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I have a start date! Tuesday, October 20, with a friend. This is my third true, hardcore Whole30. It's her first go at W30.

To start my journey, I'm pulling a Tarot card for inspiration. The Queen of Coins, from the Burning Tarot deck.

The Queen of Coins can do this. She understands the deep importance of body, of nourishment, of connection to the great Earth. She is wise and authoritative, but generous and fairly flexible. She knows that leadership is required. She is unafraid of riches and bounty.

The Queen of Coins is ready to live in a most healthy and delicious manner, and so am I.



queen of coins - cary - burning tarot deck.jpg

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So here we are: Day One. I've been inching toward Whole30 eating again for a couple weeks, but last night closed out the non-W30 phase with a big homemade batch of pad thai. Right now, the idea of giving that up for 30 or 90 days doesn't sound like a big deal.

We'll see how I feel as my hormonal cycle rolls along—my times of intense craving usually correspond to that.

Another day of distance learning/home schooling with my son, so it's unlikely to be stress-free. But we have no appointments in town today. We can stay home, cook, learn, and walk in the woods. I do have a lot of computer-based stuff today (meetings and a conference) but some of it's optional.

Whole30 can also be a good time to simply take care of oneself and de-prioritize what isn't important. So if I miss most of the conference, no big deal.

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ooh, paleo pad thai. thanks for the recipe link!

today went okay. i wasn't very organized. the (free range) chicken i planned to cook for dinner wasn't thawed out yet. also, we ran out of eggs and i didn't want to waste the gas driving into town just for eggs. tomorrow we get a delivery of produce & farm eggs.

mainly it was like a regular "Whole30-ish" day but with no maple syrup. a

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11 hours ago, Miss T the Tarot Reader said:

Perhaps I should mention: I'm allergic to nuts and coconut. This makes the Whole30 and paleo just that much more interesting!

Oooh, yes. That does present some real creative challenges. But it can be done--and done deliciously! I'll be mindful if I offer other recipes. . . . 

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