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Crazy things kids say


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Conversation with my 11 year old son:

Me: 'I've noticed lately that you really seem to want to eat a lot of sugary things. Do you think you can go 30 days without sugar?'

Him: 'But you need sugar or else you get all skinny and weak.'

Me: 'No you don't. You need to eat fat, protein and veggies. If you eat enough of those you'll be lean and strong.'

Him: 'Isn't fat bad for you? That's what they tell us in school. When people go on a diet they quit eating fat.'

Me: 'There's nothing wrong with healthy fat. Most low fat processed foods are full of chemicals.'

Him: 'Interesting. I think I can quit eating sugar for 15 days. If that goes ok, I'll quit until the end of school.'

After months of transitioning the kids to paleo, I feel this I a huge step.

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That's so great! My 11 yo son tells anyone who asks (and is within my hearing, of course) that his favorite food is high fructose corn syrup. Sigh.

On the plus side, my boys do like to read labels and comment on whether or not we could make something ourselves. For example: Triscuits, yes. Wheat Thins, no. So, even if they are resisting, they are absorbing some of the lessons.

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Jennrider, that is so cool that your son is open to learning from you and changing his habits! And pjena, so great that your sons are absorbing lessons.


I love the Crazy Things topic, and jennrider, it's fun that you started one for kids. 


Here's mine: I care for my 1 1/2-year-old grandson one day a week. My daughter-in-law sends meals and snacks with him--"healthy" low-fat food including bread, crackers, pastas, and low-fat or no-fat dairy. And of course, he's always hungry. So I give him good fats sometimes, such as buttering his toast with ghee. When we have breakfast together I share little chips of my coconut cream (coconut butter). He loves it and asks for more, calling it "co-kee," which sometimes comes out sounding like "co-caine." I had to let my daughter-in-law know that I was sharing the coconut cream and what the word meant in case he babbles it when he's with them. :) (He also calls blueberries "boo-bies," and buttons, such as on remote controls, which he also loves, "butt.") He sure keeps us laughing.

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