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Laura's Whole30 Log - Started 7/1/12


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Day 1 and I feel pretty good!

Breakfast -

1 big unsweetened iced tea with lemon

Leftover Whole30-OK collard greens (collards, locally-raised ham hock, water, salt, pepper)

1/2 Peach

Lunch -

Had a pre-planned brunch with the in-laws, so I just asked tons of questions before ordering. Ended up with the house breakfast

- House-made sausage (the chef confirmed ingredients), roasted mushrooms, scrambled eggs. (I pawned the toast, roasted potatoes and bacon off on everyone else at the table)

- Another iced tea (unsweetened)

Snack -

1 peach

Dinner -

Roasted vegetables

Huge salad with romaine, red onion, green peas, ginger carrots (no sugar, just carrots, ginger, olive oil, lemon zest, salt, paper), cauliflower, olives, and plain roasted chicken. Balsamic and olive oil for dressing.

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Day 2 was rough. I stayed with it, but I think carb flu hit me HARD. I was expecting it to come early considering how much sugar binging I was doing before Sunday, but didn't expect it on Day 2. At about 11 am, my energy suddenly plummeted and a head-splitting migraine came on that stuck around until almost 5 tonight. My vision was blurry, my head was fuzzy, and I got nauseous at times. I also developed the sniffles that are still around now but not nearly as bad as they were earlier. Just gotta get through it, and I did!

I also encountered a challenge at lunch that was my fault. I found my self alone at the house while my 15-month-old son napped. I was hungry and wanted lunch but couldn't leave the house and had no immediately available protein....or so I thought. I ended up having an almost exact repeat of my breakfast but at least it was W30 compliant!

The positives of today are that I felt satisfied almost all day (we ate a late dinner so I was pretty hungry by the time that happened), that I pushed myself to stay on track even though I was sick, and that I learned to think about what I'm going to eat for a meal ahead of time.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk (yum!), three eggs sunny side up, 1/2 avocado, sliced fresh peach

Lunch - A huge bunch of salad greens topped with another half avocado and three eggs sunny side up with a bit of balsamic, salt, and pepper

Snack - sliced peach and blueberries

Dinner - Grilled chicken breast, salad greens w/balsamic and olive oil, sauteed fresh green beans with garlic and almond slivers

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Today was much better than yesterday. No headache of death. BUT I was pretty...um..."backed up." I got things moving with a ton of greens at lunch and an extra cup of coffee with coconut milk, but it was rough for a while.

I think I managed to stave off cravings by keeping busy with my son all day. We ended the day with a swim at the Y right before dinner, which is when I tend to really want to cheat, so that kept me occupied.

Breakfast - 3 sunny side up eggs with my own sausage hash. The hash had onion, shredded sweet potato, and locally-made chorizo whose ingredient list didn't appear to have any no-nos on it.

Lunch - leftover grilled chicken breast and green beans w/almonds from last night plus some roasted golden beets.

Dinner - locally-raised pork chop on the grill, sauteed CSA chard with CSA red onions and a bit of garlic, roasted CSA patty pan squash. Fresh cherries.

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Well I avoided non-Whole30-compliant stuff on two occasions today, so I feel good about that. I'm definitely in the "kill all things" phase today.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three sunny side up eggs with leftover chorizo sweet potato hash from yesterday.

Lunch - big bowl of greens, grilled chicken breast, avocado, homemade salad dressing of mustard, balsamic, and olive oil

Dinner - steamed broccoli, side salad with balsamic and olive oil, slow cooker herb-crusted pork shoulder that I created last night. It's Whole30 compliant and delicious!

Post dinner - cherries

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Day 5 and 6 all in one post. Yesterday was busy...but really really good. After a six month wait, I finally had an appointment with a nationally-known PCOS specialist. She's a general physician so she attacks the issue from all sides, not just in terms of fertility. She took one look at my test results and told me the one thing I've been convinced of for years - I'm insulin resistant. When I told her that I'd been experimenting with paleo eating and was currently doing a Whole30, she almost fell out her chair. She recommends that all of her PCOS patients "go paleo" but told me that I was the FIRST patient who knew about paleo before coming to her. She was amazing. And we sat down together and typed up a plan for the next three months. Item #2 on that plan? "Stay on paleo eating plan." She didn't fat-shame me once. I actually cried a little (out of joy) when the appointment was over.

I spent today caring for a stomach-virusy baby but still stayed on track. Hooray!

Day 5

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs, 1/2 avocado

Lunch - big salad, sliced grilled pork chop, 1/2 avocado, balsamic and olive oil

Dinner - mustard-slathered, herb-crusted crock-pot pork shoulder, roasted brussel sprouts and zucchini, two apricots

Day 6

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs sunny side up, leftover zucchini & brussel sprouts

Lunch - leftover pork, leftover zucchini & brussel sprouts, 2 apricots

Dinner - stirfry of red/green peppers, onions, and ground turkey with leftover zucchini & brussel sprouts, cherries

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Thank you, Derval!

It was 105 degrees at one point, today. Ugh. My lovely husband agreed to stand outside over a hot grill to make dinner so that we didn't have to heat up our kitchen with the stove. I love that guy.

Today was the first day since I started the Whole30 where I really felt GOOD. I realized my stomach issues had subsided, I felt healthier, and even noticed that a dress I was wearing was fitting just a little bit better.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, one egg sunnyside up on top of leftover stirfried ground turkey, peppers, and onions

Lunch - leftover pork shoulder, the final bits of roasted zucchini and brussel sprouts, one apricot

Dinner - grilled extravaganza: steak, peppers, eggplant, and peaches

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Another good day. Back to work tomorrow after a week at home with the family. I'm a little nervous about putting this eating plan to the test of my treat-happy, sugar-loving office, but I know I can do it! I've gotten all of my meals ready to go for tomorrow so that I have no excuses.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs and more ground turkey/pepper/onion stirfy

Lunch - okay, I made another batch of the ground turkey stirfry but it's so good! I threw a little avocado on top instead of egg for this meal. I'm on so exciting.

Dinner - baked chicken breast, steamed zucchini, big salad with arugula, butter lettuce, olives, hearts of palm, and a homemade dressing of olive oil/balsamic/whole grain mustard.

Actually, it just occurred to me - are hearts of palm okay for Whole30? I mean, I'd assume they are a veg!

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Today was an incredibly intense day at work. I'm an educational fundraiser, our fiscal year closed last week, and the numbers that are starting to roll in for how we performed for the year are incredibly disappointing. I wanted to smoke a cigarette (I quit years ago but have just one every once in a while), do a couple shots, eat a bowl of ice cream, and finish it off with a big bowl of pasta. I sorta tend to be a workaholic and really take my job to heart, especially since the money I raise is for scholarships.

But I avoided all temptations. Yes, I ended up walking out of the office a couple times to just take a walk around the block and chill out, but it was better than the alternative.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs sunny side up over ground turkey/pepper/onion stirfry

Lunch - salad with arugula, butter lettuce, chicken breast, olives, hearts of palm, and a dressing of balsamic/olive oil/grainy mustard plus two apricots

Dinner - red thai curry shrimp with peppers, onions, and spinach plus a salad of arugula, olives, a few almond slivers, balsamic, and olive oil

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Another stressful day at work, but I made it.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs on top of...you guessed it...turkey/pepper/onion stirfry.

Lunch - leftover red thai curry shrimp, two apricots

Dinner - I bought a bunch of grassfed sirloin on sale at WF. I knew I needed to marinate it this morning before I left for work. I looked in the fridge and saw two peaches that were starting to get a little soft. So I chopped them up, squished them a big, and threw them in a freezer bag with olive oil, balsamic, salt, peppr, cumin, and lime juice, and threw the sirloin in there. It broiled up quite nice! So dinner was sirloin, sauteed fresh spinach with garlic, and a small salad of a arugula/butter lettuce/olives/olive oil/balsamic.

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I went to the gym tonight for the first time in...a long long time. A lawyer friend who lives nearby is also trying to get back onto his Primal track and suggested we become gym buddies. We just worked on legs tonight, but I forgot how much I miss this. My favorite part is the walk out to my car, sweaty but feeling like a strong badass. I know I'm going to wake up tomorrow with soreness, but that it will make me smile knowing I'm doing something good for myself.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three fried eggs, sausage stirfry with peppers.

Lunch - big salad with leftover sirloin steak and olives, homemade dressing of olive oil/balsamic/mustard. It was supposed to have an avocado on it but I forgot it. So I had it for a snack when I got home from work. Also had two apricots with lunch.

Dinner - i was up almost all night with a teething toddler, so I had a small iced coffee with coconut milk for a boost. Dinner was another big salad with baked chicken breast, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, plus roasted brussell sprouts.

I also had a small handful of macadamias after the gym.

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My gym soreness was gone by mid-morning when it used to last for days. I attribute that to the Whole30, of course! I'll be headed out again to the gym to do shoulders and back with my new workout partner. Yay!

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs fried on top of sausage stirfry with peppers and spinach.

Lunch - I'm ridiculously proud about this meal. It is CSA pickup day for us and so I was down to bare bones for lunch with a chicken breast, some peppers, and some spinach. I was dreading another salad but then realized I had cocunut milk and curry paste. Bam! Instant bowl of tasty curry!

Dinner - Post-CSA/Farmer's market bounty! A lovely salad of cucumbers, Jersey tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper. Roasted eggplant slices. Broiled salmon filets.

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Today was rough but I'm pretty darn proud of coming out of it without any blemishes on my Whole30 record. This weekend is the memorial service for my mother-in-law. There is a lot of family in town, most of whom are very difficult to deal with. I was afraid I'd cheat in some way....probably with a good stiff drink...but I didn't! We even had dinner tonight at an Italian restaurant where 90% of the menu was pasta, but I stayed with the program. Go me!

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs on what was left of the sausage/peppers stirfry

Lunch - leftover salmon, cucumber/tomato salad, and eggplant from last night.

Dinner - salad with chicken breast, tomato, olives, cucumbers, balsamic, and olive oil plus a side of broccolini sauteed in olive oil and garlic. Black coffee.

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Thank you, Nina!

It was a rough rough day. I stayed true to the program, even though the day was full of challenges.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk (I actually brought a container of coconut milk in the car with me to add to a cup of black DD coffee that I bought on the way to the graveside service!), three fried eggs, one avocado, one apricot

Lunch - while everyone else had pizza, I enjoyed a cobb salad (no cheese and no bacon since I couldn't guarantee it was Whole30 compliant) with balsamic and olive oil instead of the usual ranch dressing (which I HATE anyway!).

Snack - technically there was a full dinner served after the memorial service, but I just nibbled some roasted veggies while trying to feed my son and make nice with all the people milling around.

Dinner - I'm about to dive into a delicious steak with a double helping of steamed vegetables, now that my husband and I are finally home and it's nice and quiet. Whew. What a day.

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Good job! Did you ever find out about the hearts of palm?

Thanks! I never did find out about the hearts of palm. I'm guessing they are fine as long as there aren't any OTHER non-Whole30 ingredients in there.

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Another long day, as my son and I spent the day with my extended family at our lakehouse about two hours away. I think what's amazing me most about this process is my ability to adapt and to make a Whole30-compliant meal out of whatever I can. I got home tonight and realized I hadn't had time to make breakfast or lunch stuff for the week. But I did have a small piece of steak left over from a recent dinner, so I sauteed a pepper and the steak and it will accompany eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Breakfast - large unsweetened iced tea, three eggs sunny side up and one avocado sliced.

Lunch - hamburger (no cheese, no bun); salad with curly lettuce, red onion, yellow pepper, cucumber, and Jersey tomato with balsamic and olive oil; one peach. My family would be happy with a lunch of just burgers (WITH cheese and buns, of course), dogs, and potato chips. So I stopped at the grocery store on the way to get ingredients for a delicious salad. I even bought Italian and blue cheese dressing for them even though I'd brought my own balsamic and olive oil.

Dinner - big plate of leftover salad from lunch (only a few of us ate it) with some leftover meat sliced on top. Blackberries.

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So tired. So so so so so tired. Had a bit of a victory, today, even though I was working from home. My office is one that throws a lot of events, so we always have tons of sweets, booze, and other bad stuff lying around. Whenever we have office-wide meetings, the menu is always full of stuff that is far from being Whole30 compliant. This week, we are having a two day planning retreat for our upcoming school year and I was pretty proud of myself for standing up to request some special items that I could eat. I'll still tote some hard boiled eggs and coconut milk for my coffee, but a few weeks ago, I might have been too scared to ask for stuff I could eat and would have just eaten crap and been miserable with myself.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs with sauteed steak and peppers

Lunch - red curry poached chicken breast, peppers, onions, and spinach

Dinner - herb crusted roast pork loin with lots of roasted veggies.

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Another good day!

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, three eggs with chorizo/sweet potato hash.

Lunch - leftover pork and veggies from last night

Dinner - green curry with chicken, green peppers, and spinach; cherries

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Annoying day, today. My office has a two day planning retreat every year and the first day was today. I explained my food needs to the person in charge of catering and offered to bring in my own foods if whatever was on the menu didn't work for me. She insisted that I should just put in a special order for one of the salads on the menu. I picked the most "Whole30-ish" salad I could find and just asked for it without cheese. Well, it showed up at the meeting with american cheese melted all over half of it because the warm chicken breast was thrown on top of it. So I scraped as much off as I could and tried to eat around the rest. Now I've never thought I had any issues with dairy, but after we were done with lunch, I noticed that my top lip was itchy and red, and so were my upper arms! It could have been something else, I suppose. I have sensitive skin, but I didn't wear or eat anything abnormal today other than possible bits of cheese in my dang salad!

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk, avocado, three hard boiled eggs, blueberries, strawberries

Lunch - salad with romaine, chicken breast, olives, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers with balsamic and olive oil, earl grey tea

Dinner - three eggs with chorizo sweet potato hash, carmelized onions with sauteed kale, sliced fresh jersey tomato.

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Once again, today was a catering nightmare. I thought about packing my own breakfast/lunch but then decided against it since the catering person had assured me that everything would be okay today. And so my question is - who does NOT know that "no dairy" = "no cheese"??? Every sandwich except for one had cheese melted on it. The one without cheese was tuna salad. The salad was cesar, with cheese AND dressing already on it. I had to eat something because I was starving after having had only a bit of fruit for breakfast because the hard boiled eggs that were promised were not there. I took tuna salad off a croisant and ate that and as much salad as I could pick out based on how little cheese/dressing it had. God, why is it so hard to just tell someone that maybe they should bring their own food?

Breakfast - 1 avocado before I left, 2 small "fruit kabobs" and 1 cup black coffee after I got to the meeting

Lunch - salad with tuna

Dinner - turkey burger on top of a huge salad of mixed greens, peaches, and blueberries.

And before anyone comments here with something like, "You do know that you will not have full Whole30 now, right?," I freakin' know. And trust me, I'm the least happy about that. I'm doing the official Whole9 Whole30 in August, so I know I'm going to get itright, but I consider this an incredibly small blip on the radar even though i was incredibly annoyed.

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