Post-Whole30 off-roading plan - please share yours!


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I am on Day 26 (!!) of my first Whole30 ever. Brass tax then details:

Day 31, I want to plan an off-plan (ha) mini-indulgence; a flute of champagne and something decadent (though I'm hesitant to make that "something" a sugary or dairy thing...I don't know what that leaves breaded quiche?).

My reasoning is that more than anything else, this Whole30 has been focused on the conscious, purposeful eating part of the plan (I own food! It doesn't own me!). This is a huge step for me in my life, I feel very empowered and confident in my ability to treat my body well and live a healthy life. So instead of extending my Whole30 days blindly, always wondering which "special" food or event will warrant off-tracking and so causing quite a bit of anxiety, I want to give myself the darn thing with a plan I made on purpose, know that it's OK, then move forward with the true Whole30 off-roading (ie. waiting for special events/purposeful reasoning to eat non-compliant food).

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is this weak? Totally ignoring the "purpose" of my Whole30 and subsequent well fed lifestyle?

Also, has anyone done this sort of initial celebration planning?

Thanks for listening, please share share share!

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Hmmm...your plan sounds like it's not a very good one at least for day 31. Have you read ISWF? There is a transition/reintroduction plan that is very specific so you can discover what at least outwardly bothers you and what doesn't. Jumping head first into things sort of defeats the purpose.

In the transition plan, you introduce one item on day 31 or whenever you decide it's time. So, dairy for example. Have dairy with all 3 meals that day. Then see how it affects you. Then 2 more days on Whole 30 to clear out your system and then on the third day add gluteny grains. Then go 2 more days on W30 and add legumes if you choose to. This way you will know what you can have occasionally and what you can't. Alcohol should probably be it's own item and not combined with anything else.

I do like your second paragraph and that's exactly how I now live my food life. I'm fairy consistant with Whole 30 eating and then I mindfully go off road occasionally for something very special. :)

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This is just a the appropriate reintroduction to learn how your body reacts to the eliminated foods. After you have the knowledge, THEN have your celebration. At least this way you will know how your body will respond. You may skip the pizza, for example, if you have significant side effects. Be able to truly enjoy whatever it is that you choose to celebrate with!

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