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Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

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9 hours ago, Contessa said:

Isn't that a nice blessing of doing a W30 at this time? I feel lucky that so many of the places that have become "lazy" meal solutions over the years simply aren't options. Nice for the wallet, too. 

Agreed!! The lack of availability (and paranoia about not wanting people to bring me food), plus the time to actually cook, we're saving a bomb and eating better than ever.

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10 hours ago, Contessa said:

Isn't that a nice blessing of doing a W30 at this time? I feel lucky that so many of the places that have become "lazy" meal solutions over the years simply aren't options. Nice for the wallet, too. 

Yes, a blessing, albeit a mixed one.  These are hard times for so many people, and yet here I am feeling healthier than I ever remember.  I want to support businesses that are struggling right now, but going forward I won't be buying too much of anything that I don't feel is best for me.  I suspect that I'm not the only one.  

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Post Whole 30 Day 5, Monday June 15

M1:1/4 cup salted peanuts while the eggs were cooking, egg salad w/ homemade mayo, green beans, cantaloupe to finish

M2: romaine salad w/ grapes, avocado, chicken, raspberries to finish

Snack: 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup peanuts

M3: spaghetti squash topped with ground beef in marinara sauce

NSV: I definitely looked thinner first thing this morning when I saw myself in the mirror wearing my yoga pants, so measured my waist again and it was ~3/4" smaller than last week's measurement. The measurement was taken first thing, before breakfast, but last week's was taken later in the day.  I really don't think I lost enough weight in just a week to lose 3/4" off my stomach, which means that I am probably still bloating through the day. 

I am struggling to understand why I eat so much food sometimes.  I ate way too much today, didn't adjust my portion sizes when I added in the peanuts for snacks, and the cantaloupe and raspberries for dessert after M1 & M2 were totally not because I was hungry. I ate the fruit - including the banana for snack - because it was perfectly ripe, and I didn't want it to go to waste. I wasn't really hungry for it, just wanted to eat it.  I tell myself that I'm eating healthy, and I really do want to have the variety, but I just make my portions too big.  I also buy too much food, then have to eat it or throw it out when it goes bad.  

My belly started off smaller in the morning but grew throughout the day, and I'm feeling gross tonight before bed.  Ugh.  I feel horrible for eating so much today.  I was awake super early this morning, 5am, up before 6, so I achieved my goal of getting out of bed by 7am, but I didn't sleep well and was wide awake way too early.  I was feeling tired this afternoon, and I think that not having a good sleep impacted my intentions to eat well by somehow misjudging portion sizes.  Maybe.  

Along with feeling very full tonight I'm feeling bloated with a bit of stomach pain, so not sure if the peanuts are to blame.  I'm going back to eating Whole30 for the next few days.  I want to get back to feeling W30 awesomeness.  And I want to rock those yoga pants again. ;)

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6 hours ago, SchrodingersCat said:

it's my first time trying spaghetti squash!

I hope you enjoyed it!  I didn't have spaghetti squash before W30 either, and watching my family eating wheat pasta last night, I wondered if I'll ever choose that over spaghetti squash again.  I love that I took the chance on this veg, it makes my body happy :-)

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Post Whole 30 Day 6, Tuesday June 16

M1: bratwurst sausage, kale, egg, all pan fried in ghee

M2: skin-on sweet potato hash with onions, green beans, pineapple and chicken breast, olive oil

M3: egg salad, carrot

NSV: I was up at 7am, I definitely have a good six day streak going, and love that I'm getting another hour or two every day to get stuff done

My stomach was still sore when I woke up this morning, and choosing high fat sausage for breakfast was not smart.  Stomach remained sore (between 1/10 - 4/10 pain) all day.  I cut waaay back on portion sizes today.  It has finally settled, and I plan to eat egg salad for breakfast tomorrow because my tummy feels good right now and I think the egg, mayo and carrot I had for supper were plain enough to help it to feel better.

I had bloodwork done today, results will be available in the next day or two.  

I weighed myself at the Dr's office, and was happy with the number.  I want it to keep going down, and plan to continue with W30.

I got the an immunization shot today, am feeling a bit yucky already and Dr said I could expect to feel off tomorrow too.  

My Fitness Pal app: I used it today to weigh and measure my food.  Yesterday I ate too much, so I needed to reign myself in.  I won't rely on the app all the time, but it is nice to use occasionally to check my portion sizes.  


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Post Whole 30 Day 7, Wednesday June 17

M1: egg salad and carrot

M2: chicken vegetable soup

Snack: orange

M3: sweet potato and chicken breast

I was out of bed late this morning and feeling sick all day with a fever and flu-like symptoms from the Shingrix immunization shot yesterday.  Had breakfast, slept on the couch, had lunch, slept etc.  

My stomach was still bloated this morning and continues to be a bit sore (2/10).  I purposely ate very bland meals today, and was thankful to myself for making and freezing that soup about a month ago... 

My cholesterol results came in today:

Total cholesterol is 5.66 mmol/L (less than 5.2 is ideal, 5.2 to 6.2 is borderline high)

HDL - Dr didn't give the number but said I have lots which is protective for heart disease (1.6 mmol/L or higher is desirable)

LDL - 3.51 mmol/L (less than 2.6 is optimal, 2.6 to 3.3 is near optimal, 3.4 to 4.1 is borderline high) 

Triglycerides - Dr said I hardy have any (less than 1.7 mmol/L is normal, 1.7 to 2.2 is borderline high)

The rest of my bloodwork was all normal.

My doctor isn't worried about my blood test results, but I don't like being 'borderline high' with my cholesterol health.  I haven't put all this work into the last 7 weeks to be satisfied being borderline unhealthy.  I will need to stop eating as much fried foods as I have been, especially sausages, will need to cut back on ghee and red meat, add small amounts of nuts, and take Omega 3 capsules.  I will try to start now, but my reintroduction phase has only just begun and I don't want to make too many changes yet.  I also want to keep trying to figure out what is causing my mild stomach pain, it may be residual from my meds, from the peanuts or from the marinara sauce from two days ago, or it could be something altogether different.  

Today I was craving a nice warm bowl of oatmeal with apple and cinnamon.  Comfort food.  Maybe tomorrow if I feel more back to myself I'll have some for breakfast.  


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Post Whole 30 Day 8, Thursday June 18

M1: oatmeal with apple, cinnamon, salt

M2: egg salad and carrot

Snack: spoonful of maple syrup

Snack: walnuts

Snack: orange

M3: leftover spaghetti squash with beef and marinara sauce

Snack: ice cream

Snack: pineapple

The oatmeal was disgusting, but I ate it anyway.  I was hungry and wanted to get the reintro done.  It wasn't like I remember oatmeal.  It was just too slimy and tasted boring.  I made in on the stove, probably should have tried overnight oatmeal.  Anyway, I'd rather have my oats mixed into cookie dough LOL

I was transferring the maple syrup to smaller bottles for the freezer, and I had to eat up the last little bit in the pot before it went into the sink for washing.

So the ice cream happened.  It was an impulse thing.  It tasted good going down, but not when it made me burp for the next two hours and I could still taste it.  There doesn't seem to be any other negative effects, but I'm really going to have to remember how much I hate the taste of ice cream burps.  Did that happen before W30?  Probably and I just thought it was normal. Yuck.

It's interesting that I had two foods today that I was missing on Whole30 but both left me feeling disappointed.  

Today was a low-key day with the effects of the vaccination lingering.  I was weak and dizzy, but I'm over it now and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal.  Good thing because I have those cupcakes ordered for dessert tomorrow evening.  I've been looking forward to them.  I've been thinking about what to serve (we will be 8 people in total) but I'll probably just do a simple steak bbq with potatoes and salad because the weather is super hot and I don't want to use the oven or stove top if I can help it.  

My stomach was a bit sore until mid-afternoon-ish (1/10), and I didn't feel bloated today.  My appetite returned, which explains the extra snacks because I was still eating very small meals.  

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Even though the ice cream was impulsive, it sounds like you were able to be thoughtful enough about it that you could record the negative impact.  I feel like anytime I've indulged in something that makes me feel bad, I haven't been able to specifically label that.  Enjoy your cupcakes (and company and dinner :))!


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Post Whole30 Day 9, Friday June 19

M1: sweet potato hash with onions, celery and kale, 2 eggs over easy, fried in olive oil, a bit of pineapple

M2: fries from a fry stand

M3: 1/2 homemade wheat dinner roll, green salad with romaine, spinach and lettuce from my garden & green goddess dressing, bbq roasted potatoes and onions in olive oil, tenderloin steak, bbq'd pineapple rings, 1 small glass cab merlot wine, small cup vanilla ice cream, cupcake

NSV: I felt totally in control of all of my off-plan choices today.  M2 and M3 were birthday meals.  My sister and two nieces invited me to meet them at the fry stand for an early birthday treat.  This fry stand has been super popular for over 25 years and a place to meet up and hang out, so it felt right to go there today. Besides, one of my nieces had never been there before, so it was fun to introduce her to this very popular place.  I totally enjoyed every minute and every bite!

NSV: I hosted a dinner party for my upcoming birthday.  It was nice to have people over after months of isolating.  Just family and kids' SO's.  Again, I felt in complete control of all of my food choices.  I introduced a guest to my homemade ghee, then tried some on a small piece of dinner roll myself.  The wine was planned and I had a small glass that I didn't even finish.  I enjoyed it with my meal and didn't feel the need to 'finish off' what was still in my glass after I had eaten all of my dinner.  I was happy to pour away what was left over.  The ice cream was a gift, a different brand that I had last night and I enjoyed a small amount.  I didn't notice any lingering after effects. Those cupcakes!  They were so pretty.  I savoured one - just one- I ate it slowly and didn't feel drawn to have a second.  We all went outdoors after dinner to enjoy a bonfire, the fireflies and the perfect weather.  It was a very nice evening and I feel proud of all of my food victories.  There was too much going on for me to notice any ill effects from any of the off-plan food I had, but I'm ok with that.  I feel good.  There will be lots of time going forward for more in-depth testing.  This weekend will not be the time for it.  I plan to enjoy the weekend, the company of friends and neighbours tomorrow, and I am feeling thankful for the good health of all of the people in my circle.  

Plan for tomorrow: the farmer's market is finally opening up. I want to go to be around all that good fresh locally grown produce and the people who grow it.  I want to be where the healthy people are...

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Post Whole 30 Day 10, Saturday June 20

M1: leftover sweet potato hash with pineapple and eggs

M2: green salad with PK dressing

M3: bbq burger with Everything Bagel seasoning in a lettuce wrap with tomato, mayo, pineapple

Snack: cupcake

Snack: part glass of Cabernet Merlot wine

Snack: 6?  8?  more? roasted marshmallows

Snack: Jersey Milk chocolate

I discovered that fire roasted marshmallows are a food with no brakes for me.  On the bright side, they were absolutely delicious.

The wine was not needed, I didn't really want it but felt compelled to 'have a drink' when asked in front of a guest.  I didn't want to make things awkward by saying no, and I didn't have a non alcoholic drink ready, lousy excuses I know.  It was extremely disappointing to me that H was the one putting the pressure on me, and I was feeling p.o'd that someone in my inner circle managed to sabotage my efforts.  That was last night, in front of company and at the end of a busy day which started with only 4 1/2 hours of sleep.  Today I'm more rested and although still in a pissy mood from not having enough sleep and too much non compliant food, I'm feeling less like a bratty teenager who wants to blame everyone else for their problems.  I know how to smile and say "No, thank you."  I am confident in my choices and I'm #1 in my world, and I accept full responsibility for taking the wine that I didn't want.  At least it was dark and nobody noticed that I didn't finish it.   Note to self: there's nothing like lack of sleep to derail a good thing in a hurry.  

Eating that chocolate was just stupid.  


Post Whole 30 Day 11, Sunday June 21

M1: apple, eaten in the car on the way to the grocery store

Snack: a leftover cold burger patty

M2: omelette with bacon, onions, sweet peppers, fruit salad with honey/orange juice dressing

Snack: 6! Rice Krispies squares

M3:  ?? but it will be compliant.  Probably a green salad.  I think my body is mad at me :unsure:

Woke up feeling ok-ish, and needed to start the day with a grocery run.  I had taken too much time enjoying my birthday and letting my responsibilities in the kitchen lapse.  I started to feel dizzy in the grocery store and the dizziness continued through the afternoon.  Was it from all of the junk food I bombarded my body with over the past couple days?  Not sure.  But what else could it be?

Mood: foul.  Yep.  Absolutely.  Stay-away-unless-you-want-to-feel-the-wrath-of-Shadow foul.  I just couldn't handle anything. Family went out after brunch.  I slept, lounged in the sun with good tunes, then felt a bit better.  Wow.  So now I know what crappy food and lack of sleep does to a body.

About those Rice Krispies squares.  I made them to use up the marshmallows, and for the family to take to FIL because they went to visit him for Father's Day.  I made a pan of 24, and they left a dozen here.  There are still some left, but I'm done.  I won't eat anymore.  They aren't that good.  They taste like they always have and like they always will.  I know I ate some of them because I was "emotional eating," in my very bad mood.   

I'm going back to eating Whole 30 for a few days before trying anything else off plan.  And figure out some way to stay away from sugar.  My Sugar Dragon is fierce.

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Ugh, what a tough couple of days.  You are continuing to journal and taking note of what is going on with your reactions and you know what to do.  It's like an experiment.  I'm looking forward to continuing to read about how your mood/sleep/body are impacted, as you get back on plan and beat that sugar dragon back into its cave!

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1 hour ago, MadyVanilla said:

It's like an experiment.

Yes it feels like my life and especially my body are my laboratory, and I need to keep good notes for this ongoing experiment. 

The upside of the 'downfall that was the weekend' is that I learned what too much sugar does to me.  I went into the weekend feeling totally prepared to keep the sugar intake low, then I tested my hypothesis with success at first, but it was no match for the dragon within!  Ha, I thought I learned to have control, but 40 days wasn't enough time when the stressors added up.  I re-read some of my posts and I've come a long way, but having spent the better part of a half century making poor food ingestible choices isn't going to get fixed in a couple of months.  But I know what I want now - I want that Tiger Blood.  I want to feel good, to eat well, to sleep well, to walk into a room and look fabulous, and not have my fat belly lead the way. 

I like that I have learned how to be a good master to my body, and I know its appreciated by the one person that means the most to me - myself.  

The weekend wasn't a failure.  I feel empowered.  I feel stronger than ever.  Next to God, I'm in charge going forward and its going to be awesome!

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Post Whole 30 Dy 12, Monday June 22

M1: egg salad with homemade mayo and chopped chives, carrot sticks

M2: green salad with avocado, green grapes, celery, white radishes and chicken with PK dressing, a few dashes of non-compliant herb blend (contains sugar and soy lecithin)

M3: ground beef with marinara sauce over 1/4 spaghetti squash

Snack: 1 cup vanilla ice cream

I knew the salad herbs contained sugar (listed as the 3rd ingredient) but didn't realize that soy lecithin was also an ingredient.  Sigh.  The blend gave the salad a nice change of taste though.

After eating pasta sauce over spaghetti squash rather than wheat pasta, I feel good, without any belly bloat.

The ice cream was calling me from where I stashed it on Friday evening.  I could have stopped at 1/2 cup, but I ate a full cup/8oz.  Now I feel a bit bloated.  I will need to move it to the deep freezer or throw it out, because I think it will continue to be a strong temptation.  

NSV: the stomach pain is gone, and the dizziness has subsided again.  


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Post Whole 30 Day 13, Tuesday June 23

M1: fried eggs, kale, leftover fried onions and sweet peppers from Sunday brunch, 1 tbsp non-compliant bacon crumbles

Snack: 3 squares of Jersey Milk bar

M2: Small New York Fries poutine, Nestle sweetened iced tea

Snack: DQ Dilly Bar

Snack: banana muffin batter

Was feeling a bit bloated on waking up, very likely from eating ice cream last evening

Had gastric distress about two hours after eating breakfast and it went on for about two hours.  Was it the L/O onions and sweet peppers?  I seriously considered food poisoning but don't think it was that.  Most likely it was too many FODMAPS or an IBS flare up. Whatever it was, there was no way I was going to eat or drink anything at lunch time.  Went mall shopping with my daughter in the afternoon, hunger and thirst struck hard at 4pm.  I didn't have any food or drinks packed, and didn't feel like looking for a compliant vendor at the food court.  The poutine tasted delicious, and left me too full to eat supper, or maybe I was just too lazy to prepare anything.  The downward spiral continued with the ice cream and then the batter later in the evening.  

So much for getting back to eating W30 today.  I don't feel angry with myself though, nor do I feel much guilt.  I know that I could have done without the ice cream and the muffin batter, and choosing them was a direct consequence of the way my day had derailed since mid morning.  I wasn't prepared with a protein salad in the fridge or Larabars in my purse, and snacking on non compliant food happens when I'm not prepared.

NSV: Even with the off-plan foods today, my stomach feels smaller and I'm happy with that.  

NSV: When the weather is hot I live in summer dresses, and today I found another one at the mall that I love.  It looks good on me, much better than it would have looked six weeks ago :-) .  All of my summer clothes are fitting better now.  

I think I need to do a menu plan for the upcoming week, because I notice that more and more often I'm going to the fridge at meal time to see what's available, and I haven't been too excited about my meals lately.  Food boredom.  Time to try some new recipes.

My reintroductions aren't going well.  I'm eating too many different kinds of foods without giving myself enough time to figure out how they affect me.  I've got to do better.  I hope to have more variety in my diet soon, because I believe I need the nutrients (ie B vitamins from grains).  

Plans for tomorrow: 

1. make an updated list of W30 compliant foods/meals that I love and

2. make a seven day meal plan and 

3. make a reintroductions plan and 

4. find some new recipes and

5. eat somewhat bland W30 for a day to get myself back on track and to allow my gut time to heal some more from this morning's incident.


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1 hour ago, MadyVanilla said:

Ok, so poutine is on my list of foods I want to eat again.  

It was a nice treat. 

Yesterday at the mall I saw a gadget that cuts potatoes evenly into French fry shapes, and an air fryer, side by side, on sale.  That was before I had the poutine.  I wanted the new gadgets then, and want them more now!  I’ve never tried air fryer fries though, and wonder about just how good they are.  I do have a deep fryer...

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17 hours ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

It was a nice treat. 

Yesterday at the mall I saw a gadget that cuts potatoes evenly into French fry shapes, and an air fryer, side by side, on sale.  That was before I had the poutine.  I wanted the new gadgets then, and want them more now!  I’ve never tried air fryer fries though, and wonder about just how good they are.  I do have a deep fryer...

Haahaa I also have a deep fryer. I bring it out once a year for my 4th of July junkapalooza (it gets called Fatth of July). It was cheaper to buy one than rent it. But the way my house smells for a week after grosses me out!

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On 6/25/2020 at 10:01 AM, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

Set it up outside?

This is a brilliant and undersung idea. I remember making an absurdly delicious recipe of Kalua Pig a couple of years ago, leaving my slow cooker to run on my patio one night. Somehow no raccoons got wise to the plan, but the fragrance was a blessing to the entire neighborhood.  :)

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