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ISWF - Food Tables - Help?

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Hi all,

I'm writing about the food tables toward the back of the book.

I don't really get them, how they work and so I haven't been using them but since I'm struggling at the moment with my Whole 30 Round 2 I thought I'd stop being shy and ask.

Do you get them? How do they actually work? I know it shouldn't be this hard but I am, unfortunately, finding it a challenge.


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I can see how these might be confusing if you aren't someone who normally improvises a lot in the kitchen, but it would be a great way to learn how food comes together and get a little looser. Basically it works like this:

First, they provide a general set of instructions for a type of meal (ground meat skillet, meat fillet, fritata, etc.) then, in the grid, they offer different suggestions of combinations of ingredients to use, using those instructions.

SO, first look at the grid and pick which ingredients you want to use (deciding on substitutions or additions if you want to, its very flexible), then back up and follow the instructions using those ingredients.

make sense?

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