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ORBren - logging in & being thankful


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Copied my intro as my first entry...

Here I go... Book to arrive Monday, but I have scoured the web site and read lots of other books so I feel prepared to be successful. I need this because the older I get the more aches and pains and gut issues with foods arise. I need the accountability of a challenge and look forward to a community of folks who think like I do about food. I plan to really notice and appreciate the ways I feel better during the next 30 days as inspiration & motivation - because I am the poster girl for knowledge not equalling action/ behavior. I currently keep a thankfulness journal and plan to use that to capture the good stuff related to Whole30.

No excuses...grass fed beef - check, fresh & fermented veggies - check, olive &coconut oil - check, water - check. Let the new habit forming begin.

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OK - The concept is easy but cleaning out cupboards/fridge is HARD. I really like almond milk - feels like a waste.

Day #1 went fine - although I had a wicked headache - I guess I had more sugar over Christmas than I thought.

B: fresh pineapple, HB egg and parsley :)

L: avocado and bacon

D: steak with butter & garlic, broccoli, summer squash - Ate good whole food but a bit too much at dinner - that is an issue for me.

Over the years I think I wacked-out my satiety sensor. I tend to feed my mouth not my stomach.

Only 1 cup of coffee today! water & kombucha

Thankful for:

1. easy access to good W30 food;

2. a sweet husband who does not participate but does not object;

3. starting this process a full week before school starts again - I will need a very clear head when students arrive;

4. making it through day 1.

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Day # 2 Still with the headache.

Things that went well - Took a 45 minute walk (28 degrees out what was I thinking... I don't exercise) It was fine I started listening to Harry Potter book 4. I usually listen to these in the car to and from work, but I am trying to use them as motivation to walk - Will probably use the garage treadmill tomorrow though.

Food choices went well

B: leftover steak, broccoli and squash

L: HB egg, small orange and 1/2 banana (this was an on-the-run lunch)

D: Lettuce leaf taco with 1/2 ground beef and 1/2 ground turkey (made meatballs out of the rest), pineapple & Kim Chi on the side

Not really all that hungry - that is nice for a change.

Got a massage today really needed it - lots of hip pain lately due to up and down stairs with Christmas un-decorating and lifting of beautiful grand-daughters over the holiday.

I am using the daily e-mails from Whole 30 as some accountability and motivation. The day 2 offering discussed self-efficacy <believing in my ability to succeed> and resiliency <seeing obstacles as opportunities> These are huge concepts in effectively dealing with chronic illness or disability too. Nice to see them applied to the chronicity of needing to eat and potential long-term consequences of choices. This also speaks to the need for accurate education about food, you can't make good decisions <choices> if you don't have good information.

Thankful for:

1. Warm clothes and a safe neighborhood to walk in;

2. A great massage therapist and $ to be able to see her;

3. On-line encouragement;

4. All the paleo trailblazers for providing education and coaching.

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Day 3

Soooo tired. Stayed in all day ate well not too hungry. Climbing stairs my only exercise.

Late B: meatball, salad with egg homemade salad dressing, last of the broccoli and squash (didn't eat all the squash) a little Kim chi on the side.

L: a little steak, salad

D: scrambled eggs,coconut oil, Serrano pepper, parsley, avocado, herbal tea

6 blackberries

Trying to attach a couple of photos, An attempt at learning something new, gotta keep up with some of the tech stuff.

Thankful for:

1, re-reading Primal Body Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas. I had forgotten that overeating can actually decrease hydrochloric acid production.

2, an effective heater in my house

3, warm house shoes

4, dogs to keep my feet warm. (Can you tell I am cold today)



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Day #4 Feeling better today, no headache - Got my ISWF book today!

Working evening shift with 4-5 miles of walking as the norm.

Had a really good food day.

B: Oysters and 3 prunes... really. My husband called it an "unconventional breakfast"

L: 2 Meatballs, raw veggies (carrots, jimica, broccoli, red pepper) a little kim chi and kombucha

D: 2 Meatballs (that finishes them off - sooo good) raw veggies (above plus tomato), sauerkraut, olives

water & black coffee - fully leaded.

Thankful for:

1. 3 new books to read ISWF, Well Fed and the yellow cover Habits book - can't remember the name and it is in the trunk.

2. Good sleep last night

3. A taste for raw veggies

4. Menu planning/shopping lists

Health issues:

1. If my hip and heel don't stop hurting soon, I may eliminate peppers and tomatoes to see if that helps at all. Hip is a really deep ache but the heel feels like tendonitis - both on the right side. Bad

2. Noticed alot of diuresis and reduction of bloating. Good

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Day #5

Well I worked til 1AM and my husband's alarm went off at 5:30... I was not successful trying to get back to sleep.

Needless to say this will be a down day - and I am feeling fine.

Walked on the treadmill listening to Harry Potter and did some reading in ISWF.

Yesterday I made a list of 5 distractions to use when I feel a craving coming on and had a chance to use one of them. Cleaning out one of the tubs full of nail polish, powder, lotion, soap etc. in my bathroom. Took 5 minutes, that was enough.

This idea came from the daily e-mail encouragement sent by Whole30. These are really helpful and have funny pictures or short videos at the end when you report a successful day.

Today's Food:

B: 3 prunes, HB egg & 4 oz. chicken, baked then added fresh orange and balsamic to make a tart sauce,

L: 6 oz talapia - cooked in coconut oil with dill, small sweet potato, salad with homemade balsamic dressing

D: 6 oz salmon (pattied with walnuts and egg), olives, salad - this is too much salmon, but I ate it blech.

Thankful for:

1. I am so pleased at how much better my pants are fitting, just losing that wheat/dairy bloat is great.

2. resisting a sugar craving today - I really cannot look at forbidden things Husbands cookies left on the counter - that started the craving.

3. No headache despite inadequate sleep.

4. New Years resolution to get rid of at least 12 things each month for this year. I deleted 12 auto e-mail notices I rarely read - so now maybe I can see the things I need to. Also, while un-decorating I found 12 Christmas things I did not love (mugs, ornaments, candle holders) and put them in the GoodWill box.

5. Made it through the work shift with good food choices - lots of triggers and old bad habits at work.

Good Job me!

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Day #6

Had a good day. Woke up after 9 great hours.

Went to my daughter's and made a batch of paleo mayo - turned out yummy.

Spent the rest of the day cooking up and chopping for the work week. I am back to class after a long break - I am physically ready but not quite mentally ready. Oh well getting a good night of sleep is the next goal.

B: HB eggs x2, bacon, coffee

L: chicken salad with cilantro

D: Beef with serrano peppers - raw veggies

Thankful for:

1. My oldest daughter living in the same town

2. Starting my first batch of dill pickles

3. A full hour of the music from St. Mark's monastery in Seattle on my local radio!- one of my favorite places to visit when I go up - the Monks chanting is seriously amazing - every Sunday night at 9.

No focused exercise today, no headache and less hip pain but my heel still HURTS.

Thanks Derval for checking in - I appreciate it.

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Day #7

Wow I really had a good day! The value of pre-planning cannot be over stated.

I ate breakfast on the road: 1 big meatball and a handful of blueberries

L: provided by the dept. as thanks for passing a difficult State survey last month. I found naked chicken & naked salad - squeezed a little lemon over both. (I had packed a great lunch in case there was not a good choice at the luncheon table)

D: Meatball, green beans and salad.

I am definitely getting plenty of veggies had raw varieties at my desk as a snack.

Walking to & from the car and climbing stairs my exercise....4.5 hours of meetings- dreadful.


1. That Monday is over - traditionally a LONG day.

2. Fridge stocked with great choices

3. Feeling great - plenty of energy!!! Nice way to start the term.

Still working on ISWF starting chapter 9 tonight.

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Congratulations on a good first day back! I would have been snacking after that lunch myself, I've found that I really need fat at every meal. Just re-read chapter 15 of ISWF to make sure I was on the right track with that, but I realize you aren't there yet!

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Apreston - thanks for the pointer about fat with every meal... Isn't this a great way to eat!

Day # 8 Starting the 2nd week!!!

Read 9 & 10 chapters last night. I am really enjoying the daily e-mails, visualizing success is powerful. Sometimes I feel like to list of good ideas is so long and there are not enough hours in the day, but if even one concept sticks and helps, how wonderful!

I felt good today, able to focus, not hungry til lunch.

B: blueberries, banana,HB egg (may have needed a bit more fat here too)

L: 2 Meatballs (beef & turkey and beef & lamb), green beans, raw veggies, pineapple, parsley, homemade mayo for veggie dip.

D: Homemade Butternut squash soup, paprika chicken thigh - both with coconut oil.


1. that both my hip and my heel are not as painful today.

2. spent some Facetime with the funny grand-daughters (3.5 and 1.5 yrs) from Seattle.

3. Kitchen smells so good when sauteeing onions in coconut oil.

4. Paleo mayo is amazing and really so easy it is crazy.

I have a feeling that when I finish the book I may find a few things I could have done better. But I had. to. start. on. the. 1st. period. Maybe I will extend the process beyond 30 days... who knows.

I need to concentrate on the next meal; pre-planning for un-forseen problems; and being vigilant for hidden sugar. That stuff is sneaky, it was in the chicken stock base! I had to get the boxed organic kind to avoid that maltodextrin.

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Day #9

Read chapters 11 & 12

I slept very deeply last night and woke up easily. Had a nice productive day at work.

B: Tuna salad (homemade mayo) lettuce, coffee with coconut oil.

L: Paprika chicken thigh, Chop salad (6 different veggies) orange

S: 2 prunes coconut flakes (maybe a tablespoon)

D: Curry beef made with coconut milk (7 veggies) and some pineapple.

I will be drinking more water tonight I feel kind of dry. I will walk on the treadmill for 30 mins.

Thankful for:

1. A little snow which was pretty but did not stick.

2. Pandora on-line radio, really makes my office days better - covers the noise from the hall.

3. Treadmill in my garage and HP on my disc player.

I have started making my notes, lists of goals, distractions etc. on my phone, not just on paper. I think that will help me be more consistent when I am out and about. Tomorrow is an early day with a new batch of students, wish me luck! I always want this term to be the best ever and it takes a lot of energy.

I am determined to keep up the focus and motivation toward W30!!!

I took Derval's advice and made a copy of the shopping list and the template and put them in a plastic sleeve on my fridge. Much better than trying to prop the book open.

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Day #10 in the bag. (Day #9 follow-up I did both drink more water and walk on the treadmill last night)

Good deep sleep, but awake early by alarm - for work. Packed both breakfast & lunch.

Drank 4 oz of bone broth on the way out the door.

B: HB egg, blueberries & 2 prunes

L: Meatballs with broccoli, raw veggies with mayo dip.

D: Left-over beef curry added some bone broth and more veggies, kombucha to drink

Read chapters 13, 14 & 15. I need to eat better breakfasts.

I did a lot of cooking and chopping when I got home based on motivation from Well Fed.

Now in my fridge; Cooked: cabbage (green & purple), beets, broccoli and green beans.

Also made snack bags with green beans, celery, carrots & broccoli.

And as if that is not enough, I cleaned off one of the fridge shelves getting rid of several bottles of stuff I do not need anymore.

Where is all this energy coming from? Oh yeah - eating right!


1. First day of clinical went well, a great group of motivated students

2. Warm herbal tea

3. Accountability to and support from W30 Friends.

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Day #11

Sad... woke up with a stomach ache at 4am...I don't think it was food, maybe evening vits? Maybe some gut healing issues?

No getting back to sleep, just up for work at 5:30.

B: 2 scrambled eggs with butter, 3 dried apricots

L: big salad with tomatoes, avocado & HB Egg O&V dressing

To the movie with hubby - ate 1/2 handful naked almonds

D: bed of cabbage with 2 meatballs, green beans, nice mustard sauce

Got more protein for breakfast but no veggies. Sigh. I will do better.

Finished the program part of ISWF (the reintroduction part will wait til later)


1. It's the weekend!!!

2. Hubby's weekend off too.

3. Forecast calls for no rain - so I will take a nice long walk outside tomorrow.

4. No sugar cravings.

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Day #12

Ahhh, the weekend.

Slept til I woke 9 hours - YES!!!

B: Two eggs kale and broccoli with coconut oil, 1/2 handful blueberries and black coffee

L: Lamb, salad with avocado & kim chi

D: Out to dinner (mongolian grill) lamb, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, celery, garlic water & hot sauce. I did not read the label on the hot sauce, but every other sauce was suspicious for sneaky sugar.


1. I felt really good today.

2. My mind was calm & happy

3. My body felt good - no major aches or pains.

4. Dinner to celebrate Grandson's 10th birthday - wow does time fly.

5. Cooked up a bunch of mushrooms and grated all the cheddar and put it in the freezer. Kitchen clean out was not just a 1 day process for me

6. Shopping list ready for tomorrow.

7. No cravings

I am really enjoying planning meals with the ISWF / Well Fed process. It is very creative and fun.

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Day #13

Felt good and ate well today.

B: 2 eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, beet, kiwi

L: tuna salad, celery, apples in lettuce cups (homemade mayo)

D: Chocolate chili, parsley & cilantro, 1/2 avocado

Cooked for the week -- paprika thighs (these are fantastic and a staple for us - make almost every week), rosemary chicken, Kale chips, HB eggs.

Still have fresh veggies, cooked veggies, avocados, kiwi, blueberries etc.

I got the best Meyer Lemons at Costco a few days ago, they make everything taste better!

My first batch of pickles was a fail, I think I used the wrong kind of cukes. I may wait til summer when the cukes are in-season. I will try a sauerkraut instead.


1. Planning a trip to see a friend in a couple of weeks

2. Planning a Superbowl shin-dig at our house

3. I like planning

4. I like making lists

This is the strictest plan I have ever followed, the biggest difference is No Dairy. Surprising that I am OK with it!

I had a craving for a dessert-ish thing tonight I wanted (still want) the peach crisp from Well Fed - but I cannot do that, it will reinforce the sweet craving... no no..

Ordered Coconut milk and coconut aminos from Amazon today.

Bye Bye weekend, I will miss you. sigh

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Day 13 addendum hungry before bed had a few almonds and blueberries

Day #14

B: L/O stew meat, green beans, cabbage, chard , mushrooms, raw onions

L: Chicken sausage, cabbage, chard, mushrooms,

S: raw veggie pack +olives+ 1/2 avocado (need to add a little protein to my veggie packs)

D: L/O Chocolate chili, cabbage, parsley

Slept well 8 hours. Noticing less "hitch-in-my-get-along" when I get up in the mornings, nice to not hobble.

Took my vits today.

Tonight's activities include making mayo and starting another kombucha brew.


1. Less joint inflammation (hip a lot better/heel a little better)

2. GI disturbance completely gone!

3. Steady energy all day long

4. No starving feeling before meals

5. Fewer headaches

6. Having so much fun in the kitchen

7. Reading exciting new books

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Day #15 Half way through!!!

B: 3 meatballs, cabbage, greens, beets, sw potato

L: 2 HB eggs, olives, raw veggies, kombucha 1 prune

D: 1 1/2 talapia filet dusted with pecan & coconut, green beans, sw. potatoes, kimchi, herbal tea

Now at the half-way mark I need to make an honest assessment of how it is going.


1. Post daily log on W30 - yep - 100%

2. Stretch everyday - probably 75-80 % on this one

3. Read supportive literature every day - 100%. With ISWF & Well Fed being new to me this has been super easy.

4 Get as close to 8 hours of sleep every night 80- 90% not by choice... just woke up too early a couple of times

5. Follow the meal template - 90% this has gotten better the longer I do it, I had a couple of early meals without the right balance.

I am keeping these goals and adding 1 more: to post some encouragement to someone else everyday on the W30 forum site. I have been doing this & I want to keep it up.

Two things I want to remember: I feel great! and I must have a mix of cooked and raw veggies each day.


1. Did I mention I am half-way through!!! 15 days under my belt

2. Sleeping deeply

3. Calm mind and happy

I have had sweet cravings in the evening the last 3 days. I think I may be one of those who will need more than 30 days to get the biggest result. I am open to extending to 45 days if needed... will re-assess at the end.

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Yeah! Congrats on the half way point. I'm on day 15 now. So....I think I'll celebrate a little early with an extra large helping of vegetables! lol.

I'm also open to extending too but there's still 15 days to go so I'll re-assess a little closer to February : )

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Day #16

Tossed & turned after 4AM. I am going to ask my acupuncturist what the significance of 4 AM is... I have something out of balance.

B: chocolate chili on a bed of spinach, 1/2 avocado.

L: Chicken salad (celery, walnuts, pickles) 1/2 banana 1/2 peach

D: Bora Bora fireballs, cauliflower rice pilaf, sunshine sauce and salad. A total YUMMY Well Fed meal.

Took my vits today. Very early morning tomorrow. So off to bed a bit early.

Thankful for:

1. cute purple earmuffs

2. cute pumpkin scarf

3. cute new boots

4. Layers to keep warm.

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Derval - interesting question. I have been hungry right as I am ready to go to sleep and I think - 'I am supposed to stop eating a couple of hours before sleep'. But, the uninterrupted sleep may be more valuable. I will try a few almonds, only if I feel hungry, and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the thought partnering. I really appreciate you being so engaged and supportive of this process. You are a good example for me.

Day #17

Very early start on Thursdays and Fridays.

B: talapia and a banana (needed a bit more fat and ? some veg)

L: chicken thigh, green beans, olives (8-10) and 1/2 kiwi

D: Bora Bora fireballs over spinach with sunshine sauce

S: little bowl of chocolate chili over cabbage.

I am expanding my daily reading of supportive lit to include movies (or documentaries) that challenge the conventional wisdom around food and eating. I know I will not agree with everything presented, but it gets me thinking.

And, if I do not agree, I want to be able to defend my understanding with some science.

That being said, i do believe there is a spiritual side to to being well nourished that cannot be explained by pure science. I think it is important to say nice things to yourself and experience things (not food) and people that bring happiness and health.

Tonight I watched "Hungry for a Change" on Netflix. Interesting discussion about detoxifying our bodies by eating cleansing foods. (Very focused on juicing) then transitioned to sleep, exercise, positive visualization. Overall a good movie, a bit repetitive at the beginning but there is good stuff in the last half. Several presenters were people you have heard of or read... Dr. Christina Northrup, Kris Carr and Daniel Vitalis were some I recognized. I am not using this as a guide, more as inspiration to continue learning and staying engaged. Take it or leave it.

Thankful for:

1. My soft pillow

2. My warm blankets

3. My comfortable bed

4. My dark room

5. A job I love

6. Smart motivated students

7. A husband who loves me no matter what I am eating or watching or obsessing over.

And now I shall retire to watch a little TV with said husband and go to sleep a bit early tonight!

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