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Fitness & body shape progress

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I am generally very happy with how my progress is shaping up 3months post W30 but I just have a couple of questions if you can help;

  • I see a PT once a week who gives me great routines to target what i need to work on, i.e. fat burning or fitness, endurance etc but am I being greedy when I want to see results now? I am very results oriented & because th scales are increasing a bit (I'm guessing muscle), clothes are still fitting me the same & I'm not seeing the six pack or muscle definition that I want to, I'm getting a bit downhearted. How can I overcome this? I already do a weights routine 4-5 times a week & at least 1 cardio session.
  • Are there any good supplements or drinks or more of one particular type of food that I could have to somehow increasethe fat burn a wee bit? (Am I dreaming here?!)
  • Is it really true that less is more when it comes to the length of time exercising? I currently spend about an hour on my weights routine & about 1/2 hour doing HIIT running

Quite confused. I have medical history which makes me dubious about crossfit, although the results are amazing & the fitness of those people is in a class of it's own, I doubt that I would be able to do all of the exercises.

Any advice would be brilliant, thanks

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Please, oh please, DO NOT be afraid to try CrossFit! Each and every one of the workouts can be scaled to fit the individual's current physical (or psychological) capabilities. Even the elderly and the disabled can do CrossFit workouts.

Most CrossFit facilities will start newcomers off in an "on-ramp" program to teach the fundamentals. And trainers are standing by during every class to ensure that you are doing the movements with proper form. You will definitely get results and you will have a blast. The environment is incomparably motivating and you will really learn what you are capable of.

Saying that "less is more" somewhat oversimplifies. More accurate would be quality over quantity. Most CrossFitters have a goal of getting their "Fran" time (the most famous workout) to three minutes or less. Any type of Tabata drill (but particularly Tabata sprints) will last only four minutes, but it is four minutes that will make you think that barf is going to come out of your ears. That type of intensity is what provides the stimulus for adaptation, making the body stronger, more powerful, and leaner (which is what you are hoping for).

As for a food or supplement to increase fat burn, that is very subjective. Most everyone can name something that they swear by but that doesn't mean it is universally effective. It really is about the food and the training. And since (I assume) your Whole 30 experience means you have the food part covered, you might benefit from taking your training to the next level.

Good luck!

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It is really about food, training AND SLEEP, AND STRESS MANAGEMENT. No matter how good you eat or properly train your body won't heal/let pounds go if these two areas in caps are a mess. Whole30 is not a magic bullet (but an amazing tool), so yes, please be patient.

I think that you will really dig Everyday Paleo podcasts with Jason Seib. He is a trainer and has a very good preach message about consistency, types of movements and general "dialing" everything together. His infamous quote that goes around the forum: "you have to get really healthy on purpose to become hot by accident".

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Hey Little Muffin. 


I am glad you are posting about this as I think it is an important topic that needs to stay top of mind. 


Before my first W30, I was obsessed with getting the perfect body. I was working out with a trainer who had me doing carb cycling and I was obsessive over every calorie I put in my body and every calorie I burned (using a HRM). Once I did the W30 I learned to let go of all of that.


You have to remember that your body decides how it will look, not you. It doesn't matter if you eat the exact way someone else does and works out exactly like them, your body will do what it wants. I have found that just eating whole foods and exercising regularly is key. 


As mentioned before, sleep & recovery are so super important! You really don't need to workout for 1.5 hours a day. Sure CrossFit classes are an hour, but we probably spend half of that actually "working". The remainder is rest, instruction and mobility. Don't be afraid to try it. I think you'll find it is the most un-intimidating environment you will ever walk into, once you actually get there. :)

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