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  1. I finally ended up tossing the SCOBY I got and never brewed with during the move. I bought a plain bottle of GTs yesterday to start my own. I have the book fermented so will follow her instructions. I do have a good place for brewing now so I really have no excuses left. Need to save money and I'm getting more fruit from my CSA than I can eat so I need something to flavor. Will some of you keep me accountable? Ask me about it?
  2. Don't freak out if you have too much booch. I'm just a short drive up the I-5 and will gladly take some of your hands. Glad to see you back on the booch wagon...I'm still stalling on the moving forward.
  3. If you are following the vegetarian protocol you might want to post this question in the Whole30 for Vegetarians section. If you are not then you shouldn't be eating veggie burgers/nuggets.
  4. Shut the front door! Ok, I need to pin that to try once I master (start?) the tea.
  5. Oh I love that color! Its lovliness makes up for its sidewaysness.
  6. Thanks. I bought a flat of Strawberries from my produce delivery so half are getting frozen and the rest I pureed. I also have a bunch of kiwis that I don't seem to be eating and was wondering if I should just puree those too. If I do should I peel them first or just puree fuzz and all?
  7. Well I haven't got my booch brewing yet but I froze two ice cube trays of strawberry puree for flavoring when I do.
  8. If you find you have too much I'd be happy to take it off your hands.
  9. Hopefully it won't be next summer. Is it raining again there too? Was so lovely while it lasted.
  10. When I think of pearberry I get a raspberry or blueberry feeling off of it not strawberry...maybe try a different berry? Love your cute dad stories!
  11. Doesn't taste like booze or vinegar. If it proofs to be boozy will give me an excuse to stay home from work today.
  12. Ok, I guess I'll drink it and if I get sick I'll blame Nadia. ;-) Hate to dump almost $4 down the drain after all.
  13. So this is a question about purchased booch but I assume it's answer will apply somewhat to my own. I bought about 6 or 7 bottles last week and when I got home noticed there was booch on the bottom of my cooler bag. I opened the last bottle today and realized it was the one that somehow leaked (it still had the plastic safety seal so not sure what happened) as when I took the plastic off there was droplets of booch on the cap. I opened it up and there was brown grey gook on the inside of the cap and inside lip of the bottle. I wiped both and than looked at the bottle and there seems to be more
  14. I got my 1 gallon jar at Target. It wasn't that expensive. I almost got wooed by a spigot jar that was twice the cost, but I'm not ready for continuous brew yet (or regular brew yet as my kitchen keeps exploding keeping me from getting it more clean to have a place to put my brew). Someone beat me with a wet zoodle if I don't get this set up by the end of the weekend. As far bottles for your finished product I've just been saving the bottles from the booch I've been buying. Helps me justify the cost of the pre-brewed when I remember the glass bottles will get lots of use. (assuming I ever ge