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Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

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I started on Friday May 1:

Meal 1: romaine salad topped with chicken salad, Walnuts, red cabbage, Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing

M2: potato egg salad, carrot sticks

M3: roast beef tenderloin, potatoes, Veggie Confetti Cauli-rice from W30 Fast and Easy cookbook

NSV: I ate well and have lots of leftovers for the weekend

NSV: I tried a new food (riced cauliflower) and a new recipe (veggie confetti) & loved it

My hacks to habit: clean the kitchen after every meal, no excuses, so it’s always ready for when I need to cook 

Plan for Saturday: defrost my upright freezer, so it’s a pleasure to use

Day 2, Saturday May 2:

M1: romaine salad with chicken and stuff, PK ranch

M2: potato egg salad, carrot and celery sticks

Snack: banana 

M3: leftover veggie confetti rice

NSV: Upright freezer is defrosted and re-organized. It looks fab

Hack to habit:  Always keep washed romaine leaves in the fridge, wrapped in a clean dish towel and ready to use

Plan for Sunday: prepare more homemade mayo, plan menus for myself and my family the upcoming week


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Day 3, Sunday May 3:

M1: sweet potato, kale and eggs pan fried in ghee, 1/2 avocado

M2: shepherd’s pie (from the freezer)

Snack: celery sticks

M3: creamy celery soup with coconut milk (from the freezer), 1/2 chicken breast stirred into soup, strawberries 

NSV: I planned out this week’s meals. My brain has a plan!

NSV: I enjoyed iced tea while others were having alcohol

NSV: I’m using up food from storage rather than buying more food. Bonus - this will also save me time later this week

Hack to habit: Plan menu out one week in advance

Plan for tomorrow: Reorganize and tidy the two fridges before picking up groceries this week, and make mayo because I didn’t make it today


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Day 4, Monday May 4 

M1: potato-egg salad, celery and carrot sticks 

Snack: 1 banana

M2: BLT salad w/ chicken & avocado, PK ranch, strawberries for dessert 

Snack: 1 orange

M3: romaine & spinach salad w/ walnuts & PK ranch; spaghetti squash w/ marinara sauce, gr beef and chicken

NSV: I bought DD17 a sugary treat after shopping today and I didn’t feel tempted to buy anything for myself :-)

Hack to Habit: Sharpen my knives every time I use them, AFTER I’ve used and cleaned them so they are ready for next time

Plan for tomorrow: Prepare that mayo! Also use the Food Saver to freeze individual portions of chicken breasts and 1 lb packs of ground beef that I bought in bulk today

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Day 5, May 5

M1: homemade sausage, egg, 1/2 sweet potato, wilted kale

M2: romaine & spinach salad w/ chicken & bacon & veggie stuff, PK ranch

Snack: banana

Snack: pecans, orange

M3: pork sausage, mixed veg, roasted potatoes 

NSV: I ate very well today, even if I was a lot

Hack to Habit: Drink lots of water, 24 oz bottle refilled after breakfast, lunch, supper and before bed 

Plan for tomorrow: Search for a store nearby that sells W30 salad dressing.  Although I like Primal Kitchen ranch, I need to change it up a bit

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Day 6, Wednesday May 6

M1: home made pork sausage, 2 eggs, potatoes, onions & kale, pan-fried in ghee

M2: romaine & spinach salad with red cabbage, green onion, celery, tomato, chicken, PK ranch

Snack: strawberries 

Snack: banana

M3: shepherd’s pie 

NSV: I love that I’m eating well and nourishing my body properly 

Hack to Habit: do a quick tidy up of the fridge after every meal, check that I’ve taken food out of the freezer on time

Plan for tomorrow: wash more romaine leaves, boil a few eggs to snack on, prepare some carrot sticks, and maybe shop for some different salad dressings 

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Day 7, May 7

M1: leftover shepherds pie 

M2: 2 1/2 devilled eggs w/ mayo, s&p, dill, cucumber slices, carrots and celery sticks

Snack: apple, walnuts, 1/2 devilled egg

M3: roast beef, banana

 NSV: I tried a new recipe - devilled eggs 

NSV: My fridge is organized 

NSV: I think my stomach is less bloated

Hack to Habit: Have devilled eggs on hand in the fridge for a quick and delicious snack

Plan for tomorrow: I used up the last of my mayo today, need to make more tomorrow. I also need to change up the meal plans for the next few days, to use up leftovers and not waste any food

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Day 8, Friday May 8

M1: sweet potato pan fried in ghee and finished in the oven, 2 homemade sausages, boiled green beans, 2 fried eggs

Snack: banana 

M2: BLT salad with celery, cucumbers, chicken, romaine, spinach, kale, PK ranch

M3: chicken wings, carrots

NSV: I didn’t eat any junk today

Hack to Habit: keep washed celery in water stored in a glass container in the fridge

Plan for tomorrow: buy more salad dressing, make mayo

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Day 9 Saturday May 9

M1: leftover shepherds pie

M2: roast beef slices, green beans, almonds, apple sauce

Snack: apple

Snack: carrot

M3: 1/2 cup spaghetti squash, meatballs, La Dee Dah 12 veg sauce 

NSV: I’m Much less gassy lately

Hack to Habit: tidy up the pantry daily

Plan for tomorrow: Make that mayo, plan meals/menus for the week ahead

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Day 10, Sunday May 10

M1: spag squash, meatballs and la Dee dah sauce made into soup

M2: eggs, spinach, bacon

Snack: shrimp

M3: salad with green goddess dressing, ribs, garlic mashed potatoes 

NSV: I loved that my two sons cooked lunch and dinner today 

NSV: I felt proud of myself for having a spotless and well organized fridge when others were cooking in my kitchen

NSV: I feel that I am savouring my meals more now 

Hack to Habit: use the dishwasher as much as possible, even if it means running multiple loads in one day

Plan for tomorrow: I finally bought the oil I need to make the mayo, so... make the mayo, and plan meals for the upcoming week

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Day 11, Monday May 11

M1: romaine and spinach salad with lots of veggies, strawberries, chicken, green goddess dressing

M2: chicken salad with celery, grapes, homemade mayo and herbs

M3: leftover spaghetti squash, meatballs, La Dee Dah sauce

NSV: I didn’t have any bad cravings today

NSV: I’m still very pleased that I’m eating such a nutritious diet

Hack to Habit: always keep compliant cooked store bought chicken breast in the fridge 

Plan for tomorrow: we used up all of the leftovers tonight, tomorrow I need to plan the menus for the rest of the week

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Day 12, Tuesday May 12

M1: green cabbage, spinach and green onion fried in ghee, topped with pine nuts and 2 fried eggs

M2: romaine, spinach, green onion & avocado salad tossed with green goddess dressing and topped with chicken breast 

Snack: carrot while preparing dinner

M3: cauli-rice with onions and sweet peppers, 1/2 chicken breast, coconut aminos

NSV: I tried a new seasoning - coconut aminos - yum!

NSV: I didn’t have any cravings today, even when my family was having dessert after dinner! Big win :-)

Hacks to Habit: keep some small-diced or spiralized sweet potatoes in the fridge, ready to cook up quickly when I want some starch and sweetness

Plan for tomorrow: I need to plan out the menus for this week.  For the family’s menus I can just cut and paste from six or seven weeks ago, but for my meals I really want to try some new recipes. I’m afraid I will get bored or tired of the foods I’ve been eating, which will lead to a huge temptation to give up. Stealthstitcher if you read this, what did you put in your shepherds pie with chicken?

I also want to make ghee, boil some eggs, prep some more devilled eggs, chop up a sweet potato or spiralize some with my new spiralizer, and make a potato- egg salad with that delicious mayo I finally made yesterday. 

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I used left-over chicken with left-over chicken and onion gravy, carrots, and green peas (which I'm super excited are now allowed, but you could use any kind of vegetable you liked - celery, green beans, probably even spinach or kale ... I feel like broccoli might get soggy, though), and then left-over mashed potatoes whipped with ghee on top. Or you could use mashed root vegetables or cauliflower, if you wanted to go easy on the potatoes. 

You probably have, but have you checked out some of the paleo cooking websites? Sometimes you have to modify a bit if the recipes have honey or something in them, but I love looking at recipes on nom nom paleo because of all the pretty pictures.

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@ShadowInTheKitchen Hi there! I hope you don't mind me popping in on your food log. I saw that you were looking for some gravy recommendations. I have two for you if you're interested! 

In general, if you are looking for new recipes, my very favorite food bloggers are Paleo Running Momma and Mel Joulwan! So, if you like recipes, perhaps check out some of theirs. I'd be happy to share recipes all day long so let me know if you'd like to hear some of my favorites. I also have a great one for lasagna if you're into that... 

Best wishes to you! I'm currently on Day 17 of my fifth round! 

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Thanks @kirbz, I’m always on the lookout for something new (quick and easy)... so suggest away!  I’ll look into those gravy recipes for sure.  For dinner tonight I had meatballs au jus deglazed off the bottom of the pan and boiled down, like my mother used to make, lots of fat and lots of flavour poured over plain boiled potatoes. Delish - and Whole30!  My mom didn’t experiment much in the kitchen, and these meatballs were by far my favourite growing up.  
I’ll also check out the bloggers you suggested, thanks so much.   I’m afraid that if food boredom sets in before I get a few more recipes under my belt that I’ll throw in the towel, and I’ve come too far for that ;-)

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Here are some of my favorites:

And these two are definitely complicated and take a little bit of time but they are totally worth it!

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Day 13, Wednesday May 13

M1: potato-egg salad topped with fresh chives, 1 small English banger sausage, lots of green beans

M2: romaine & spinach salad tossed with green goddess dressing and topped with diced tomatoes and chicken

Snack: 1 devilled egg (2 halves), small handful of pecans & walnuts, one orange 

M3: homemade meatballs au jus, mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower, carrots, green beans and red cabbage, applesauce

NSV: the hives on my face have cleared up

NSV: I ate very well all day, everything was compliant

NSV: I shopped at Costco and didn’t buy anything that wasn’t compliant, and I bought a 2-pack of veggie grill pans for the bbq that I’m looking forward to using

NSV: I didn’t have any cravings today

Hack to Habit: keep frozen green beans on hand (green beans are my favourite veg).  I didn’t realize until I plated my breakfast that I totally forgot about a non- starchy veg, but luckily I had some fresh green beans that I cooked up quickly and ate after finishing the rest of M1. I won’t always have fresh green beans though, so I’ll pick up some frozen

Plan for tomorrow: plan. those. meals

Reflection: although I started this W30 with a long list of changes I am hoping for, I decided today to re-focus. I am only going to focus on eating well, and trying new foods and recipes. My goal for the end of this W30 is to be on auto pilot when it comes to my food choices, to choose healthy food over junk, and that it’s always easy for me to put together a healthy meal. I like how I feel right now, I enjoy the taste of real food and I don’t crave junk. 

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Oh it is sooo good! I couldn't even tell that it wasn't ricotta cheese! And the whole things really tasted like lasagna, though you knew that it wasn't pasta... I definitely recommend using a mandolin though. I just don't think you'd be able to cut the zucchini thin enough without one! 

Let me know how you like it!

P.S. I love your new focus. I used to focus on having the "perfect Whole30" and now I focus on sustainability. How can I make this simple and enjoyable? 

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Day 14, Thursday May 14

M1: reheated potato-egg salad and one small english banger sausage, green beans, salted tomato

M2: 2 cups cauli-rice bowl with leftover cauli-rice, more onions and sweet potato finely diced, chicken, parsley and oregano

Snack: one devilled egg and a Royal Gala apple

Snack: a closed handful of walnuts 

Snack: strawberries 

Snack: one Matt & Steve’s pickle spear

M3: riced veggie bowl with lots of sweet potatoes, carrots and onions, leftover cauli-rice from Tuesday, with more herbs and chicken

NSV: I experimented with herbs

NSV: I ate a pickle, right out of the jar, on its own and not as a side. I’ve never done that before (pickles are a fairly new food for me) so I’m obviously becoming more brave with new foods

Hack to Habit: clean as I go, and try to have my cooking dishes washed before I eat so cleanup is a snap

Hack to Habit: spiralized sweet potatoes and carrots are super easy to ‘rice’ (I don’t have a food processor)

Plan for tomorrow: I had lots of cravings today, so tomorrow I’m not going to try to tackle anything extra, I’m just going to concentrate my energy on eating well, and keeping everything as simple as possible

Reflection: I had four snacks between lunch at noon and supper at six.  I know now that I didn’t add enough chicken to my veggie rice bowl. This is important for me to remember because I think I’m going to be eating these rice bowls a lot, even after I complete W30.   IMO today’s lunch was better than my usual Tai restaurant’s rice bowl

@kirbz thanks for the tip about the mandolin. I was planning to donate mine because I’ve never used it, but I’ll just keep it for when I make that lasagna! 

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Day 15, Friday May 15

M1: onion and ground beef fried in olive oil with leftover roasted veg, herbs

M2: a big romaine and spinach salad tossed with PK ranch & topped with tomato, 1/2 avocado, chicken, and a few red grapes

M3: In N Out burger recipe from 40 Aprons’ blog: homemade ketchup & mayo transformed into a delicious burger sauce, carmelized onions, a pickle spear, 2- 1/8 lb beef burgers on iceberg lettuce “buns”

NSV: I didn’t snack between meals today

NSV: I didn’t have any cravings

NSV: I made two new sauces - ketchup & burger sauce

NSV: I tried a new recipe and loved it

NSV: I carmelized onions to perfection ( I’ve always rushed the process before)

NSV: I didn’t feel gassy or have any belly bloat today

Plan for tomorrow: we’ve been invited to a social distancing birthday party.  BYOB is expected but I will make iced tea and bring that along instead

Reflection:  having a large salad with chicken for lunch, following the W30 meal template (lots of veg, fat and protein) was key today to get me through the afternoon without snacking

A strange thing happened last night/this morning.  I had a light supper and was hungry when I went to bed, but I wasn’t hungry when I woke up.  How is it possible to not be hungry 10 hours after being hungry, but not having eaten anything? I’m thinking that I am confusing the feeling of hunger with something else, not sure what , but yesterday was a weird day food wise for me, so my bedtime experience was in keeping with the unusual day I had

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Day 16, Saturday May 16

M1: romaine, celery, avocado, chicken salad tossed with mayo & PK ranch, topped with red grapes

M2: Leftover ground beef and veg hash with some homemade ketchup

Snack: 1 & 1/2 devilled eggs, banana

M3: bbq strip loin steak, potatoes roasted with onions, asparagus, salad with romaine, iceberg, spinach, green onion and tomato tossed with green goddess dressing

NSV: I brought tea to a party and it wasn’t awkward

NSV: I didn’t feel bloated today, and I kinda felt ‘clean’ inside 

Plan for tomorrow: the pantry has become disorganized again, so I’m going to tidy it up

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Day 17, Sunday May 17

M1: potato egg salad topped with fresh chives, side of green beans 

M2: romaine, spinach, avocado, green onions & celery chicken salad tossed w/ green goddess dressing, topped with red grapes

Snack: a small piece of leftover steak

M3: leftover burger on a lettuce bun, green side salad

NSV: I was out of bed shortly after 7am. I’ve been having trouble getting up in the morning so am happy with this victory today

NSV: I realize that I haven’t had a Sunday afternoon nap in a few weeks, not since I started W30

NSV: family had take-out burgers tonight, but I had a homemade burger and felt happier about that than having to eat a salty burger on a white bun. I also watched them eat their fries and onion rings while I enjoyed my side salad, and again, I felt happier with my choice rather than theirs

Plan for tomorrow: it’s a long weekend, I plan to just enjoy the nice weather and eat well

I’m slightly concerned that I’m eating too much food but I don’t want to start monitoring the amount I’m eating, at least not yet. The last time I did that on a W30, I crashed and quit because I was too hungry to cook after a busy day.  I’m going to continue to focus on eating W30, nourishing my body, learning to cook new recipes and enjoying healthy meals. 

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