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Some fat options


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Hi all! 

I am on round two of the whole30. The first round I started in June. I felt better, and ate better after ending after 45 days. But... then I slipped back into eating sugar and treats post healthy meals. 


Anyways, my question is this: what are some good healthy fats that people like? I have been eating half an avocado with eatery meal for months. I love avocado, and don’t mind having them with every meal. The problem is- it’s getting pretty expensive. So what are some other good options that people use instead of avocado? I’ve read that but better is not a great option for getting your healthy fat in. 


Thank you! 

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Here are some of my favorite options for fats. Some are pretty well integrated with my meals and some are just handfuls of stuff I add in to satisfy the need for fat at every meal. 

  • ghee (I eat potatoes a lot, so I generously use ghee with my potatoes)
  • oil-based salad dressing on a salad (sometimes I'll just have a small side salad so that this can be my fat option)
  • large handful of olives (I was never an olive fan, but I've come to like Castelvetrano olives)
  • bacon (did you know bacon counts as fat? it does! and I kinda eat a lot of it)
  • handful of coconut flakes
  • guacamole (I love dipping chicken in it) 

I hope this helps! 

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Olive oil. It's great on almost anything.
If you have a salad of any sort, make a simple vinagrette (or spice it up!).
If you want a more dense dressing, make mayo (or any of its many variants).
If you are roasting veggies, make sure to use a generous amount of oil.
If you have boiled anything and it tastes bland (think boiled potatoes and hardboiled eggs) sprinkle some black pepper, paprila and drizzle a generous amount of olive oil. Dish saved.

I also have always on hand some olives. You can add them to pretty much any dish, it's a nice finishing touch.

Cashews and nuts are cool too. Perfect to add to an stir-fry, perfect as a salad topping.
I love them but sometimes I end up snacking on them so it's something I need to watch out.

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"Coconut Spread" is what I use for baked potatoes, which is basically just coconut oil that I've blended with seasonings (I typically mix in salt, pepper, garlic, and sometimes dry mustard). Add in a little olive oil and you get a slightly buttery taste (do not mistake this for me saying it'll taste like butter, because it only hints at it). I can't use ghee due to a dairy allergy (reintro proved that it does affect me), so this is my go-to spread when I'm staying strictly compliant and another that I prefer when I'm just doing my food freedom thing. :) 

I like using my homemade mayo as a base for dips and dressings, by adding herbs and spices to suit whatever flavor I want at the time.

Olives are my absolute favorite fat source. I don't get them often because I know they have been a food with no brakes for me in the past, so when I do have them I make sure to measure them and limit myself to just that measured amount each day until they run out.

Coconut flakes aren't something I can eat on their own, but I've come to really enjoy them as part of "breading" on meat that's being fried.

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