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I have a question about refrigerated ghee. The Publix right down from me has started carrying ghee, which is great since the only other place near me that has it is on the other side of town. The problem is they keep it with the butter in the cold area. Would this make it bad to use? Or would it be okay? I've mentioned to a couple different people there it doesn't have to be kept cold, but they haven't moved it. I'd like to buy it there for the convenience, but if the refrigeration will make it icky, I'll keep going to the other store.

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I don't think keeping ghee in the refrigerated section would damage it, it's just not necessary. The best choice for ghee would be from grass-fed organic milk, refrigerated or not.

Thanks! It makes me very happy I can walk to buy my ghee now instead of driving 45 minutes. It's the Purity Farms brand which says organic and pastured.

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