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A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 R2.2


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Sadness, Surprises and Surviving

Easter interrupted my round 2, then I jumped back on the wagon but was avoiding my thoughts and feelings so I avoided journaling.  I took a pregnancy test about a week after Easter and it was negative.  I expected to feel relief rather I felt sadness deep sadness and concern as to what was going on with my body.  It felt different things were just weird.  I had more compliant days than not for most of the days left in April and May hit and I was so tired and exhausted and HUNGRY for all the things that I turned off my brain and dived into some emotional eating and turning to sundrop to try to help with energy levels.  All the while my body is still feeling weird and off.  The exhaustion made no sense the ravenous appetite made no sense and now smells began to bother me... none of this adds up unless I was prego, but the test said no.  Finally just before mother’s day my hubby encouraged me to test again.  It was positive I wasn’t crazy, and things started making sense.  I decided to wait until after we celebrated the oldest boys 18th birthday to pick up the whole 30 quest hard core.  I’ve put down the sundrop though I’ve “needed” a little ginger ale in the evenings as that’s when my stomach begins to churn.  So tomorrow is my official start date.   I am not doing this to loose weight, I am doing this to provide me and baby better nutrition and to get off the slide I’ve been on for the past two weeks.  To re-establish healthy eating choices and relationship to food and my body.   Today I am working on mindset and some prep work that will make jumping back in easy and delicious.  

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6 hours ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

 Congratulations @BabyBear!  You must be thrilled. Good luck with your new R2, and take good care of you and your mini.  


Yes completely and totally thrilled, and a little bewildered.  Thank you and I am looking forward to learning more about myself and my behavior towards food and emotional triggers this round.  

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Day 1 - so much accomplished today, yet so far to go


6:30 up to change laundry and get everyone ready to go.  I did some research on some different exercise programs on Beachbody on Demand. Being an obliger I find I enjoy my workout more and I push myself to do my best when I have someone else asking me to give it my all even if that person is a recording.  

8:00 M1 - eating on the run 3 eggs scrambled with chilli pepper oregano cooked in compliant bacon fat.  LO Cajun potatoes and green beans with clarified butter.

Weird combination but palatable and easy.  

We went to our old house to work on getting it cleaned out and cleaned up.  We did a lot of work on the yard trimming bushes and trees pulling out vines etc in the morning.  The boys and I worked up a sweat but we had brought plenty of water to keep us hydrated.  I had to keep reminding myself not to over exert myself  or attempt to do more than I should.  I still worked hard though just had to use my head a little more than my muscles.  

1:00 M2 grilled chicken, leafy greens bacon and  a mandarin.  I forgot my dressing ugh

The salad was still good and a welcome break.  After lunch break we bagged up 6 bags of clothes that don’t fit or no longer wanted mostly boys clothes.  We also bagged and boxed toys, games videos etc until the back of the suburban was full.  After a couple hours of loading up donation stuff we were spent.  We took the items to the different folks who needed the items or could use them to bless others.  I never realized just how much stuff we accumulated in our little house until we moved.  When my hubby and I got married I literally packed a few suitcases and moved into his house a little more than an hour away.  After being out of my house for a little over a year I have found that there is very little I miss or need.  So much of what we had accumulated was just clutter and distraction.  Distraction from what though?  Perhaps the loneliness that  comes with being a single parent.  Distraction from the abandonment that was a very present  reminder in that house.  Distraction from the feelings of inadequacy as a mom and provider.  As we started going through things to release and let them go emotions and connections surfaced.  My memories attached to things give those things life to me, but more accurately those things seem to help keep my memories alive.  I’m not sure why I struggle to the point of fear of “loosing” those memories when I let those things go.  My mom suggested I take pictures before I release the items. Although she was well meaning This ended up be a disasterous idea.  I find I don’t connect with pictures, the memories are not as vivid, and so in taking pictures and tossing the memorabilia I didn’t process things and I felt the loss that much greater making it even harder to release things. It’s weird.  I am sincerely searching for ways to overcome this… but it’s hard.  The one thought I’ve had that is helping with this release is this “is it more important to me to hold onto ALL the memory triggers than to make new memories.  Holding onto all my memory keepers in a large way is preventing me from creating new memories with my children.”  So with that thought I released a lot today, although it was just a drop in the bucket.   This process of purging is exhausting and hard but I know I needed it physically, emotionally and mentally.  

6:00 S1 - 5 strawberries

I was HUNGRY when I finally arrived home, so I popped a few strawberries and it helped.  I’m in need of a shower before I attempt to make food.     

8:45 bed… by the time I got the boys fed and me showered I was just to exhausted to eat.  Hubby offered to go pick something but I declined because I don’t even think I could chew.  So a welcomed early bed time for me.  

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so much congrats @BabyBear !!! that is fantastic. And it is so great that you were able to start releasing those memories. Purging is hard and scary and I avoid it. It takes alot to turn inward and really start looking at what is going in your head. <3 Hopefully you sleep well after all that work

I saw your posts on another person's log that I was catching up and was so excited to see that you had posted something.

Happy thoughts for you, your family, and your round 2

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@Blueautumn thank you for the kind words and encouragement.  Yes purging is hard, and the emotional junk it brings to the surface is even harder.  I’m grateful for all that I learned about me during my first whole 30 round in January.  I was able to identify and release so much that round.  I know I still have a ways to go, but this is a process that grows as we grow and for that I am also grateful.  

Have a beautiful day!

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Day 2 R2.2  I eat what I want


7:15 up with baby.  Got him to the potty and changed and fed.  I was tempted to go back to bed, but I’m going to do some loving movement for my body instead to see if I can’t work out some of these sore muscles.

8:30 M1 - 3 eggs with chili powder oregano cooked in Bacon fat, sautéed coleslaw mix with coconut aminos and sriracha sauce. Mandarin

12:00-2:00 nap. I was feeling so exhausted I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

2:30 S1 3 dill pickles, 1 Granny Smith apple, 1 tbs almond butter

In searching for what I might eat for lunch I got distracted and started cleaning the fridge so I ate a snack while cleaning out the fridge.  

Exercise: BOD Barre Blend 20 min prep video.  Holly Toledo Batman that was intense.  I made it through it, I couldn’t have done that 5 months ago.  

7:00 M2 - chicken stir fry with carrots, broccoli, water chestnuts, snap peas, and bell peppers.  Salad with cucumber, tomato, bell peppers and creamy Italian dressing from MelJoulwan (really good dressing)


Hubby brought home pizza and spaghetti for him and boys.  The smell of pizza hit my nostrils and my eyes rolled back into my head and I had to say to myself “STOP” before you dive head first into the pizza do you really want it?  Oh yes I want it.  I know you want it, but do you really really want it? Do you want it more than your goal of completing a whole 30?  Do you want it more than the control over food you are working to establish?  Do you want the pizza more than freedoms from cravings? Do you want pizza more than health?  Pizza isn’t going any where, it will be there when you want it, really want it and when it doesn’t conflict with immediate goals.  After answering those questions it was easy to say no to the pizza and enjoy my food without feeling deprived in the least.  So big steps are being made toward food freedom this round.  

I spent the rest of the evening cuddled on the couch with hubby watching TV.  I soaked in an Epsom salt bath for 30 min before calling it a night.    It was a nice way to end the day.

Water 109oz 

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Day 3 Monday, Monday 


6:50 up with baby.  Get him going and his breakfast ready.  

7:30 M1 - sautéed coleslaw mix, 3 eggs scrambled with chili powder oregano cooked in bacon fat.

I do think bacon fat is my new favorite cooking fat. It’s so yummy.  

Lots to do today. I have to get to the stores today and I hate shopping.  Oh well suck it buttercup and get the lead out the day isn’t getting any longer.  

12:30 S1 - 1/2 banana 3 pickle spears and a blueberry rx bar

Between the errands and getting baby fed and getting trash off to the dump I ended up just grabbing whatever, but not whatever because I didn’t grab those coconut dream cookies or fresh Krispy Kreme raspberry donuts… so I’m okay with my snack.

2:30-3:45 nap while baby naps.  I was exhausted and just no energy to fix food.

5:00 M2 - deviled eggs (homemade mayo, spicy mustard and plain mustard, paprika). Cucumber, tomato, avocado salad with creamy Italian dressing, 1/2 pink lady apple.

Once I helped get hubby out the door with orders to be shipped I decided I wanted some food.  I whipped up some amazing deviled eggs.  It’s all in the mayonnaise folks.  If you haven’t tried safflower oil to make your mayo with you have no idea what you are missing.  Confession I was craving pasta salad… so I made pasta salad minus the pasta.  I cut the cukes and tomatoes up fairly chunky and added the avocado for grins and giggles.  I thinned out the creamy Italian dressing with a little more vinegar and the tossed it all together.  Oh it was so good and really hit the spot.  I made a big batch so I should get a few more servings out of it.  The baby saw the pink lady apples I bought today and about lost his mind.  So I cut one up for him so he wouldn’t waste a whole one.  He ate half and I ate half and it paired nicely with the rest of my meal.  Another confession I could easily eat a whole dozen of deviled eggs and never bat an eye… so I only made 4 eggs and immediately put half away after I prepped them so I wouldn’t mindlessly eat them after I my meal.  

8:00 M3 - pulled pork, baked potato with CB and w30 BBQ sauce and nutritional yeast flakes.  

Dinner was delish and totally hit the spot.

I got the kitchen cleaned up and boys helped tidy up all the messes baby made throughout the house.  Hubby brought home Christy’s Chocolate Chip Cookie for me.  I love him and his thoughtfulness.  Earlier this month I had asked for one but the place was out… he happen to be by there today and stopped just to see if they had the cookie I had wanted.  I’ll feed it to the 13 DS and baby tomorrow when he’s not looking.  What else is a girl to do.  I am definitely not telling him he wasted money and a trip because he forgot I’m not eating sugar and junk food right now.  It was a very sweet and loving gesture and I love him for it.  

A little TV and Epsom salt bath before bed.

Water 101oz


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that plate looks delicious! (full disclosure ive never eaten deviled eggs! and i LOVE me some scrambled eggs) 
Currently my hubby keeps throwing the bacon fat out! i finally ordered some jars so i can force him to save it in there. Instead it ends up in the backyard and the dogs go for it!

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@BlueautumnThis is so sad.. how have you made it your whole life eating scrambled eggs and never had a deviled egg.  Deviled is the only way I would touch eggs.  I eat scrambled eggs now but I really don’t enjoy them, but deviled eggs oh my yum.  

I make my bacon in the oven I lay it on parchment paper and cook it for 25 minutes at 350.  You can go shorter time for softer bacon or longer to get it extra crispy.  After I remove the bacon I use parchment paper to pour the bacon grease into a jar.  I toss the parchment paper and put the pan away.  No fuss no mess and no grease splattered all over my stove.  Plus I can do other things while the bacon is cooking no need to babysit it.  I do fold the edges of the parchment paper up to keep the grease from running out onto the pan.   

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Day 4 - harnessing the inner toddler

7:15 up with baby although I was conscious probably 20 min prior.  I got the baby through his regular routine and fed when my 11DS came out of his room and said mom you look tired, go lay down I’ll keep an eye on the Tasmanian devil.  I took him up on his offer.

8:00-9:15 sleep

9:30 M1 - LO 4 deviled eggs, LO no pasta salad, 5 blackberries

Baby wanted to try my eggs.  He is fascinated with chickens and eggs right now.  He climbed into his high chair saying “egg egg egg”. So I offered him a bite and he took a big one and immediately it comes tumbling out of his mouth and he starts licking his arms to wipe off his tongue.  He got down and went to tell his brothers “egg I tried it”. One of them asked did you like it and baby said “um.. Nope”. At least he tried it.  He keeps us on our toes and laughing all along the way.  It’s hard to believe he’s still only 1 and his birthday is still a month and half away.  He has certainly been a crazy delightful amazing surprise addition.  The thing about a toddler is they are discovering their will and the world around them.  One of the most remarkable traits of a toddler (and some would argue one of the most frustrating aspects too) is that they get in their head what they want (or don’t want) and they go for it.  They aren’t worried about what others think about it, or the difficulties in obtaining it.  They are determined and tenacious.  Now we have to help temper that some so they understand strapping on the buzz light year wings and jumping off the bunk bed is not a good idea, but I find encouraging this self determination helps them find confidence at a young age.  I learn so much from watching my children develop at every stage.  I am learning to tap into that toddler size confidence and to grab hold of those things I truly want despite what others think or say.  Making healthy changes has and does put stress on family relationships especially with my parents.  But if this is what I want I need to pull a play from the babies play book and just do it to the best I can asking help from those who will give it and ignoring those who don’t.  If I want it I can make a way to make it happen.  So today I am whole 30 because I want it like my toddler wanted that jelly donut at the top of the shelf (I don’t even know how he knew they were there) I’m going to get a chair, a box, a stuffed animal and maybe even get a supportive person involved too.  My body, my health.  This is my fight song!!!

Just as I walked into Walmart my best friend who is currently living on the other side of the world called me.  I wandered around aimlessly talking to her.  She was sobbing.  Once I got the facts of what was happening I was mad really mad.  I gave her advice told her to get a good lawyer who would fight for her, and she had to stop avoiding conflict it was time to gird up her loins and fight for her rights as a mom and not allow the fear her ex holds over her to hold her back any more.  Boy do I have a fire right now!  I’m going to need a workout to burn some of this off I haven’t been this angry in a very very long time.  

12:00 S1 - banana and epic bar.

As soon as I walked in the door a smell hit my nose and my stomach started churning.  What I wouldn’t give for saltines and ginger ale.  I drank water and then ate a banana and then a lemon epic bar.  It seem to take of the edge.  Once I get baby down I’m going to lie down to see if that helps.  I’m sure real food would help but I just don’t think I can fix anything at the moment.  Hopefully a little rest will stop the ick feeling and then I’ll make lunch.  

1:30-2:45 rest

I had to get up and tidy up quick because someone who had driven well over an hour to get to our house didn’t bother telling us they were on the way until they were 20 min out.  Just out of the blue decided they were ready to get a skate and wanted to come get fitted.  Ugh.  Like really! 

4:00 M2 - chicken apple sausages sautéed peppers and onions over a bed of salad greens.  

Very tasty and I was HUNGRY!

9:30 M3 - Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken breast with steamed vegetable medley (cauliflower broccoli and carrots) with clarified butter salt and pepper

Dinner was good and a needed break from a frustrating afternoon of work.  

After dinner during our show my hubby hinted that he’d really like a batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies… I smiled and said I know I’ve been meaning to make some I just keep running out of steam.  I told him I would have some for him by the weekend because I adore him and love to make things that make him happy.  I didn’t tell him is that he may have to watch the baby for an hour to get the cookies out of me because those things are finicky and I can’t have an interruption and right now I sleep while baby sleeps.  Lol we shall see.   I enjoyed my evening couch time with hubby.  I have more work and deadlines to meet, but first my Epsom salt bath.  I’m committed to getting a soak in daily if I can, it helps so much in preventing swelling, helping the digestive regulation and easing my aches and pains.  If I work first I won’t feel up to my bath. 

Water 101oz

(I have been doing a better job of drinking and tracking water this round so yay NSV)

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5/20 Day 5 - not one of my better days but I survived


6:30 up with alarm baby woke up shortly after me… so much for a quick workout.  Get all the boys moving to get out the door.  Feel very foggy and like I’m moving at a snails pace.  

8:00 M1 - handful of venison jerky (compliant). Apple and 1 Tbs NS almond butter

So I was proud of me for getting lunch packed and was really looking forward to it until I realized on the road I forgot my main course!  Ugh and my veggies I was going to eat for breakfast was tossed in the back with my lunch.  Clearly my head is not on straight this morning so my Apple that was for later was eaten for breakfast.  It did satisfy me though so that’s something.  I have plenty of veggies for lunch I’ll just have to forage for a protein source.  Sigh oh well not a good enough reason to go off plan.  

9:30 M1 cont - LO No pasta Salad

I was still hungry when I got to my clients so I dug out my veggies I planned for breakfast and ate them all.  Hmmm yummy.

NSV - I realized I didn’t have any Morning Sickness queasy feelings set in at 5pm like it has been doing, and it was barely noticeable the day before.  Could it be due to whole 30 foods?  Maybe. 

Sooooo tired!

12:30 S1 - lemon epic bar

I still can’t believe I left my lunch.  Ugh!

Left my clients and craving steak and remembered there was a little hole in the wall pizza and steak place that is always very accommodating. 

3:00 M2 - 8oz Ribeye, plain baked potato with salt and pepper, salad with olive oil and lemon juice.

Arrived home and so incredibly exhausted.  
6:15-7:20 rest

Got to feed everyone including myself. 

8:00 M3 - LO 2 aidelle chicken apple sausages, 1/2 c sautéed onion peppers, on top of a bed of salad greens drizzled with olive oil.

Still hungry 

9:00 S2 - 4 strawberries, 1 banana, sprinkle of cinnamon, 1 Tbs NS almond butter, 2tsp unsweetened coconut flakes

Food helped some, but I have splitting headache settling in at the base of my skull that I just can’t shake

9:30 - 10:45 Rest

Up to finish work, still with a head ache

Water 101 Oz 

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It sucks when you forget something that you actually planned! *hugs* That blows. Maybe your headache was just from the stress of the day and the eating delays? hopefully it doesnt keep you from getting some sleep.

Mind sharing your fav way to make deviled eggs and I'll make some this weekend! :) 

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@Blueautumn I think stress and prego hormones have something to do it with it too.  

I make my deviled eggs and egg salad pretty much the same only I don’t toss the whites into the mix for the deviled eggs.  I just kind of eyeball it but I’ll estimate about the amounts i add

6 eggs

1/4-1/3c of mayo

1 - 2 Tbs spicy brown mustard

1-2 tsp yellow mustard

salt and pepper to taste


optional chopped bubbies bread and butter pickles. (I don’t include these during a whole 30 because they have sugar)

bring pot of water to a boil there should be enough water to submerge eggs. You can add a splash of vinegar to help prevent egg spreading if one bust but it’s not necessary.  Gently lower eggs into boiling water with a ladle or small bowl sieve.  (Or whatever else works for you).  Boil 12 to 13 min depending on how done you like your hard boiled eggs.  I like my yolks very firm so I go with 13 min.  

Prepare a large bowl with an ice bath lots of ice and water.  When timer goes off remove eggs from boiling water and place in ice bath.  Let them sit at least 5 minutes to completely chill.  This allows the membrane to separate fully and makes it so easy to peel.  Drain ice and water and shake the eggs up pretty vigorously to crack shells.  

Peel the eggs and rinse off in cold water to remove all the shell crumbs as I call them.  

Slice eggs in half long ways tip to end.  Pop out yolks into a separate bowl.  Once all the eggs are split and all the yolks are removed it’s time to make the fillings.  Note any “ugly white egg halves that are too broken to hold the mixture I just toss in with the yolks.  Use a fork to break up the yolks.  Add the mayo and mustards salt and pepper (just sprinkle over the surface)  I start with less mayo and add more if it is too dry.  Also I tend to use more spicy brown mustard as I like the little kick it gives.  If you are adding the sweet bread and butter pickles then chop a few up and mix into the yolk filling.  I normally use about 1 pickle slice per egg.  

Fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture. You can spoon them on, pipe them on, or even use a sandwich bag with a corner cut out to fill the eggs it doesn’t really much matter.  Once filled sprinkle with paprika.  You can get fancy with toppings like top with bacon crumbles, or little fresh dill and avocado.  But if the eggs are just for me I don’t go to all the work of making them fancy because they don’t last that long lol.  

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A quick tip for boiling eggs is to use a push pin, insert it into the fat end of the egg to pierce the air pocket, remove the pin before boiling.  Ladle the eggs into the water or use tongs. I keep a pin on my kitchen window sill

@BabyBear what brand of spicy mustard do you use?  Every kind in my grocery stores except yellow is non compliant


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@ShadowInTheKitchen I use my local grocery store’s brand, Kroger.  It’s ingredients are vinegar water mustard seed salt and tumeric.  They also make an organic Dijon mustard that is compliant (no wine).  I also discovered this week they make a compliant organic deli roast beef.  I’m really grateful to discover they offered a lot of compliant options as we live in a small town with no fancy health food store.  We have Kroger’s and Walmart and that’s about it.

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Day 6 5/21 - I miss sandwiches


7:30 woke up on my own.  After getting dressed and going to get baby up I discovered he was already up.  My 13DS informed me he had been up since 6:30, but he changed him and fed him and entertained him because he figured I needed the sleep.  I’ve got some pretty great boys!

9:00 M1 2 eggs scrambled in clarifies butter with basil and oregano.  2 pieces of NS Bacon.  1/2 c Home fries air fried with garlic powder and paprika.  1c snap peas sautéed in clarified butter seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning.  

I was still feeling off and my tummy was still churning a bit this morning.  Eating seemed to help.  I am glad of that because I have a lot to accomplish today.

10:15-11:45 nap

I got a few things done before falling asleep standing up lol.  I was sent to my room. This little titan is definitely demanding a lot of energy right now.  I’m okay with that.  Trying not to feel guilty or shame myself because of it.  

1:00 M2 - roast beef roll ups - 4 slices roast beef, 2 large lettuce leaves, 1/2 tomato sliced, spicy brown mustard.  2 pickle spears. 1 pink lady apple with 1 Tbs of NS almond butter.

Thank you Kroger’s for having compliant roast beef that was actually so good!  I happen to pick up and read the ingredients on their organic simple truth roast beef the other day thinking I’d get it for my son with all the allergies and I was pleasantly surprised that it was compliant.  Organic beef, water, sea salt, organic black pepper.  I may have danced a jig in the store.  So I had that today for lunch and it tasted great!  I think the only thing I really really miss is sandwiches. I love sandwiches of every sort shape and size.   Cold, hot, grilled or not. I like the small, long, short or triple stack.  There are certain restaurants that have closed around here that are still open in other regions and when we go to those areas I HAVE to eat there because they have a sandwich on the menu that you can’t get anywhere else.  It’s not just one part or another or even just the flavor it’s the whole experience of the sandwich I love, from the texture to the multi level of  flavors even the way it feels to hold it in my hands.  My sandwich affair is on hold for now.  They are not gone from me forever they will be there when I want one, really want one.  

7:30 M3 - 6oz Grilled Chicken breast, 1 c steamed broccoli and cauliflower 1 Tbs ghee 

More work and then bed.  

Water: 101oz

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It is good to know that Krogers carries deli meat that will be compliant. I had the strangest hankering for roast beef yesterday actually and its not really a meat that we eat on a regular basis. Thank you very much for the deviled eggs recipe I will be sure to try some this week and see how i like it. Ive always had a weird thing with textures but I am trying to remember that I am a grown up and that being picky is a luxury not all people can afford to have so I might as well take advantage and try out more things that I had been avoiding.

You are very lucky to have such great boys! You get that nap in momma. I love napping and I don't even have a good excuse.

Youre sandwiches will be there waiting for you later in the summer :) great job on finishing day 6

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5/22 Day 7 - pushing through not because I want to, but because I need to.  Bleck 


6:00 up with baby.  Got through his routine and fed him breakfast.  Feeling ick my stomach is churning and I have a headache pretty certain it’s hormones.

7:30-8:30 rest

9:00 M1 - banana and lemon epic bar

Did not have the stomach to eat but I did try to get something in my stomach before the grocery store run.  I made a Hardee’s run for hubby and boys.  There was a slight temptation because a plain buttered biscuit sounded like it could make all my ick go away. But I know it wouldn’t.  

12:30 M2 - 3 pieces of bacon, 3 dill pickles, 1 c of grapes

Still not feeling like eating.  My brain is demanding salt and sweet.  I will not eat those pretzels or that chocolate covered donuts.  I may be feeling ick not only due to pregnancy hormones but also I haven’t pooped yesterday or today yet.  This is not normal for me.  I may look back to my Jan log as I know I had a few days in there where I felt off because of not pooping.  

1:30-3:00 rest

3:00 S1 - 2 dill pickles, a handful of pistachios 

Still not feeling great but I’m trying to push through.  Made sweet tea for the boys,  no bake cookies for the hubby.  And a sweet potato apple breakfast bake from 40 Aprons for me.  I’ve been eye balling the recipe and decided I’d give it try.

5:30 1/4 Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake (2 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 apple, 3 Tbs raisins, 1.5 Tbs walnuts, 1/4 c coconut milk). 

I probably should have had a salad with it but I was glad to get something other than pickles down.  The house smells amazing, almost like apple pie.  

Still not feeling like myself I got some laundry done and then crashed on the couch and watched baby play.  

Not my best day but it was a compliant day so there’s that

9:30 bed

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Day 8 5/23 - a much better day


7:10 up with baby.  

TMI- Oh glorious day I pooped!  That helped immensely!  

I have a lot to get done and need to get out the door, but I’m not skimping on breakfast as that seems to set the tone for the day.  

8:00 M1 - LO sweet potato apple breakfast bake, 1c salad greens, 2tbs citrus vinaigrette (mandarin juiced, 1/2 lemon juiced, basil, parsley, splash of balsamic vinegar, olive oil)

The breakfast bake heated up lovely in the air fryer, tasted as good as when it was straight out of the oven.  I knew I needed some greens but was pouty because I had no dressing and then I remembered I had some mandarin oranges so I tossed together a dressing that was actually very tasty and refreshing.  

Today is another work day at our old house.  I hope I have the stomach for it.

2:00 M2 - large salad with grilled chicken tomatoes and cucumbers with citrus vinaigrette 

The boys and I worked pretty hard this morning and made a dent and got a plan.  Lunch was welcomed and tasty.  While the baby was with my mom I decided to take the older boys to go have a little fun before heading home.  One of our local rinks has opened back up so we went skating for a couple hours.  Phew I haven’t been on my skates for a few months and it shows my legs are saying what on earth did we just do lol.  But oh it was good to feel the wood glide under my feet, and the wind rake through my hair making it stand straight back.  I’m a little shorter winded than usual but I’m sure the stow away on board is to blame.  Sadly I was suppose to be in Detroit this weekend for one of the biggest skate parties ever, and they only host it every other year.  They had to cancel due to the governor closing the state down.  The last time it was hosted was 2018 I was 8 months pregnant and out there skating with the other 3,000 people who had come from all over.  There was an amazing energy that you really can’t explain.  The little session this afternoon, though it was no Soul Skate, was good for my soul.  

9:00 M3 - grilled shrimp, baked potato with ghee, steamed broccoli

Water 101oz

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Day 9 5/24 - and the hits just keep on coming.  When I said we needed to catch a break this is not what I had in mind.


7:15 up with baby.  Get our day going.  I got his breakfast served up and then we headed to the bathroom to get me ready.  Lol he was into everything this morning and a short fuse to boot.  I was grateful when hubby got up and took over and I think baby was too. 

8:30 M1 - LO sweet potato apple breakfast bake.  

Probably should have made efforts at having a salad or something but I was doing good to get that down and out the door.  

I was so excited to be back among my sacred family even if it was only a fraction of them as we gathered among 4 different houses.  

1:30 M2 - venison roast and roast potatoes and carrots with ghee.  

Dinner at my moms.  This was planned.  I checked her beef broth the other day and it was approved.  I did ask she not add any consumate or any other flavorings.  Lucky for me as she was plating the food she was looking for a sweet chili sauce but she was out.  She just doesn’t get it but we did manage to have a meal that had compliant components.  She also made rolls, coleslaw,  corn. Sigh nothing green but I’ll eat a big salad tonight.  Lunch was nice and the company even better.  I was hungry so when my mom announced save room for strawberry rhubarb pie (one of my favorites) I had a second helping of roast and potatoes and carrots.  It filled me up and I was able to decline honestly that I did not want pie because I was full.  After lunch I took baby upstairs to nap while the older boys watched a movie with my parents.  When I got up from the nap my mom was cutting up the watermelon I had brought over.  I indulged, simply because I wanted it.  It was delicious and I enjoyed every morsel.

4:30 S1 - bowl of watermelon

OMG I’m glad I ate that bowl of watermelon.  We went skating tonight, and we were two hours in and having a blast when my husband was doing a head slide in the middle a move he’s down 1000 times his arm slipped just as he was coming down and his arm got trapped behind him and snap.  He broke it above the elbow.  Thank goodness one of our friends there is an EMT.  It’s his dominant arm and all he could chatter on about is how he has 4 skates to build tomorrow and he won’t be able to play with the baby.  So no dinner.  Im sitting in the truck outside the ER waiting for answers.    It’s crazy he’s been skating for 31 years and never broke anything and he has taken some dog falls, yet he breaks his arm on a floor move he’s done a thousand times he wasn’t even standing on his skates!  Really 2020 what else you got for us?  Ugh!

Wrap me in bubble wrap and let me know when 2020 is over .  Good grief Charlie Brown!

i stayed compliant and was not lured by the Taco Bell sitting across the road as I sat in the parking lot.

Water 101oz 

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So sorry about your husband sending good wishes that he recovers sooner than later.

Good job on avoiding that taco bell. Stress can def be a downfall of trying to stay healthy. When my mom died my dad got me burgers and a frosty from Wendy's and when my dad died I got burgers and frosty from Wendy's lol  essentially whenever I'm stressed now I look for delicious bad nom noms 

You did so awesome with dinner at your mom's as well.  Them food navigation skills are A +


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