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Jay Robb Egg White Protein


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I know that this could possibly be a question I know the answer to already, but i'm looking for a good simple source of lean protein right after my workout.

The suggestions I've gotten so far, were either some type fish (tuna, sardines) from a can, or lean meats like chicken.

But honestly I can't stand the thought of eating such a thing right after working out. Came across Jay Robb's Egg White protein and was wondering if this would ok (either mixed with water or plain almond milk)

The ingredients and production method seem pretty good:


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Parts of the Whole30 can be challenging. Eating real food after a workout sounds like a challenge for you, but there is no alternative. We think the benefits outweigh any awkwardness or discomfort.

By the way, I looked at all the almond milks while I was in the grocery store today and not one of them was okay during a Whole30. They all had unacceptable ingredients, primarily carageenan. None of the milks in the dairy section of stores measure up during a Whole30.

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