seriously I feel great now. Only thing is, it feels like there is a brick in my stomach so I'm not hungry even though I haven't eaten all day.

Is this what people call the Hangover? I've never drank, but if this is what happens I never will! 

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Nope, this sounds like you caught a bug, or got food posioning or something.

Take it easy, eat nourishing foods that are gentle on the stomach - mashed root veg, chicken soup, broth, ginger tea, and stay hydrated.

Your appetite should come back once your stomach has recovered from the upset.

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