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1st Whole Thirty... SUCCESS!!


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My whole 30 doesn't actually end for 3 more hours but here is my success...

It has been 28 days since I have had a headache! I typically have 1-2 debilitating migraines per month, where I lay in bed with ice packs on my head... YAY FOR NO HEADACHES!!!

I have tons of energy, have increased my workouts, and accomplish way more everyday because I just don't feel lazy.

My muscle tone is WAY better.

Making decisions is way eaiser, eating compliant is great stress relief...

I lost 12 lbs.

My hair is so healthy and smooth!

I sleep soooo good.

That's a little bit of my success...I am planning on staying as compliant as possible over the next 2 weeks (I will be traveling, staying with relatives), reading THE BOOK. Then on July 1st I am going to start a new more hardcore 30...

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FYI... I ate the brownie my girls made me for Discipleship group on Wednesday today (as I promised them I would) and had a headache almost IMMEDIATLY... no more sugar for me... it was delicious, but TOATLY NOT WORTH IT...

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