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Boring food!

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Hello! I'm on day 17 and just not feeling motivated. I really just hate all foods now. Everything is tasteless and boring. Ugh. It really takes all the joy out of food completely. I feel like now I'm just eating because I have to. 

I know it's a 30-day plan, but when do people normally see results? 
- Sleeping (my sleep hasn't improved. I used to sleep 7-8hrs and wake up fully rested and go to the gym in the morning. I am still sleeping 7-8hrs, but cannot drag myself out of bed earlier to go to the gym) 

- Clear skin (nope... I got a zit on day 8), it's about the same as it always was. 

- Regularly - sorry if this is TMI, but I used to regularly have a BM daily and now it's like nothing for two or three days, and then horrific cramping and often diarrhea

- weight loss - meh, I haven't weighed myself as per the instructions. I *do* feel thinner, BUT my pants certainly don't feel any better on me 

- Sugar cravings - I'm not convinced I had them before... but yeah, I guess they are gone. But I never craved them through the past 16 days either... 

Prior to the program, I would work out 3-4 times a week for 45-90 minutes, I am 165cm and 72kg. I wanted to come off caffeine and see if I could complete the challenge with the added bonus of hopefully losing about 5kg. The biggest thing I'm missing is a cup of English breakfast tea with proper whole milk and honey. 


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How do you find compliant condiments? I mean, we don't live in the US, so we've basically been looking for stuff without flour or added sugar... 

Breakfast: either: 2 soft boiled eggs, with handfull of boiled then chopped, then fried (no oil) with paprika and salt powder, maybe with some ham (on the weekend) 
OR... Fruit bowl - banana, strawberries and apple cut up, with a ginger tea 

Lunch: (biggest meal) - Large salad, (spinach, red & orange peppers, cucumber, onion, large chicken breast/salmon steak with boiled potatoes

Dinner: large bowl of soup (300-350mL) (red pepper & tomato, or vegan cream of mushroom (with coconut milk), cashew nuts, almonds, and an apple 

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Have you seen the meal template? You'll have the best results if you make all your meals follow it. You can download it here:  https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/. So each meal should have lots of vegetables, a palm-sized serving or two of protein, and a serving or two of fat. Fruit should be limited to not more than two servings a day, where a serving is about the size of your closed fist.

You may have to make a lot of your own condiments. Until within the last few years, that's what we had to do in the US as well, and even now it's much more cost effective to make a lot of them. Things like chimichurri (http://meljoulwan.com/2014/07/02/chimichurri-aka-magic-sauce/) or pesto (http://meljoulwan.com/2009/08/05/presto-pesto/) are easy to make and add a lot of flavor. 

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Well, your meals aren’t following the template so that’s the problem. I also find it helps me to limit fruit to a serving or two a day. You definitely shouldn’t be eating a fruit bowl for breakfast, that’s really not recommended. You’re missing protein, vegetables, and fat in that meal. Also, a serving of eggs is how many you can hold in your hand, which for me is FOUR. Hope that helps.

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As for compliant condiments you’ll have to make them yourself. Chimchurri, pesto, pico de gallo, mayo, ranch, balsamic vinaigrette...lots of options! You might want to invest in The Whole 30 the book, it has a huge section of recipes for making your own condiments. There’s also the blog 40 aprons which I like a lot, and Nom Nom Paleo has some compliant recipes too.

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Turning the taste tables with condiments and sauces is definitely a worthwhile effort, and many of them don't take much effort at all. Most of my salad dressings come from a base of homemade mayo -- the mayo itself takes me about 2 minutes to make, and then using part of it for dressing takes me maybe a minute each time (it's just combining ingredients and blending with a fork). Granted, some things will take longer... but the food benefits, and your taste-buds will appreciate it!

I agree that there are a ton of good blods that cater to the paleo crowd, many of which do have Whole30 recipes. I will just say to be wary of paleo recipes in general since they can include sweeteners, alcohols, and possibly other stuff... and be wary of any "Whole30" recipe, enough to evaluate the ingredients heavily instead of focusing on the pictures. If it looks too good to be true, it's probably not actually Whole30 (or it's compliant ingredients making a totally SWYPO dish).

A couple of good shake-up-your-food-routine blogs I've got saved:
Mel Joulwan is who I'd suggest when food is boring, because there are worldwide flavors playing in her recipe list.
Steph Gaudreau has some interesting recipes as well, and you can easily filter it down to see "sauces" for "Whole30" restrictions.

There are several things on both of those sites that I've been interested in for a while, but haven't actually made yet... so maybe I'll manage at some point during this round (or afterward).


Regarding the bowel issues -- what works for me is to make sure I'm drinking 2-3 mugs of hot/warm drink in the mornings. Best (for me) is coffee or a coffee/cacao mix drunk right after breakfast, but hot tea with/after breakfast helps as well. In general, that keeps me very regular when doing Whole30.

If you're already drinking coffee or something similar in the morning, maybe try adding in a mug of herbal tea later in the day, especially blends or herbs known for laxative qualities (Traditional Medicinals has a "Smooth Move" blend, and Yogi has one called "Stomach Ease", but there are other blends as well; senna-based blends work well for me if I need to take it that far, and generally keep me from reaching for laxative pills, which I hate).

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