Make-ahead breakfasts on the go?

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I haven't quite finished the book yet, but I know breakfast will be the most difficult meal of the day for us to get in. My gf doesnt wake up a nanosecond before she has to in order to leave on time in the morning, so sitting down and having a nice breakfast is off the table. 

Are there any make-ahead breakfast recipes that are good for eating on the go? Or, even at her desk when she gets to work, altho that isn't the best option, in case she gets a client at her desk first thing. 

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I highly, highly recommend creamy soups for breakfast veggies! Here are my two favorites. I make them in double batches, store them in mason jars, and freeze them. I pull one out the night before and heat it up in the morning! You could easily pack it in a thermos on the go!

Perhaps you could pair it with a couple of egg muffins for a complete meal? Best of luck to you both! 

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Eggs aren't my usual go-to when it comes to breakfasts, and egg muffins are no different. They're a pretty standard easy-to-grab type of food that could work great for her if she enjoys that type of thing, but for me I think sausage or poppers work better.

Unbound Wellness is probably my favorite place to find popper recipes, and if you google "Unbound Wellness poppers" you can see why... she's got a TON of different recipes for them. They're sort of like bite-sized meatballs that are squished a little. Here are a few that I've enjoyed (or intend to make soon even without being on an official round):

Breakfast Sausage Chicken Poppers -- I loved these; used turkey, and subbed marjoram for rosemary.
Bacon Ranch Chicken Poppers -- these things are amazing, and kept getting stolen by family members.
Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers -- I used turkey, and need to manage to do them again at some point.
Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Poppers -- just posted last month; looks up my alley and I'm eager to try them!
Cranberry Sweet Potato Turkey Poppers -- haven't done them, but will this fall if I haven't managed it sooner!
Asian Chicken Poppers -- meant to try these during my W30, but never did. I still want to do them!

When I had my poppers, I usually ate them alongside bite-sized veggies. Sometimes that was raw carrots, celery, broccoli, etc. Other times it would be roasted veggies of various types. For fat, I always had a dip of some type OR a handful of olives.

The thermos of creamy soup sounds amazing, as recommended by @kirbz. I do that sometimes when I have to be at work early in the morning, because it's difficult to eat while I'm working (I'm a cashier and often have to run around the store for things, too) but I can have a travel mug or two next to me for a drink and/or soup... and it even looks better to the customer if I'm taking a drink while they're at my register, not taking a bite of food. :D 

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Wow, thanks! The soups and the poppers all sound fantastic!

We'll probably have to test the recipes before we rely on them for a breakfast. We're a couple of picky eaters, unfortunately, but we'll definitely give most of those a try! Especially the soups. She always complains when she gets a client seated with her first thing, because she can't eat her breakfast, but no one can stop her sipping soup, can they? 

And of course the poppers can be eaten on the commute, if necessary. I drive and it's only 10min for her, so she can munch as we go. Excellent!

Certainly open to more ideas, if y'all have any!

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On 2/5/2020 at 9:38 AM, AutumnSapphira said:

Certainly open to more ideas, if y'all have any!

Ohe thing that I find handy is to make extra at dinner or lunchtime and eat that for breakfast. Once I changed my mindset and started to think of meals as Meal One, Two, or Three instead of breakfast, lunch, or dinner; I was able to eat anything at any time of day. No shame in eating a porkchop or leftover steak for Meal One. 

Meatballs (like poppers mentioned above) are another great item to make ahead of time. You can eat them on their own or add to mixed greens and make a salad. 

I also batch cook up potatoes and hardboiled eggs ahead of time. Having a few options on hand that you can throw together keeps things interesting and saves time!


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I make the silky ginger soup from the well fed 2 cookbook on a sunday.  And then I eat that for breakfast throughout the week.  The warm soup helps you to feel full and satisfied.  I use my own beef bones to make the stock.  So it's really yummy!

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