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The first 12 days of whole 30 went awesome! Unbelievably, I had no sweet cravings at all...unheard of in my life! I really thought I would miss my nightly 85% dark chocolate bar or the gobs of honey I usually eat but I haven't really. I've been eating a sweet potato each morning post workout and adding fruit to all of my meals, I think that is helping alot.

Yesterday, day 13 I had "the hunger"....all day I was wanting to eat and I did! Lots of chicken, sweet potatoes, avo, chard, spinach, olive oil, broc, greens, cuke, tomatoes, berries and eggs but not getting that fully satisfied feeling....it was weird.

I am allergic to cow dairy but not goat or sheep (the protein is different). Pre whole 30 I would eat manchego sheep cheese from time to time. Yesterday I was having the biggest craving for manchego sheep cheese!!! So I had dinner (sardines, eggs, broccoli, salad with oo and avc) and still wasn't quite satisfied. I was still dreaming of that wangy fatty manchego cheese and I tried to quell the desire with a few spoons of coconut butter and a giant yam.

Then something in me switched and along came the need for sweet, that zombie type need that won't leave you alone....so I had a few more spoons of coconut butter and thought I was good, but then had to hoover another giant sweet potato and way too many raisins and almonds until I was finally content, albeit very full and feeling a tad guilty. Why didn't I listen to the success guide and make more eggs or something! So easy to say in retrospect but not easy to see when you're in "the zone".

So, today I'm on day 14 and feeling pretty good. Had a little guilt about the overeating episode but am writing this journal to get it out and move on. I still want that cheese, but I'm not going to go overboard on anything this time.

I love sweet potatoes and will be sure to have one each morning, but I think that having them with each meal was triggering some sweet cravings for me. I think my manchego cheese craving is a desire for something fatty...I have some grass fed beef from TJ's in the freezer, maybe I'll make that tonight.

My other thing is that since starting whole 30 I am a SALT head...I am wanting to heavily salt EVERYTHING!!!

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Yesterday was the full moon...always induces crazy cravings that nothing satisfies for me! Although you overdid a bit it's great you are jumping back right into the program and even though you over ate at least they weren't any foods that you would feel like you had to start over for! I sometimes have that problem with sweet potatoes too... I can enjoy a half of one every couple of days but more than that and I get a little crazy with carb cravings...

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That's funny about the full moon, thanks! I'm chalking my overeating episode up to the fact I had some really tough bodyweight workouts and I guess didn't refuel enough.

Today I'm on day 15, half way through...yay!

A few reflections:

1. I cannot believe how much I don't care about dark chocolate. Seriously. I was eating a bar a night and now I don't even think about it. Or sugar. Or honey. Or goat yogurt with sugar and honey and dark chocolate. Wow, amazing!

2. I'm using A LOT of salt. Like A LOT of salt. On everything.

3. I'm totally back on coffee (pre whole 30 was caffeine free for 4 years) and loving it! Dark, earthy and bitter...heaven to me. Oh how I missed you, coffee :)

4. The only real "craving" I have had so far was for the aforementioned manchego cheese but that's gone now. Last night I made ghee out of goat butter and the smell of the milk solids really turned my stomach....not even sure I want the ghee now, I may just stick to olive oil and coconut :)

5. I feel like all this meat (I used to be more or less vegetarian) is making me look like meat, in a good way...my leg muscles are really feeling solid and awesome. I want them to be solider and awesomer, hahaha!

6. I still want to lose the fat off of my stomach...I can't tell if I am or not because the waist of my clothes feels the same.

7. I have to eat sardines outside of my office....they taste so good but to outsiders they smell and are disgusting :)

8. Summer is a great time to do whole 30, thank you barbeque grill I am using almost every day because I have no idea how to cook meat!

9. Aside from my almond raisin overeating episode, I've had no binge triggers at all. No desire to binge. That's amazing for an ex binger. A binge is so far out of my world view right now...I can't even imagine stuffing myself with any kind of junk food or "healthy" junk food at all (I'm talking to you oatmeal with peanut butter!). These things are not even on the radar ...I realize the nature of addictive foods and the whole mind set that goes along with them!

10. Sometimes if I eat too much fat I get a stomach ache 2-3 hours after eating. Will stick to one thumb or half an avo for fat at each meal, and no more than half an avo a day because when I eat a whole one even at two different meals I get a stomach ache.

11. I am so thankful for whole 30. Eating the approved foods is the easy part for me, but breaking established patterns and thoughts about food is where I am really loving the program. Thanks guys!

well... that's it for now, I look forward to the next 15 days!!

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Congrats on the 1/2 way mark! I liked reading your reflections. I used to have huge binging issues when I was restricting calories and I agree it is pretty amazing to be in a place where that isn't even a passing thought.

Keep up the good work!!

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Thanks NLK!

Day 16, I'm on the down slope!

I was craving a bowl of greasy vegetables and meat (who am I?!?) so I went out to lunch at a Korean restaurant....Bi Bim Bop hold the rice! Sauteed vegetables, fried egg, plain beef and deliciousness... it tasted awesome, satisfied my craving and I feel great!

I have to say, I've noticed an additional bonus of eating this way in general....I can go to a restuarant and EASILY find something to eat without being overly picky and boring. I know, I know, the sauces, the sugar and blah blah blah but I have had zero problems finding salads with meat or meat entrees, olive oil and lemon for salad dressings, avocado on stuff, grilled or sauteed vegetables....without being overly anal or the obsessive eater at the table as I was back in my vegan days. Plus I can eat a meal and be happy and satisfied instead of dreaming about dessert or more food. I don't go out to eat very often but I really enjoy it and it's a gift to be able to savor delicious food that someone else makes and still feel great after. Win!

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Day 18...time flies!

Taking a rest/recover day today :)

Breakfast not post workout so opted for whole eggs(yum), chard,raspberries and a kiwi. Egg whites are great post wo but wow whole eggs are delish!

The brainwashing about carbs is almost gone and I feel happy about eating fruit with my meals, even on recovery days. This is probably the last bastion of my old diet mentality and I'm thrilled to be letting it go. I still keep yams to post workout most of the time but really enjoy throwing some fruit in here and there :). A goal is to just see these things as just "food" and not "carbs".

Black coffee rules!

I used to eat a lot more raw vegetables and whole 30 has lead me to crave more cooked. My latest obsession is vegetables with coconut milk and curry powder. As long as the veg are getting in the bod I don't care about the form!

I am an ex vegan/vegetarian/raw food/obsessive/binger/dieter/health nut and I feel like all that noise has gone down the tubes thanks to whole 30. My husband has taken a notice to the amount of meat I'm eating, hahaha!

Off to farmers market, go greens!

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My Top 10 Whole 30 Foods

1. Broccoli

2. Greens

3. Sweet Potatoes

4. Eggs

5. Mixed Lettuce

6. Chicken

7. Black Coffee

8. Olive Oil

9. Salmon

10. Coconut Milk

How can I limit to 10! I also love blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, brussels sprouts, Tomatoes, cucumbers, and sardines! Tonight I had chicken sausage and it was the bomb. The first half of whole 30 I hoovered avocados, but they started to give me stomach aches so I'm quitting them for a few days.

I get cravings for broccoli.

I love to wake up in the morning so I can eat swiss chard and yams.

I am having a love affair with greasy vegetables, the grease being olive oil or coconut butter.

I can sort of see my abs sort of.

Health rocks!

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Last night pear snack needed some fat and protein that wasn't nuts!

1.5 pears led to raisins and brazil nuts to 2 Lara bars to blueberry coconut butter almond butter concoction to big stomach ache!! A good example of putting whole 30 foods into an old habit! Mindless eating without getting satisfaction and those annoying repetitive trips to the fridge.

I know why I do so well most days...I avoid snacks of nuts and raisins! Raisins are sugar bombs and are too easy to Hoover like candy! Nuts are the same!

Success guide snack = full fat + half protein + fruit or veg :)

On to day 20!

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1. Hello...purple yams, my new best friends!

2. Bodyweight workout. 12 minutes. Done.

3. I am noticing a difference in my skin...the first few days I was kind of getting red and zitty. On day 20, my skin tone looks really even and nice, especially on my legs which are usually various shades of white pink and red. Confidence boost!

4. 2 episodes of "cravings" in 20 days...not bad! And not even for off plan food, just off whole 30 mentality food. They both happened during a non meal, night time snack. I will now have an official night time snack if I ever need one....what should it be? For now I will say eggs, salt and a bit of fruit. No trail mix, that's my downfall and results in overeating and wicked gut rot...and I'm not the only one according to my reading on the interwebs! I guess if the worst thing we're overeating are nuts and raisins something is probably wrong in the short term but very right in the big picture :)

5. Coconut butter is the bomb but I can't eat it alone it's too sweet and thick and somewhat triggering for me, I need to incorporate it into a meal....hmmm...curry? I used to make coconut chickpeas with spinach pre whole 30...coconut greens with chicken? Will experiment.

6. Eggplant is the new tofu.

7. I'm hopeful that I'll lose a little more flab in the next 10 days. Onward!

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Day 21 already!

1. Moved my AM workout to the backyard. Backyard workouts rule.

2. I am in awe over my skin. Seriously. I have never had skin that looks this good...my leg and arm skin is so even I can't believe these are my legs and arms.

3. Tried coconut butter mixed with blueberries last night. Wow. Unbelievably delicious! Will try with nectarines as soon as they are ripe.

4. A sad thing is happening. I fear I may have to end my affair with avocados. I had some yesterday with lunch and got a stomach ache again. I have half in the fridge that I really want to eat with my lunch today, but I don't want a stomach ache. But it tastes so good. But maybe my body can't handle it. It's so lovely. I don't want to waste the leftover. But 2 hours after I may get nauseated. I know I'm not allergic because I was just at the allergist in September and one of the 150 foods they tested me for was avo and I was a big fat negative, rejoice. But my poor stomach...why oh why. The great salad debate for today will be risk the avocado or suck it up and use olive oil.

4. I want to have more reflections but I really don't...things are great, I feel awesome, I don't even really think about "is this whole 30" or not, I just make the food and eat it and am happy.

5. Oh....I still want to lose a few more pounds ;)

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Day 15 .... I have survived a brutal business trip and been good with not touching the alcohol. My energy levels are much higher the last few days and I was able to go workout last night, get some amazing sleep and then wake up relatively refreshed and go back to the gym for the 6am workout today. Pants are fitting better, BP is down. I find myself not eating as much as I need to due to work situations and life and while that could be better I helps drop some extra lbs which have been out of control the last year or two.

Reading the book tonight

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Day 22...hello! Thanks Dervlac!

Snacking on some hb eggs and raspberries as I type this :)

1. I have to give up avocado for the last third of the whole 30....this is tough you guys, I live in SoCal...avos cost next to nothing and are everywhere, like EVERYWHERE. I donated my last 7 to the work breakroom counter where they were quickly snatched up. I love avocado...the greeness, the fatness, the way it dresses my salad, but every time I eat I get a stomach ache, it's confirmed. Bye bye my love.

2. The avocado moratorium has led me to a new adventure for fattening up my salads...I'm going to make home made mayo tonight! I have to find some of this "light" olive oil and I'm doing it! I hope they have it at T. Joes.

3. Backyard workout again this morning, the air is cool and it feels awesome...plus I know there's a sweet potato waiting for me when I'm done and it'll only last for about 15 minutes...win!

4. Artisana coconut butter is amazing...I need to buy another one today.

5. I slept like a rock last night....my head hit the pillow and I was done for. I hope this continues!

6. I had another manchego sheep cheese craving today. Not chocolate, not peanut butter or bread or ice cream or french fries like a normal person....manchego sheep cheese (but it's so good!!!). Other than that, cravings in check. Oh...I did have a tiny craving for a skinny margarita last night while watching hell's kitchen but it passed.

I can't believe I'm 2/3 done already, I feel like this is such a great accomplishment I can't wait for day 30!!!

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Day 23 and all is well!

The home made mayo is a resounding success...I want to eat it with everything!

Taking a rest/recover day today...will take walk at lunch to get out of the office. Why do rest/recover days always make me hungrier? I guess I need more food :)

Craving a black coffee right now...think I'll get that on my walk.

Grilling fish tonight...eating with mayo :)

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Talk about rest recover days making me hungrier! I guess I didn't eat enough yesterday because last night after my amazing mayo slathered grilled fish with vegetables I had that little dessert/more food craving! I had a big bowl of blueberries with coconut milk then thought I needed more fat on it so threw in some walnuts (I know, not great but I like them!) and almond butter (again, not great but hey) and the cravings continued! I had two lara bars and some more walnuts then was done. Ahhh.

Funny...actually not surprising how my three night time overeating episodes always involve fruit and nuts....and this seems to be a common theme for others too. But they taste so good! But it's that dessert/treat mentality! What happened to my go to snack of eggs? It didn't sound good at all at the time! Old habits...grrr.

So yeah, my body must have needed something or I wouldn't have gotten the mad munchies like that so I'm guessing again I didn't eat enough during the day. This sucks about the avocado thing because I'd love to eat a whole avocado to add fat to my diet but I can't! I see more coconut products in my future...and more liberal olive oil glugs. I say this as I am slurping sardines in olive oil. So gross...yet so good.

Another sort of not good part about last night was that for the first time in 23 days I had this passing thought of, F this, I want some sugar! I should just eat a spoon of honey (the only sweet thing in my house!) and satisfy this sweet craving for good! Seriously, I for a moment contemplated just eating honey with a spoon straight outta the jar. A grown ass woman. Fortunately I shut that up fairly quickly but yeah, my first F this :( This is the only time I have craved a non compliant thing on whole 30...and it was honey! Not cookies, not cake or caramel corn or chocolate...honey. And that's ok for me and I'll probably introduce a little when I'm on my own bike...it's just the compulsion that I need to get rid of.


On to day 24, I feel awesome this morning. Had a kick butt 20 minute workout, had an awesome post workout meal (egg whites, yams, kale, chard, spinach scrambled mess), having some coffee and feel great. No guilt about last night, no weird stomach things, just feel good and happy to be moving on with day 24! I'm going to make an effort to eat more fat today!

What else...

I still have flab on the abs. I am hoping that this last week will help to whittle that down a bit, but we'll see :) I'm in for the long haul.

So, last night I finished my old life's stash of lara bars, raisins and walnuts. I don't think I'll replace these things. I have some almond butter and a raw tahini left, that's ok from time to time...I really want a new jar of artisana coconut butter :)

Trader Joe's stop today after work...broccoli, chicken thighs, blueberries, olive oil, many greens, coffee, manchego cheese (just kidding!), vitamin D, sardines, salmon, coconut milk and hmmm...should I try squash? I 'm such a sweet potato lover but maybe squash would be nice and I think I've seen pre peeled and chopped ones for the lazy ones without knife skills (squash are hard despite their name!)

Today my skin is really dry...I need to drink more water!

Exactly one week from today is my first post whole 30 day...awesome!

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Day 25...yay!!

Well, today is the first time in 25 days that my body is not having a good reaction to food...my lunch today of aforementioned grass fed beef and mass quantity of vegetables with mayo was beyond delicious; but now a few hours later I feel like it's a brick in my stomach and I have bad gas.

I haven't felt like this for the whole 25 days I've been eating this way but right now with this food just stuck in my stomach I feel like a big fat farting person who just ate a big fat greasy meal that had beef and mayonaise made out of oil and raw egg yolks in it...oh wait, that's what I did. This is the first time in 25 days that I have felt unhealthy and quite frankly, I feel gross. I'm a hot lump on my couch and I feel like I have mayonaise coming out of my pores.

I hope this passes soon! Looking forward to a great next 5 days!

I'm off to the farmer's market now...lots of great greens in season and the yam guy will be there. Win!

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Unbelievably weird obsessive non stop dairy thoughts today...and I'm allergic to dairy!!!!! (well, cow dairy)

Leave me alone sheep cheese and goat yogurt!!! I don't want you anymore, you're not sexy. Not sexy at all.

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haha, thanks dervlac!

Let's see, where are we...day 27!

Feeling pretty good today, I have some stomach troubles over the weekend but I'm feeling pretty good this morning, not 100% but pretty good :)

So I've got 4 days left, here's what I'm thinking about:

1. I've already bought the dark chocolate (85% woot!) I want to eat on Friday. Actually I am not even really craving it or anything, I just wanted to buy it and have it in my fridge for some reason. Who knows if I'll even eat it! I certainly don't want it right now :)

2. Insane dairy cravings this weekend. Insane. Non stop thoughts of sheep cheese. So I had some a lot of goat ghee that I made and that quelled the desire. In fact it was so disgusting it pretty much turned me off to any thoughts of dairy at all. It also turned my stomach and made me feel very ill. I didn't do very much dairy in my past life anyway, so I'm not too worried about having any now. The thought makes me a lil nauseated. No more ghee or dairy for this girl. Lesson learned.

3. I don't think I lost any weight. I don't think I'll lose any in the next four days.

4. The whole 30 has successfully changed my taste buds. I'm eating leftover turkey with my coffee. Who am I? My old life would have had 2-3 pieces of fruit with herbal tea. Hippie.

5. Went to the health food store and refilled my artisana coconut butter last night, and bought some actual full fat coconut milk as opposed to the lowfat they carry at trader joe's (it's all they have!). I can't wait to eat this with my greens tonight! And maybe with some nectarines too!

6. I bought some sunbutter, it's really good. Like too good, I have to watch myself with this stuff. I mixed a gob of it on a salad of greens, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli with lime juice and ate it with some chicken. Very delish.

7. I'm feeling very burly. Like all of this meat is making me more thick or solid or something :)

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