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Day 1.. again! R4 - will I be successful?!

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Hi Whole30ers. 

I'm doing my second attempt at R4 after giving up on Day 10 (shame!) back in February. How come I eat a W30 compliant dinner 4 nights a week or more, and then when I'm actually doing a W30, I can never think of dinner ideas that are not complicated and require my slow cooker? Anyone else have this problem? Is it anxiety? How many whole30 breakfasts have I made in the last 2.5 years? A MILLION! But day 1 of a W30 and I forget what to eat... 

It's cold and rainy here in Philly - what's everyone eating for dinner?

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We're having lamb chops with pistachio dukkah, baked sweet potato with ghee, sauteed carrots and green beans and steamed broccolini.

Did you keep a log of your first 3 rounds? I've been going back to my round 1 log to see what I was eating, and it's really helpful! Even if you didn't, cruise some of the logs in the log section, you might get some great ideas!

We're all about the meat/veg/starch at our place, I can't be bothered doing more than that on a weeknight. Grill or bake some meat (steak, chops, pork chops, beef patties, chicken thighs), add some seasoning, grill/bake/mash some root veggies, add some sauteed or steamed veg and voila. I make things more interesting with a range of spice blends or dukkah, or I make chimmichurri, lemon tahini dressing, mayo and/or ranch as part of my food prep for the week. 

I'm never organised enough to use my slow cooker on weeknights. I know I should, but I just don't.


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8 hours ago, laura_juggles said:

Honestly, the slow cooker is great, but I often think it takes *more* work than cooking other ways. 

Grill a piece of meat, sautee or steam some veg, slap on some mayo or avocado or whatever. Done. 

Agreed! That's how I roll!

Though between now and Monday, I have no cook top, so I'm limited to oven, microwave, multicooker, convection oven (air fryer, essentially). I know that's not THAT limited, but it's amazing how much I use the cook top. I have some lamb shanks, might have to make the slow cooker effort after all.

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My dinner plan for this week (I'm on D24 today):

Monday: NNP's Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas w/avocado crema

Tuesday: Tacos (I had mine mixed with cauliflower rice in a sweet potato "burrito"--basically just mostly hollowed it out and stuffed the goodies inside.)

Wednesday: Chicken salads w/creamy cilantro lime dressing (CSA in May=ALL THE GREENS)

Thursday: Brinner

Friday: Takeout of some kind--probably Five Guys supplemented with whatever veggies I've still got floating around.

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