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When I'm PMSing I'm ALWAYS more hungry. It's not specifically a need to snack, and it's not specifically cravings, I just generally need larger portions. Is eating larger portion sizes going to ruin my w30?

Breakfast this morning was slightly on the large side for me


Yam home fries, bacon, microgreens, two eggs....

I don't know whether to follow my instincts and eat a little extra for the next few days, or whether I should try to stay more strict and assume that I'll adjust?

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Looks good to me, eat until you're satisfied, do not count calories or worry about portion sizes. The W30 is about revamping your relationship with food, food is fuel, it should nourish your body and make you feel content and happy.

Frankly my breakfast is HUGE but it lasts me from 6:30 until 1:00 when I have lunch and it works for me. During the lovely pms time you will see a lot more sweet potato in every meal, it makes me happy, I don't bite anyone's head off, it's a win-win for my whole family ;)

I think in general we've been tuned out to our bodies for such a long time, now is your time to tune in and listen, enjoy it!

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It certainly doesn't look too large to me. In fact it looks delicious and I've been known to have 3 eggs at breakfast. Seriously you should not need to be hungry on a W30 so if your body wants more food, give it more food as long as it's compliant and fits the templates. Frankly I want this for breakfast tomorrow :)

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