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Day 16 - still post-dinner snacking

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Hi - It's my first whole 30, and I'm on day 16. I'm trying to break a post-dinner snack habit, especially to stop eating a couple of hours before bed. But even after a meal with protein, I find myself looking for snacks an hour after dinner. I'm going for much healthier snacks than pre-whole 30, but have not felt many NSVs yet and wonder if this is the reason. Does anyone have tips or experience cutting out this habit? Thanks!


2 days of meals:


Breakfast - tea with cashew milk, 3 fried eggs (in ghee), 1/2 avo, 1 medium white potato with 1 tsp homemade aioli

Lunch - 1 cup vegetable soup, 1/2 cup shredded boiled chicken tossed in mayo, 1/2 medium sweet potato

Mid-afternoon - coffee with cooconut milk

Dinner - 1/2 cup boiled chicken, 2/3 cup grilled veggies, bowl of watermelon 

post-dinner - cup of blueberries with 1tsp almond butter


Breakfast - tea with cashew milk, 2 slices of sweet potato toast with 3 fried eggs

Lunch - handful of chicken cubes (pan fried with spices), 2/3 cup of cauli rice, large handful of garlic stuffed olives, handful of blueberries with 1/2 tsp almond butter

Snack - Tea with coconut milk

Dinner - 1/2 cup shredded boiled chicken with spicy mayo, 1 cup of caulflower, aubergine and potato stir-fry

post-dinner - large bowl of watermelon

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Are you eating after dinner because you're hungry? Would you eat something not sweet, like some leftover chicken and vegetables, or a hardboiled egg with mayo, or a handful of olives? If so, then it may be that your meals are a little on the small side. You might try having more than a half cup of chicken, and make sure you're having enough fat with your meals. And if you are hungry, it is okay to eat, even if it feels like more food than you might normally eat.

If you wouldn't eat something not sweet after dinner, this might be less hunger and more craving. In this case, when you start to go get some fruit, stop and check in with yourself. Are you stressed? Anxious? Bored? Try things like journaling about your feelings, calling a friend to talk, do something relaxing like a bubble bath, meditation, or some light stretching, or go for a walk, work on a hobby, read a book, something to distract you for a while. 

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