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Last night I ate out at Texas Roadhouse. It is a steak place that seemed to have a few W30 options for me including hand-cut steaks that I could pick myself. They also serve baked sweet potato. MMmm.

I really thought I did a good job with my order. I poked my head over the meat counter before picking my steak to observe them grilling the steaks. There was also a griddle area next to the open flame grill. I asked the chef what kind of oil they use and he said margarine. (ew! Seriously?!) Then I asked him if they use any oil on the steaks they grill. He said no. Then I picked out my USDA Choice Sirloin. It was a good size about 6-8 oz. I think, and it was nice and lean.

I felt great when I was eating and afterwards I felt great too. I came home and everything was fine. Then I woke up at 12:30 with some minor cramping in my lower abdomen and some gas. Both of which I have suffered from most of my life and both of which I have had little or no problem with since my W30 journey began 20 days ago. Boo! When I woke up and felt that cramping I was like OMG! What was in that food that I didn't know about!?!?!?! GUR!

Maybe you can help me figure it out. I am also thinking of calling and asking a manager or chef to help me with it. I feel like I have to know what it was. I have to know so I can NEVER put it into my body ever again! Ever!

Here is what I had, copied directly from their site: My edits to the food are bold.

App: Grilled Shrimp, Skewer of shrimp, seasoned to perfection and drizzled with our garlic lemon pepper butter. I asked for the butter junk on the side and did not eat any of it, duh.

I ate two of these grilled shrimp.

Salad: House Salad, Fresh greens, cheddar cheese, tomato, eggs, and made-from-scratch croutons. I had them leave off the cheese and croutons.

Dinner: The steak I previously mentioned which was grilled and had the grill marks to prove it. I also ordered a baked sweet potato with nothing on it. I added a little salt and pepper to the sweet potato.

That's it. All and all a very satisfying meal up until 12:30. :huh:

I look forward to your input.

Texas Roadhouse site: http://www.texasroad...st-for-starters

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Any ideas what the shrimp was seasoned with?

On your W30 did you eat grass-fed beef or corn-fed beef?

Also, is there any chance there was residual margarine on the grill?

Good luck! I'm curious to hear what you determine it is! I have those kinds of symptoms when I eat dairy.

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I think the shrimp only had salt, pepper and garlic on it.

I have been trying to eat as much grass-fed meat as possible and I would be that theirs is corn-fed.

And the residual margarine might be what did it... but it would be so, so little, so I am not sure.

I will try and remember to call them tomorrow during their off hours.

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I wonder if the start their steaks on the grill for grill marks and then move them to the margarine covered griddle to finish them off?

Did you specifically ask them not to use any margarine?

I did ask if they use any oil on the grilled steaks and he said no.

I talked to a friend that has worked in restaurants for years and he said they probably "dipped" into something between flips on the grill. My friend also suggested that it might be just the lettuce... he said that unless they chop it on site (and a lot don't) then they are buying it in huge bags from a supplier and those bags have preservatives in them to keep the lettuce fresh. Ew!!!

I am going to call tonight... not to complain or say i had any problems at all (I don't want to be that person) but tell them that the steak and shrimp were delish and i wanted to know what spices and or marinades they use. ;) I think that this approach might yield me a more honest answer.

More soon!

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You may need to ask to have your proteins cooked in clean pans. The grill is seasoned with something and that residue could contaminate your food.

If you want an honest answer, you could call and ask about the suspects - oil, preservatives, etc. Tell them you have dietary limitations and want to see if their kitchen/menu can accomodate you. If you go back, tell the hostess and server that you would like to speak with the kitchen manager and make sure that your order is handled correctly.

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I was at Texas Roadhouse last week and our waitress told us that they do brush the steaks with butter right before serving them (which is common in most restaurants). I had almost the same dinner - grilled shrimp appetizer (no butter) with steak (requested seasonings only, no butter or oil), plain sweet potato and plain steamed veggies. It was the first time dining out on the Whole30 and I was a little nervous but our waitress was very good at checking ingredients and letting us know what we could and couldn't have.

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Aside from wondering what kind of oil they use to season their grill, I would agree with the possibility of preservatives in the lettuce or shrimp. Many, if not most, shrimpers add sodium metabisulfite while still at sea. I've had to stop ordering shrimp out altogether, and only eat it at home were I can research suppliers. My husband never reacted to it until his sensitivity increased during his first Whole 30, but came home last week sick as a dog and the only thing he had eaten was plain shrimp at a restaurant.

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