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this is the bomb; johns log


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Hi There, I'm not sure how this "forum is to be used and my computer communication skills are not the stuff of legends but here goes

This is the start of my second day.

Yesterday I just jumped in without significant preparation (which is not a new personality flaw) but you can teach an old dog new tricks.

What I have noticed most is my "listener" is working overtime.

I have a listening style, that although I pay far less attention to it than I used to, it is still on board at times and wants to run the show. My style is "I know that already"

So I am telling my "listener" to move to the back of the bus so I can receive all the great information and support this "site" seems to offer.

I come to this with some pretty good eating habits but finding that since I received my new knees a couple of years ago, although it has been awesome to be relatively pain free after 40 years of fighting the pain, my drive and ability to drop the weight gain is icky.

I will be 70 May 5th and believe 70 is the new 40. And now want to show that in my body. Yahoo!

I just like the sound of that and I've got to cut this short and get to my day.

Yesterday : breakfast was about 6oz of chicken (range type) with 2 eggs mixed in cooked with coconut oil.

a few raw carrots to boot.

Lunch : 5 oz of Lamb again sauted in coconut oil with carrots Dinner a large olive oil and vingegar sald of mixed veggies without a protein ( again ill-prepared)

this morning will be small steak grass fed, with hard boiled egg with chard.

I will use this weekend to prepare better

I take fish oil in morning co q 10 B vitamin and a scoop of a green supplement (instead of a multi-vitamin) right now Im using Green Vibrance which I will download the panel of goodies for feedback if there is a question as far as its compliance.

Ok sorry to take so much space

Any and all feedback is welcomed ..You folks seem over the top awesome.

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You've got the idea! ;) This is a great place to log what you eat, any changes you notice, and to come back to if you have any issues so you can see what could have caused it. It's also helpful to us other forumites to see your posts in case you post something that could be helpful/enlightening to us.

Good luck and welcome to W30! :)

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I like the idea of 70 is the new 40.

Green Vibrance includes soy, so is not okay during a Whole30. It is just a bit, but even a little is enough to be a problem. And even though Green Vibrance is full of good things, they don't help like eating the real, whole foods that have been reduced to powder to make the supplement. However, when eating the Whole30 way, you don't generally require a multivitamin.

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Thanks for the info. I researched the product and saw at one time it had a lecithin

From a soy base

It is now a sunflower lecithin

Is that acceptable?

And glad you liked the 70 is the new 40

That was originally 70 is the new 30 until I remembered

My 30 was messy with drugs and alcohol and at

40 I had been sober for a few years and a way

Better specimen

Have a great day

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Ok Im not sure how to keep this report going but its probably good to own that it was not a great day at eatingAlthough I din't stray into off diet food I also was so ill planned that I was totally stuck at late lunch time as to what to do eatingwise

really points out how cavalier I am about nourishment.

All of a sudden it was 2:30 and I was out with clients and no plan as to what to eat.

Typically I would swing by Sprouts or a whole food type of market grab a cup of soup or sald and now with this new awareness

I'm not sure what the heck to do

And I end up at end of day a bit crabby for the frustration. Of course thats a choice and not a great one, but I need to get prepared this weekend for the future several weeks

Still and all I was compliant ..I got some strips of grilled chicked and a salad without dressing but I must say it was not terribly satifying

Live and learn..

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You are doing the right thing by keeping your log going. You just keep hitting "reply". :)

You did your best but just remember; failing to plan is planning to fail.

So excited about 70 being the new 40. I'm 10 now. :0)

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I;ll be darned

I've become crabbier than all get out

And here I was so sure I was going to escape all this emotional nonsense.

MMMM perhaps I needed a jab of humility......nnnnnnnaaaaahhhhhh

but success for another day and tomorrow into the timber ..whew

heaps of love to all

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I am experiencing a weird phenom for me. I have almost no hunger

As a matter of fact I have so little interest in food and I feel filled up with very little going in. Way less that what I need to thrive and do any working out

Is this a normal reaction?

Im not sure how to respond to it

While trying to stay in touch with my feelings around food it seem silly to eat with no hunger but it also seems not so healthy

I was hiking this day and after about 3 or 4 miles all I wanted to do was curl up under a tree. Even my dogs (hiking companions) were scratching their heads.

At least "mr crabby" went away.

Incidentally , I was reading the 4th day email and it suggested supporting others to help get through your cravings and the like.

I really like that concept.

Recovering from whatever addictive behavior is so enhanced when you can give back the gift of good health that has been so freely given to you. Good Stuff

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woe is me lol

got the "lack of energy , feels like low blood sugar , loose bowel syndrome.

got a dentist appointment for crown today

I have knee replacements and am required to take light weight antibiotics before

any surgery..so this morning I take 4 ampicillian

Any downside thanks all

And a lovely Monday to everyone launching into this new life.

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day 6 and its definitely better than day 5. It seems I have picked up a fluish illness that knocked the pins out of me for a day or so but I'm feeling on the mend.

KInd of sore over all of my body (could be just being older than God) feeling very logi and a general malaise.

It well get better and I'm still on board and staying the course.

Yesterday because of feeling crummy I ate very little , today did breakfast and will stay in eating mode rest of day.

A couple of interesting observations very early in this adventure:

I noticed I am rarely hungry..not sure what to make of that. Could be the food isn't feeding my comfort wants, or I am just noticing how off base my eating habits are. For instance not unusual at all for me to not eat all day. Just don't take the time and typically not compelled by a feeling of hunger. However all the fitness gurus have zillions of plans as to how we should eat to support our active lifestyle..Not sure where this is all going but I'm wondering if we need much less food that we think even to support working out

I am particularly interested in this as I am beginning to work out more intensely to rebuild whats been lost after having bi-lateral knee replacement

Secondly; I am really enjoying reading this Forum. Big surprise for me as I would say that would typically not be my cup of tea.

but I'm kind of hooked and find the information but more so, the support I see participants give to one another to be fantastic.

I am particularly drawn to that as it is a great way to start a day to see or in this case read people caring about other people.

So for me this has been a surprise blessing.

And I had one other interesting observation but I can"t remember it. Ah thats it!

I'm in a fog.

Which is not good as my wife has been claiming for years that I'm in a fog and now she seems to have solid evidence.

heaps of love and hugs for all

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Hey, jlb111, are you eating enough starchy vegetables? Try adding some plantains, sweet potatoes, squash, and/or beets to your diet. I think that may rev up your appetite and get you out of the emotional dumps!

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day 11

just got thru my b-day weekend..yea and held my own.

Lots of kids and grandkids in town with rooms full of sweets, breads , processed goodies, and birthday cake

AND I am thrilled that I held to my program.

Energy level picking up and some odd differences showing up.

Since having bilateral knee replacement I have had trouble having muscle memory regarding almost everything

but most alarming having a "running gait"

It seems to be coming back even though I am still significantly over my typical running weight.

It seems I feel lighter and much better balanced inside my body and the temptations of doing "whatever" I would usuallu use to "salve" feelings has quieted down dramatically.

I havent drank alcohol smoked or used drugs for 30 + years but there are still many behaviors I can employ to avoid "feelings" and I just dont seem to have the drive for them.

Thats an amazing benefit and a total surprise.

My wife asked me this morning to plan on staying around for another 20 years for our grandkids.

That will put me at 90 and sounds like a fun run.

Could it be that instead of 70 is the new 40 thatin order to hit that 90 mark with vigor; 70 is going to have to be the new???? what do you think?

happy trails to all

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Nice work on staying on plan during your birthday week and with your family in town. That's not easy. Bravo!

I went through a phase of not being v hungry. I think it was my body adapting to a new way of eating. My hunger came back. :D

Great job. And happy birthday! Age is just a number, right?

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I love your thread title :) Awesome work staying strong over your birthday, that's amazing resolve! In fact, just starting the Whole 30 knowing you would have that potential obstacle and not delaying it to make life easier is pretty damn brave. Hats off to you sir! And happy birthday!

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thank you all for all the wonderful feedback

How bout Plantain chips from Sprouts or trader joes

they are done like dried veggie chips Are they a pass ?

Love and hugs to all

I feel good I feel fine taking baby steps just like Bob

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