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@Sunshine2020 I think all the RX bars minus the peanut one is compliant (I didn't read every label, just the two I bought) but they are discouraged on this diet...


But for an emergency and as a diabetic, I've got to have something in my purse, etc. when needed.

So funny about falling off the chair. I mean not really but it sounds like something I would have done in high school and maybe more so now!!! But great job on avoiding all those "treats." Our school system has the "cupcake nazi" as she has been referred to in the press because she only plans a dessert for the kids once every 6 weeks! They work hard to source locally grown foods and grass-fed meats. I feel pretty lucky that if my boys do eat lunch at school, the choices are waaaaay better than what I experienced growing up.

@AmberinCanada I don't know if you guys have Costco up there, but I got both the Whole30 book and the Quick Recipe one for $17.99 each US.

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I think I need a spiralizer too!  Thanks for the link, @dnewc! Oh, and to be clear, the curry I was raving about was the curry sauce on page 307.  I used it on cooked chicken.  I haven’t tried the actual curry chicken recipe yet!  

Thanks for the recipe @jenrunsaustin!  It really does sound yummy. 

@AmberinCanada the book is $18.99 at Costco in Canada. Well worth having your own copy...so much information I’m constantly checking, plus all the great recipes. I’m tempted to pick up one of the other Whole30 recipe books that Costco has too. 

Yes, almost 1/4 of the way through...hard to believe!  I am amazed at how good I feel when I go to bed now. My stomach used to feel so full & heavy before & I would usually try to not eat anything past 7 & it still felt that way. I wouldn’t be comfortable & would toss & turn. Now I get into bed & there is none of that, or the acid reflux. I am impressed since it’s only been a week. Makes me wonder what the culprit was...gluten? dairy? sugar?  Makes me excited to see what other positive changes are coming!  

Lets keep this going!  :)

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Eating a wonderful simple breakfast of scrambled eggs with Avocado and Pico de Gallo (tomatoes, jalapenos, onion and cilantro) all very easy to do in my office kitchen which consists of a refrigerator, sink and microwave but at least it is something.

I was surprised at how easy the weekend was, even met a friend for a "beer" which I had ice tea -yay me!  I am getting kind of bored and want somethings like chips, not because I am craving them, but because i like them.

I really admire all of you who are doing this with families and still providing them with their "normal" meals, treats, etc.

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Hi Whole30 Buddies! 

I just read all your posts from the beginning! It was so comforting and encouraging to hear all of your experiences, and I will start chiming once a day with mine!  I had to start over on Day 1- I was in the store buying deli meat for my kids- the Boars Head Chipotle Chicken and when they offered me a piece I said "Yes Please!" Ate it  was so yummy!    Well..... on my drive home it occurred to me that it may not have been legal. -OOOPS!  I looked up the ingredients online when I got home and sure enough there was sugar in the spices on the edges!  

Well At least it was only on Day 1.  I did start over because I wanted to hold myself accountable to following 100% and to make myself think first before I just grab any old food I used to eat!  So that has been my biggest realization how often I eat without even thinking!  Good habit to be breaking.  

I honestly feel like have been spending my days planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after food!  I told my husband it brings back memories of the all consuming feeling of brining home a newborn and you never get a chance to take a breather!  Its all about the baby every waking moment  just like now  its all about the Whole 30 constantly to just keep up with the workload!  My kids have been having to help with dishes more which is a good thing.

I feel sooo much better in my gut.  Taking a nap every day bc I'm just wiped out.

Amazing how I am learning what it feels like to be hungry vs craving something and to be truly full and satisfied of delicious food.  I never expected this food to be this amazingly delicious and I'm having a blast using every gadget and kitchen supply I have ever bought! I feel like Im on a cooking show sometimes and I do feel happy.  Then other times especially after I wake up after my 30 min- the ravenous sugar craving monster is in full force and I am so angry I can't have CHOCOLATE!  Or a toasted tortilla with butter, or a scone and vanilla latte!  I hate this and I hate anyone around me!!!!  

Well it does pass- just get out some leftover's Jennifer and you will soon be satisfied and content and proud of myself for sticking it out.  Getting stronger I think.

Pants fitting a little looser! Have fought the urge to weigh myself.  

Day 5 I put in my journal that I was feeling more mentally clear and calm than what is normal for me.  Brain noise and fog has improved.  I normally take Vyvance for focus and energy but have stopped for this 30 days.  Another variable to this Whole30 experiment removed!  And I feel like Im focusing better than ever!  Love that!

Favorite meals so far:

Salmon Cakes out of the Whole30 book with homemade mayo, lemon and chopped green onions on the top.  I used seat potatoes that I cooked myself instead of canned- just as good and easy to do.  Love mixing the mayo with the red pepper sauce- I practically use that on everything I eat..

I find the sauces and dressings to be necessary and very helpful to making these dishes fabulous!

Oh and I made the applesauce and can't tell you how I almost giggled when I was eating it- did not taste like I should be eating it!  So good with coffee in the am but I had to stop that bc i need to break the habit of have a "goodie" with coffee in the morning- I used to eat biscotti or scones or cookies with my coffee in the am and it was a bad habit- don't want to continue that even with Whole 30 approved delicious apple sauce.- NO way.  SO I have it with a meal instead.

I desperately want to get a spiralizer- what is a good one?  I bought a chopper that I love and use everyday  its prefect to chop onions in with a few pulls of the string.  ITs not electric and its very easy to clean  it is Cuisinart  CTG-00-PCH-  $20 on Amazon or BB and Beyond.

I also bought the 10-second Chopper for bigger vegetables- works great.  Got it at BB and Beyond.It is also hand powered not plugged in and easy to clean.

Gotta have the right tools by dad always told me! :)  Now more than ever as Im just trying to keep my head above water.  So far so good!! 

Hope your all hanging in there and seeing many positive changes today.  Go take a nap! :)

Jennifer in Raleigh,NC



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@JenniferNoc I love your anology of Whole30 to a newborn....that describes it perfectly!  It is all consuming & I curse all the dishes (no kids here anymore to help!  :wacko:). I’m glad to hear you made the salmon cakes using mashed sweet potatoes instead of canned...I will make those this week. I’ve heard lots of rave reviews about the recipe. I find I’m quite addicted to sweet potatoes...I never bought them before because hubby wasn’t keen on them, but he’s eating them!

Last night was the first time I was craving a snack. I was antsy & wandering the house. I wasn’t hungry!  Just old habits. Talked myself down & all was good. 

Tonight we’re having baked salmon with blueberry/ginger sauce, coconut cauliflower rice & green beans. Will give a review of the new (for me) recipes. 

Are we really on day 8???

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Worry not about your kids... They'll eat the food because you can make almost anything you make now, just with different fats... I made stir fry tonight. I ate the stir fry, made additional rice for my husband. He asked if I had ordered in! He made rotisserie Boston butt yesterday, smoked pork chops and fish over the weekend, and more. I make sides. We eat like a royalty. It's not as difficult as you think it will be... Be bold! Success is yours! 

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6 hours ago, JenniferNoc said:

Amazing how I am learning what it feels like to be hungry vs craving something and to be truly full and satisfied of delicious food.

I am starting to actually get the "full" message and think "Ya, I can stop now."

I'm having a tough time this weekend though. I'm visiting my older daughter who is in college and she has lots of yummy things in her house that I tend to crave like hummus, and peanut butter and cereal. When I get home I'm going to make zucchini hummus!

And she has beer and cider... but there is lime perrier for me! 

Yesterday we went out to a Greek place for lunch and I had Greek salad (hold the feta) with grilled chicken.  Last night we cooked pan fried fish (Opa) and roasted veggies - today for breakfast eggs with roasted veggies and more leftovers for lunch. We are going out to dinner but I'm sure I can find something on the menu I can "customize".

Day 8 - wow! This is flying by.

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@dnew  WOW super impressive!!  You can do the comparison now, but in the future, more like after the 30 days, it will not seem like a big deal. And you won't even think of the other choice. You will be satisfied with your Choice!

As I am typing, my husband just walked by with Ice Cream and Piping Hot Chocolate cookies. "Dmmm" Does it count if I smell it and don't eat it? :huh: as still in compliance?:D

@JenniferNoc  I agree with @SalW it is so true. I spent time in the store today, looking up what RX was acceptable, and reading ingredients. I remember when I brought my kids home from the hospital, looking up if what they did was "normal".

I just received my Nom Nom book today. I was looking for new receipes. I think I am turning into a Whole30/Paelo cookbook geek! I need to purchase the spiral, and I purchased frozen, but haven't tried them yet. I had purchased fresh from Target, but they had some preservative - and I couldn't take the taste. 

Is it really Day 8 - ... Is everyone still doing great? or at least plugging away??




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@dnewc good job on the weekend eating. Holy cow...I am definitely not ready for that yet. You did awesome!

@Sunshine2020 - hilarious....was just reading your post about your husband walking by with cookies & ice cream & mine said “I feel like something...I think I’ll have ice cream”. :lol:  Please share any good recipes you try from your new cookbook!

The blueberry/ginger sauce on the baked salmon was sooooooo good!  Really liked the coconut cauliflower rice as well, except I didn’t have shredded coconut flakes or cilantro to add. I knew I had unsweetened coconut in my cupboard, but checked ingredients & there were sulphites in it. There was still coconut flavor from the coconut milk. Lots left over for tomorrow. I think I’ll try the walnut crusted pork tenderloin. :rolleyes:

Over 25% done!  What??

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@JenniferNoc I so agree about the newborn analogy. My husband calls this my "cooking diet." I was cooking almost the entire day yesterday, but that was because I was making a birthday cake, feeding the kids, then feeding me, then repeat, then making the dinner plus leftover meatballs, etc. etc. I think I started out this forum by saying "I like to cook" or was it "love"? My feelings might have changed in the last couple of days! :) But the new recipes are really good.

It's great to see that some of you are already experiencing positive changes! I'm still crazy tired. Its actually like early pregnancy tired. Or maybe I'm just getting old...

Had more dreams of eating naughty things last night!!! And @Sunshine2020 smell away!!!! Unless it feels like torture. My son was "pretend" trying to feed me a piece of his birthday cake. But he didn't really want to share it.

Week 2, here we come!

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I am totally at the boredom stage!  I really am one of the lucky ones and do this out of choice to make better food choices in my life rather than medical need.  But, I don't notice big changes in feeling better (though I did notice feeling horrible in giving up the diet coke and sugar for a couple of days but feel about the same now as before the program).  So I start thinking I really don't need to deprive myself of all my favorite things (some of which are healthy), I can eat them in moderation (ha!)  Anyways I continue on, but missing my beer (maybe 1 or 2 a week).

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17 hours ago, SalW said:

@Sunshine2020 - hilarious....was just reading your post about your husband walking by with cookies & ice cream & mine said “I feel like something...I think I’ll have ice cream”. :lol:  

Okay -- so I just got back from visiting my daughter and walked in the kitchen... My husband had just made a double batch of oatmeal cookies! So many he couldn't fit the lid on the tupperware! Aargh. :wacko:

So it is in times of grave frustration or feelings of deprivation that I feel that having a piece of a compliant Rx or Lara bar, while maybe not in the spirit of the program but still technically allowed, is still better than throwing in the towel altogether. So I do tend to keep one around.

Went out to dinner last night and ordered a lettuce wrapped burger "hold the 'pub sauce' and the cheese". Extra pickles please! Was sad not to try one of the many yummy beers, but really was fine with my water. And after that I slept through the night!! Hurrah!

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Hello All.

I tried tonight - simple supper because I worked late, Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo. Has a kick! I am never sure if I like Chipotle, but it was different!.

I mixed two hard boil eggs with it. Ingredients:  Avocado Oil, Eggs, Egg Yolk, Vinegar, water, sea salt, lime juice, Chipotle powder, lime granules, garlic powder and rosemary extract - all organic. I couldn't eat it all the time, but occasionally would be good. with lettuce boat.

A patient of mine and I had been talking a week or so ago about popcorn - cheese popcorn. And what the ultimate best kind out there. Today, my patient brought me a mini bag of cheese popcorn, that he said was and is the best in the world!  UUUUGGGGHHHH! I I loooooovvvvvveeee cheese popcorn.!  Luckily I was with a different patient and didn't have to try it in front of him. The date said until March 1st. When is our last day???

I almost wonder, if our sweeties are trying a little bit to sabotage our Whole30. Some of you have your spouses in on it with you, hopefully, that is keeping you strong! Some of us have cuties trying to sneak in and make us break! We are stronger...and can do this! 

@jenrunsaustin are you saying you are giving up? Many changes will happen, but it hasn't been that long. That is why it has to be 30 days! You can do it. Diet coke is terrible, studies after studies shows it increases the desire to eat sugar. Beer - it is only 30 days. And we are already 9 days in. Only 21 days to go...You Can Do It!.

We become focused on what we can not have instead of what we can. Enjoy all the foods that taste like foods, not chemicals or processed!

I do not allow that word Bored in my house. Even my kids would tell their friends, don't say that word, my mom will come up with something to do...there is always something to do in life. If your food is boring, then try new recipes. There are tons of reading to do about Whole30... Try something new.

Best wishes!



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@Sunshine2020 Not giving up just having a harder time today.  I do deal with some depression and when it come on it makes me not want to do anything I should be doing.  I can usually push thru the things I really have to get done, but at the same time try not to be too hard on myself.  So probably bored isn't quite the right word.  

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@jenrunsaustin I made the chicken cobb salad recipe tonight that you shared. Really good. (My husband liked it too, and he just eats salad because its on the table.) Yes...I think I get where you're at with the diet. For me, when other parts of life are pushing my buttons, then I feel like the "diet" is just one more thing to deal with. BUT, I'm having to rephrase my own thoughts to remember that this is really self care. I'm a little giddy about my blood sugar numbers being in tighter range the last two days and I'm really pondering if it would be worth it to avoid grains entirely. I'd need a lot less insulin. Time will help decipher that one.

I need more ideas for breakfast! I like me a scramble, but.....I want something different. :)

@dnewc my hubby knows that he's addicted to sugar. At least I've gotten him to give up eating jawbreakers all night long (he doesn't sleep well). He tried one of the RX bars I bought and really liked it. He said it could be his treat instead of the other sugar-laden bars. I'm thinking, well at least its a start. Gotta work on the "treat" part later! But, he's gotta decide for himself. We're here and doing it because its important to us. Maybe our good example will rub off.

I could and would do the whole30 independently, but this group is keeping me extra motivated. So thanks you guys! I don't want to mess up or give up because I don't want to tell you that I did. ;)

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You guys are very motivating....it helps having a group to be accountable to!  I tried the walnut crusted pork tenderloin tonight.....SO GOOD!!! (sorry to yell). It would be perfect if you had company for dinner!  I’m constantly amazed by how good all the recipes are. I drizzled some leftover blueberry sauce on to up the yum factor. And the coconut cauliflower rice tasted even better the next day. 

@Shelly :) that’s interesting that you are seeing a difference in your insulin requirements!  Pretty amazing what food can do

@Sunshine2020 we won’t be done by March 1st for your cheese popcorn, but quadruple bag it so it doesn’t go stale!  I think March 14 is our last day?  Please correct me if I’m wrong. 

@jenrunsaustin we can all do this...even if you aren’t feeling any changes right now, your body is thanking you. Your beer will be waiting for you!

Thats it for me...feeling sleepy!  -_-  Tomorrow we’ll be a third of the way through!!!

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Sorry I haven't been in here much - life has been busy! Things are going surprisingly well. Sure, I feel crabby when I can't eat something (like the cookies my son baked the other day) or drink wine on the weekend - but physically, I've really been feeling fine. Just a couple of headaches and a bit more tired than usual some days. Can't wait for that tiger blood to kick in!

My husband and I have been cooking up a storm! Chicken curry, grilled salmon, ribs, meat sauce on top of spaghetti squash. He made some yummy egg & veggie "muffins" that are great for weekday breakfasts and I usually have a nice big salad for lunch. I have to admit, I'm dreaming about the day it's all over though. I'm kind of getting sick of meat and eggs. 

They say days 10 and 11 are some of the hardest days to get through so hang in there ladies!

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So after I posted last night, a message on my phone - under the google popped up. Of course I can't figure out how to find it again, but it had some interesting comments about Whole30 and how it can increase depression in some, because of the restrictions. It was talking about eating disorders a social worker who tried the program and wasn't sure if she completed it or not. But how the eating disorders - that control over food can make it questionable. So if anyone is having these issues, it may be wise to get checked out...


I will send some info on breakfast foods to help too.

Lanette - PS back to work for me

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So, I used to be a baker for large Embassy events. My brother's birthday was last weekend so I baked 80 cupcakes and a cake for him as he's in an assisted living facility. I'm on day 28, passed the cravings, etc., and wanted to say this... I was mixing the last bowl of mix and admit I was using a boxed mix (it was 8pm already) and a bit splashed up and hit my lip when I leaned over to multitask. I swear it tasted like metal. Remember when your fork got near your silver tooth filling (if you're old like me!) ? It was that taste. 

I'll never skimp on my baking again nor will I eat a cupcake or frosting.... I can still taste that as I write. Uugghh. Sweets be gone! 

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Day 11!!  How is everyone doing?  Internet is soooo slow here the last few days...prob because of all the snow. 

@Megifl wow, you are a beast being able to bake 80 cupcakes & not be tempted. Interesting about the mix leaving a metallic taste on your lip!

@jenrunsaustin I hope you are feeling better about things. 

Hubby is away this weekend. Normally when he goes away I get in my fave treats & eat things that he doesn’t like. This weekend I’m trying a new recipe that sounds yummy...spaghetti squash tuna casserole!  You use coconut milk in it & it sounds creamy & yummy. I don’t know that he would be keen on it, so the perfect weekend for it!  It says it freezes well too. Trying the pork sausage patties today & have leftover roasted veggies with it. Still feeling really good & tough cravings haven’t set in.  I’m not hungry between meals & hubby’s chips & ice cream snacks don’t bother me.  We’ll see how I handle it later in the journey.  :P I won’t lie...yesterday I was thinking of a gooey, greasy grilled cheese sandwich (only because someone was eating one in the book I’m reading)  it did sound good, but then left my mind, thankfully.

We are over a third of the way through!!!  Who’s still with me?  Happy Thursday!




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I am, I am.

Avocado Egg

3107.jpgClick image to enlarge
Cook for:  
Original Servings:  4
Active Time:  10 m
Total Time:  45 m
Cost:  $
Fixed Servings:  No

4 avocados
8 eggs
coarse sea salt, to taste 
ground black pepper, to taste 
cayenne pepper, optional to taste 
4 scallions

How To Prepare

1Preheat oven to 425F.

2Remove the stones from the avocado. Scoop out a little more avocado to increase the size of the stone's crater.

3Crack an egg into the crater.

4Sprinkle with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and optional cayenne pepper.

5Bake for 15-30 minutes or until egg is cooked to your desired doneness.

6Mince the scallions.

7Garnish with scallions and serve.

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I didn't make it, but I am going to.  Here is a recipe I have made many times

Garden Veggie Quiche (Paleo)

157207.jpgClick image to enlarge
Servings:  8
Active Time:  30 m
Total Time:  1 h 0 m
Cost:  $$
Fixed Servings:  Yes

For the crust: 
1 large sweet potato
For the filling: 
1 pound bacon
2 small zucchinis
1 cup cherry tomatoes
4 green onions
10 eggs
1/4 cup filtered water
1 teaspoon coarse sea salt, or to taste 
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon paprika

How To Prepare

1For the crust: Preheat oven to 350F. Grate sweet potato.

2Layer the bottom and sides of a quiche pan or 8x8 inch baking dish with shredded sweet potato.

3Bake the sweet potato-lined dish for 20 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients.

4For the filling: Cut bacon into slivers and fry in a pan. Remove with a slotted spoon. Pour off all but 2 tablespoons bacon fat, filter through a mesh strainer and reserve for later use.

5Cut zucchinis in half, scoop out seeds and discard, then dice. Sauté zucchini in bacon fat until they begin to soften.

6Slice the tomatoes thinly and remove seeds and juice. Dice green onions.

7When crust is done cooking, remove from oven. Using a spatula, press the crust back into the sides (the sides tend to sink a bit when baking).

8In a large bowl, beat the eggs with the water, salt, pepper, and paprika.

9Distribute bacon, zucchini, tomato, and green onions evenly on top of the crust.

10Gently pour beaten eggs evenly over top.

11Bake quiche for 30 minutes or until set.

12Serve immediately or warm later in the oven.

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