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Day 11 and the headaches won't quit.


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I'm on Day 11, headaches are starting midday and lasting until I go to bed, pretty much everyday since Day 2. A link to my food log:


Some other random bits of information that may or may not be relevant:

- Pre-W30 I was eating mostly compliant (probably about 95% foodwise + some wine here and there)

- I've been averaging around 8 hours of sleep every night and waking up without an alarm

- Stress level is moderate, nothing too crazy, mostly work-related

- I've been working out (mostly running) average 4x per week

- Caffeine: I drink about 2 cups (assuming 8 oz = a cup) of coffee each morning and sometimes tea in the afternoon but not always

- Medications: I take a low dose of levothyroxine (25 mcg)

- Vitamins: I just started taking a multi a few days ago

I do have a history of migraines but they mostly went away since I've been off hormonal BC (about five years now). I had a similar episode of daily headaches during July-Aug, during that time I started my first W30. I can't pinpoint when they ended relative to when I started the W30.

Anyway..... help! Any advice is appreciated...

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My water intake varies but the thought crossed my mind that it may not be enough so I've upped it considerably the past few days. My carbs are on the high side, I eat an average equivalent of one large sweet potato per day and fruit daily as well.

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Why you are getting headaches is unclear, but I like the idea of making sure you are drinking plenty of water. I also wonder if you are eating enough. I chronically wonder if people eat enough on this forum and I don't see strong evidence of your eating too little, but it is something to think about. I sometimes get headaches when I go too long between meals.

Did I see anything in your food log for protein besides poultry - eggs, turkey, chicken? I'd like to see more variety - beef, pork, fish, etc.

You noticed your own need to eat more greens. You eat a lot of salads, which often are extremely light and might mean you are not eating enough. But salad is different than eating kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, etc. Cucumbers and celery are not especially nutritious vegetables. Basically, I would like to see you eating more of the best choices from this list... http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Shopping-List.pdf.

You do seem to be eating enough carbs.

I wish I had more for you, but I hope this helps.

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Thanks Tom, sometimes I wonder as well if I eat enough, though have a hard time believing I don't for the reasons that I eat til I'm satisfied during meals, and outside of my workouts I don't get a ton of activity (I sit at a desk all day). But I do find myself getting hungry in the late afternoons, usually about 5 hours after lunch. Typically I eat breakfast around 8, lunch around 12, and don't get to dinner until 7 or 8 so I've been adding in a Meal 4 some days, but maybe I need to do that everyday. After a lifetime of hearing and experiencing that eating more = putting on weight it's hard to imagine that now I may need to eat more!

As far as variety I did eat quite a bit of salmon over the weekend and beef the past couple of days. Since turkey leftovers only happen once per year variety is my norm, so I guess I'll have to see if that helps at all.

The more that I think about it, I think stress is the main culprit. As it has been so wisely stated I can't expect a food solution to a lifestyle problem, so maybe I need to start going to yoga again! In the past when I used to get migraines Imitrex was my go-to, but I was much less healthy then. I'd really like to find a better solution this time around.

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