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Consequences of Having Overate

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Hi there!

I reached out last week bc I felt like I was overeating my lunch...I'd be full before I was even half way through.  The mods helped troubleshoot that and I planned differently this week.  It was the foods I comprised my lunch of.

BUT I just finished a dinner and am needing help dealing with my overindulgence.  It was just a couple (probably heaping tbh) cups of spaghetti squash with compliant sauce and compliant homemade meatballs.  I ate way more than I should have and feel super stuffed and full...Of guilt.

This isn't just full bc I ate kale and spinach and got bloat-y...I def went overboard.  Day 9 and I'm still learning and re-establialshing my relationship with food, but my question is how is having overate going to effect my long progress and results in these 30 days?

Thanks in advance!

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